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How We Chose Our Selection Of Shoe Stretchers

Where to Buy Shoe Trees for Cheap

Shoe stretchers have been around for longer than we can reckon. But in recent years they havent exactly been at the forefront of the discussion when it came to clothing accessories. So it came as a bit of a surprise to us just how many different shoe stretchers there are on the market today. It demonstrates that good ideas have legs. We sifted through dozens of different shoe stretchers and put them to the test looking at build quality, materials, ease of use and more before we settled on the ones that made our list. Brand names didnt carry a lot of weight in this particular search nor did reviews, since this is the type of product you really need to hold and work with to get an accurate feel for. Price however, is always part of the evaluation equation since we treasure any opportunity to provide value to our readers.

Q: Why Should You Use A Shoe Stretcher

A: There are a number of reasons why someone should invest in shoe stretchers. The most obvious reason is that they can help save your shoes from the charity box. Not that theres anything wrong with donating nice things to charity but theres a time for everything. And you shouldnt have to give up on your new shoes before you even had a chance to enjoy them because theyre too tight.

Beyond the simple principle of being able to enjoy your new shoes is the principle of getting what you paid for. Nice leather shoes are not cheap. And few are the shoe stores that will take back a pair of shoes that youve worn. Even if youve only worn them once. So if you get your shoes home and realize after wearing them to work one day that theyre just too tight, shoe stretchers can adjust them for you and save you from wasting the money you spent on them.

The best shoe stretchers can also, as weve seen, help you gain relief from corns and bunions. This is a major plus that can allow you to enjoy your new footwear without having to suffer for it.

Preserve The Life Of Your Footwear

We are committed to researching, testing, and recommending the best products. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. Learn more about our review process.

If you want your dress shoes to last, youd want to put effort into their care when youre not wearing them. Investing in a pair of quality shoe trees is one of the best ways you can do to preserve your shoes, so you can keep looking spiffy around the office. Shoe trees hold the shape of leather shoes to prevent them from cracking and creasing while you have them stored. The most popular shoe trees are made from wood, like cedar, and effectively absorb moisture and neutralize odors . For the best results, it’s wise to place your shoe trees in your shoes as soon as you take them off after a long day of schlepping around town or to and from the office. Not sure which ones to buy? Read on to find the best shoe trees to slide into your kicks today.

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Q: How Long Does It Take To Stretch Shoes With A Shoe Stretcher

A: For an average pair of leather shoes that need to be expanded a bit in the toe or another area the best shoe stretchers should get the job done overnight. For shoes with thick leather you may need to leave the expander in for a full day or two but in the vast majority of cases that should be enough.

Allen Edmonds Easiest Product To Use : Buy 1 pair High Quality wood shoe trees ...

Upon receiving your shoe trees, youll notice that they smell wonderfully natural. This is due to the fact that theyre each made of cedar, complete with a cedar sole. The aromatic cedar not only keeps your shoes smelling astonishing, they also help to absorb any moisture that might be inside of the shoes.

Each of the Woodlore cedar shoe trees is made in the United States, so you can feel confident about the quality of shoe tree that youre receiving. You wont have any surprises in seeing your trees are actually made in China, or somewhere else not mentioned.

Not only do they keep your shoes dry and smelling great, but they also work to help prevent any cracks or creases in delicate leather, which is essential in keeping them looking their best. They can each be easily adjusted according to length and toe width.

Lets get to the cons, shall we?

Our biggest complaint was that the sizing was pretty confusing. There is a sizing chart that comes along with the shipment, but its important to also look online for sizing to make sure youre receiving the right size.

What We Liked

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The 4 Best Shoe Trees In 2021

Here are 4 of the best shoe trees with maximum quality:

Shoe Tree
Strattion Cedar Shoe Trees Full-toe with ventilation slots Wooden shoe tree, two part ventilation slots at the toe, protect and extend the life of shoes, made of premium red cedar, absorbs the odor and moisture into wood, preserve original shape of shoe with gentle spring loaded technology
Allen Edmonds Full-toe Solid wood, full-toe shape , ideal for Allen Edmonds shoes and boots, all-natural, aromatic cedar dries, deodorizes, and repels moths, 75%+ cedar heartwood sourced from Arkansas, handcrafted in US
Full-toe with ventilation slots Made with genuine cedar, front double vents, quiet glide adjustable spring, thick, sturdy heel, smooth removal hook
Full-toe split Check Price

Now that youve had a chance to take a look at each of the best shoe trees, youre probably wondering about them more in-depth. Scroll down a bit further to read in detail about each one you have your eye on!

Best Overall: Stratton Mens Cedar Shoe Tree

Stratton Mens Cedar Shoe Tree is one of the highest-rated shoe trees, thanks to its high-quality, 100 percent red cedar. The red cedar which is grown in the U.S. prevents natural odors from developing in the shoe. Strattons shoe tree is designed with two vented slots on each toe. More than just decoration, the slots allow odors and moisture to escape the shoes. An adjustable spring coil sits in the center of the shoe tree and provides light tension inside the shoe. This tension helps maintain the length of the shoe so you dont have to break them in again if theyve been stored for several weeks. The back of the shoe tree has a grab-notch that makes it simple and quick to remove it when youre ready to wear your shoes.

The Stratton shoe tree comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate mens shoe sizes from 7 to 16. Men with larger shoe sizes will appreciate the xx-large size.

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How To Use Shoe Trees

Install shoe trees shortly after wearing your shoes, and leave them in place whenever theyre not being worn. This will allow the shoe trees to absorb moisture and continue to hold the shoes shape. If your shoes are soaking wet, give them some time to dry before installing the shