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Where To Buy La Sportiva Shoes

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Foot And Ankle Protection

Outdoor 2018 – La Sportiva Testarossa climbing shoes

Despite the fairly low cut , the La Sportiva Spire GTX offers good all-around protection from rocks and other trail obstacles. For starters, the thick midsole and TPU inserts keep foot soreness to a minimum. The toe cap isnt made of burly rubber like what you get with Salomons X Ultra 3, but the synthetic material is still reasonably thick and protects the front of the foot nicely. Theres light protection along the outside of the foot too, and the heel is built up and well-cushioned. Taken together, the Spire offers better protection than most low-cut designs weve tested.

La Sportiva Synthesis Offers Good Foot Protection

These hiking shoes have Gore-Tex, and are waterproof. I walked;through;puddles, I hiked;through shallow streams, and no water entered the shoe.;It might seem obvious, but water will come in through the top, since its a mid-cut shoe.;Other hikers have used these shoes with waterproof gaiters for water protection higher up on the leg.

Unlike my old minimal hiking shoes, the sides of these come up to your ankle. This offers protection from rocks and debris that get kicked up around your feet. When I take these hiking shoes off after a hike and shake out the debris, nothing comes out.

The Vibram sole is effective at protecting your soles from debris on the trail. If you step on sharp rocks, you dont feel it on your foot.

Why Is La Sportiva A Wir Denken Umbrand

For the sports brand from Trentino,”eco-sustainability” is one of the five values that drive thecompany. As a WIR DENKEN UM brand, La Sportiva stands out in the followingways:;

– The company is committed toaccountability throughout the supply chain

-;It prides itself on environmentallyfriendly, resource-saving production, packaging and waste management

-;La Sportiva has set itself the goalof reducing emissions;;;

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Men’s Approach Shoes & Boots

The men’s approach boots and shoes of La Sportiva are a combination of first-rate technical performance, an extraordinarily comfortable fit and a firm grip to the ground on any type of terrain. The best men’s approach shoes are in Traverse X and Access lines. They include both technical models recommended for approach and via ferratas and more versatile models oriented toward hiking and lifestyle. More than just a pair of hiking boots. The expression to traverse across in typical outdoor jargon means to approach a wall, to cross over mixed terrains, or a technical crossing in off-road running. Approach, mountaineering and mountain running : three ways to approach outdoor walking concentrated in the multifunction Traverse X series: three models with design, closure system, grip and a comfortable fit in common, but that differ in terms of weight and materials. You may also look for mountaineering boots for men and men’s climbing shoes.

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Quality And Performance At Their Best

La Sportiva Mix Approach Shoe

Many of the climbing and mountain shoes by La Sportiva are so sought after that at times they are pretty hard to come by. The reason? Their superior combination of quality, comfort, and functionality. A distinction that is at least as important as the many awards La Sportiva has received over the years for their outstanding products and innovations.

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Functionwear With Sophisticated Design

La Sportiva is also a name to be reckoned with when it comes to functionwear. The unmistakable Italian chic combines fluidly with uncompromising function for Alpine adventures, making the brand a virtually unbeatable union of beauty and utility.

The brand’s outerwear in hardshell, softshell, or fleece for jackets, bodywarmers and trousers comes in a variety of top quality and functional materials, including Primaloft, Portalec, and GORE TEX.

Why We Like The Tx3 Approach Shoe

A burlier version of the TX2, La Sportiva’s TX3 Approach Shoe is what we lace up for everything from high ridge crossings to brushy approaches with multiple creek crossings. The shoe’s lightweight polyester mesh upper is breathable for hot summer days and dumps water quickly.

The shoe is supported by a full-wrap rubber rand for extra protection from abrasive terrain, and is fitted with a Vibram Techlite toe rand for extra purchase on more technical approaches. Underfoot, La Sportiva gave the the TX3 its MEMlex midsole for comfortable cushioning and added a Vibram MegaGrip sole for a sure-footed feel on high, exposed traverses.

  • Approach shoe built for technical trails in warm weather
  • Breathable mesh upper with rubber rand for durability
  • Vibram Megagrip rubber with Impact Brake System for traction
  • Traverse Injection MEMlex midsole maintains shock absorption
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La Sportiva Solution Climbing Shoes

Hook, grab, edge and smear with precision in the updated men’s La Sportiva Solution climbing shoes. Minimal weight, drastic downturn and Vibram® XS Grip2 ready you for aggressive climbs.

  • Ideal for overhanging sport routes, bouldering, gym climbing and technical face climbing
  • Patented P3® Power Platforms retain the downturned shape of the shoes
  • Molded 3D heel cups provide a secure fit
  • High-performance fit with high asymmetry focuses power over the toes for precise placements on small holds
  • Lock Harness System® surrounds your feet and binds to the uppers for a perfect fit
  • 0.9mm LaspoFlex midsoles
  • Highly adjustable Fast Lacing System® lets you tailor the quick-closing, hook-and-loop closures for a personalized fit


  • Outsole
  • 31

    Compare To Similar Products

    La Sportiva Skwama Review: If Cinderella had a climbing shoe
    Comfortable design, respectable edging, low-profile toe, excellent price Excellent edging, reasonable price, great for cracks Super sensitive, roomy fit, easy on/off, affordable Sensitive, inexpensive Affordable, flat midsole is comfortable all day, well-balanced performance across many areas
    Cons Mediocre precision, subpar on the steeps, somewhat insensitive Painful break-in period, limited usefulness on steep terrain Blunt toe, limited protection, too roomy for low volume feet Difficult to get on high volume feet, hard to size correctly Insensitive, imprecise fit, ineffective design for steep terrain
    Bottom Line A quality trad shoe with solid performance across the board and a reasonable price An ultra-soft shoe that’s ideal for the climbing gym or a bouldering session These shoes are perfect for gym climbers and boulderers on a budget An entry-level shoe ideal for beginners that comes at an awesomely low price
    Rating Categories

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    The La Sportiva Synthesis Is A Hiking Shoe / Hiking Boot / Trail Runner Hybrid

    I used to have a pair of hiking boots and minimal hiking shoes. I used the hiking boots for rough and sloppy terrain, and the minimal hiking shoes for day hikes. The minimal hiking shoes were my preferred choice because they were light and felt great on the trail.

    I own a lot of different footwear, Id;place these in the top two. They feel more like a sneaker than a boot. Extremely comfortable, easy to put on and take off do to the lacing system. Deep treads and good grip. I bought them for tackling mountains however I have been wearing them every day. Might have to get a second pair. REI Reviewer

    The;La Sportiva Synthesis has replaced both my hiking boots and minimal hiking shoes. Its light and has the trail feel of a minimal shoe, but it offers the protection of a boot. If you take a look at the pictures, you can see how much more protection they offer compared to my old minimal hiking shoe, and how similar they are to a full hiking boot.;And although they look like my hiking boot, they weigh about half.

    The light weight becomes an asset when you hike. The less work your legs have to do, constantly lifting and dropping your feet, the more energy you have, the longer you can hike. Its the reason why most Appalachian Trail thru-hikers prefer trail running shoes. La Sportiva took their popular trail runners, and beefed them up for hikers.

    Which Brand Is Better

    Both of these two Italian brands are masters of their craft. With the long history behind them, they have developed their own unique identity.

    The two companies have survived the competition and are considered two of the most renowned brands for hiking, trail running and mountaineering shoes all over the world.

    The quality is unquestionable, and the technology they use and features they offer are loved by many outdoor enthusiasts.

    But we are here to pick one of them!

    So, which is the better choice?

    It depends, as usual. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision:

    Scarpas innovative solutions have guaranteed comfort, high performance, and durability.

    On the other hand, if you are shopping on a budget and you still dont want to compromise on quality, you can opt for La Sportiva, which has a wide variety of shoes, at slightly lower prices.

    If we were to compare their appearance, both brands offer great designs so the choice would be based on personal taste.

    As for their fit, Scarpa has in general a wider forefoot fit than La Sportiva, as some customers suggest.

    But this of course depends on your foot type and varies from model to model, so a reasonable advice would be to try a few models from each brand.

    Readers, what do you think of these two brands? Have you tried any of them, or both? Let us know in the comments.

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    La Sportiva: Made In Italy

    La Sportiva’s history began almost a century ago with the manufacturing of shoes, and also today, the Italian outdoor brand develops footwear for all conceivable outdoor activities with high precision and profound knowledge. Whether for climbing, trail running, hiking, mountaineering or even touring – La Sportiva has developed the ideal footwear for every mountain sport. These products are distributed in more than 70 countries around the world. The Label has thus managed to get from a small Italian mountain village in the middle of the Dolomites on the world stage and to the hearts of many enthusiastic mountain athletes.

    Not only the production of unique footwear is one of the strengths of the outdoor brand, also in the area of functional clothing La Sportiva excels with superb functionality and quality as well as with Italian design. The company’s diverse winter and summer equipment includes pants;for trekking and touring, shorts;and shirts, various jackets, from fleece jackets;to insulation jackets, vests;and down jackets;to hardshell jackets, as well as accessories such as beanies and headbands;in a wide range of colors and designs. In addition to high-quality materials, La Sportiva also uses innovative technologies such as Primaloft for isolation skirts and Gore-Tex for the popular Trango mountain boots.

    Finding The Best La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes For You

    La Sportiva Men

    ActionHub SocialPosted:

    Whether youre traversing ankle-biting rocks, dancing over downed trees or slipping on muddy curves, what you have on your feet can make a big difference between a good trail run and a disaster of a run. You want shoes on a single-track to grip the ground and stand up to extreme abuse after all, trail running shoes are made differently than road running shoes for a reason. And if youve spent any time running off the pavement, youll have likely learned that La Sportiva trail running shoes are some of the best options for you to consider.;

    Since I first began trail running, Ive seen more and more of my wardrobe get taken up by La Sportiva gear theres so much there that makes the brand perfect for tackling the wilderness at a speedy gait. The Italian company more often simply referred to as Sportiva in conversation got its start nearly a century ago making footwear and has grown into a brand that is distributed in more then 70 countries worldwide. And Sportivas trail running shoes are loved by mountain athletes all around the world, and they have been awarded prizes in recent years.

    In general, Sportivas are going to cater to folks who have narrower heels, higher arches and want a wider forefoot. The shoes typically run true to size.

    Here are our picks for some category standouts:

    All-Around Performance

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    Best Hiking Shoe: La Sportiva Synthesis Review

    In This Guide
    • Why The;La Sportiva Synthesis Is Great
    • How the;La Sportiva Synthesis Compares to Traditional Hiking Boots
    • 1200 & 1600 Mile Updates

    After using these for over 2 years, I can easily say that the La Sportiva Synthesis is the best hiking shoe or hiking boot that Ive owned. This hiking shoe is lightweight, rugged, and has a great trail feel. I use it for everything now. Heres why its so great.

    But before you read on, two things.

    If you love a big, solid hiking boot, the;La Sportiva Synthesis is not for you. Go with something like the Asolo Fugitive GTX instead.

    Second, I only post and recommend gear that I actually use and love. And I love this hiking shoe.

    This boot is being is discontinued and is being evolved into a new line. Check out my gear page for the updates and skinny.

    Scarpa Vs La Sportiva Shoes: Which Brand Is Better

    Todays article is for those who are looking for shoes for hiking, mountaineering or other outdoor activities, which are functional and have a unique design at the same time.

    We will compare two Italian brands, Scarpa and La Sportiva, and we will try to figure out which of these two is the best choice for your next pair of shoes.

    We will discuss how each brand stands out, what features they have in common and how they use the latest technologies.

    As you will see, they both have a long and successful history, following the old traditions and making the most of the experience gained over the years, while laying the foundation for a sustainable future.

    Lets get started!

    * Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate this site earns from qualifying purchases . The availability of products in this page may change at any time. Please check the materials, features, colors and sizes on the various shops before buying, because sometimes our articles may contain errors. Product images you see here are for illustration purposes.

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    The Most Comfortable Hiking Shoe Ever

    Yea, I said it. Other hikers had told me that the La Sportiva Synthesis shoes were comfortable, but you have to feel it to understand it. You can feel just enough of the trail without the trail debris poking through.

    I went all-in on my test hike with the;La Sportiva Synthesis. I did a 19.5 mile hike with 5200 feet of climbing. At the end of the hike, my feet felt fine. I didnt have any blisters. There was no break-in period. Beautiful.

    My feet stayed cool thanks to the new Gore-Tex Surround technology. This tech has a layer in the sole that vents all the air out of the shoe every time you step down. It does this while still being waterproof. The Gore-Tex breathed and keep my feet cool in 100F+ temperatures.

    These hiking shoes are about half the weight of a regular hiking boot. Theres an old hiking quote one pound on your feet equals five pounds on your back. Hiking with the;La Sportiva Synthesis saves you energy. In practical terms, that means you can hike farther and/or not be as tired.

    Hiking shoes have been popular with Appalachian Trail thru-hikers for a while now. The two most popular hiking shoes for AT thru-hikers were the;Salomon XA Pro 3D and the;Brooks Cascadia. I tried both of them on at REI, and the;La Sportiva Synthesis just felt much better. If in doubt, try those on, maybe theyll work for you.

    Build Quality And Durability

    La Sportiva Skwama: Are these La Sportiva’s Best Shoe Ever?! – Thoughts and Review

    La Sportiva shoes rarely disappoint in the durability department, and the Spire GTX is no exception. On first glance, the shoe looks incredibly well-made, and thats been backed up throughout testing. Ive put a lot of miles on the Spire over around 6 months, and the shoe is almost no worse for wear. The outsole is wearing evenly, and there are absolutely no indications that it will break down prematurely. Additionally, the overlaid materials along the upper are all holding up well. Some of the upperprimarily over the toes and along the sidesis made of fairly thin mesh to boost breathability, but these sections have been reinforced in a triangular pattern, and there are no signs of tearing or failure. The only real wear is coming from the Ortholite insole, where the sticker-like writing on both feet has peeled off. But given the amount of trail use my pair has seen, this is quite minimal and no cause for concern.

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    La Sportiva Is Appreciated By Professionals Worldwide

    Many well-known figures in mountain sports rely on the Italian label, which is nowadays recognized as the world’s leading manufacturer of climbing shoes and high-altitude boots. These include, David Lama, who is unquestionably one of the leading figures in climbing and mountaineering, as well as the Czech sports climber Adam Ondra, who already belonged to the worlds elite at the age of 13 – just to name a few of the many international La Sportiva brand ambassadors. They all share the same passion and dedication for the mountains with La Sportiva and represent the company and its values in the fields of climbing, skialp and mountain running worldwide.

    In addition to first-class mountaineering boots and climbing shoes, such as the Katana climbing shoe, La Sportiva’s trail running and ski touring boots have a superb reputation among top athletes. The professionals swear by the quality and functionality of the Italian manufacturers products. In the case of trail runners, the models of the Akyra collection are very popular as they have high durability and functionality as well as high wearing comfort. La Sportiva touring skis in turn are characterized by mobility, lightness, longevity and an ideal power transmission from the shoe to the ski.

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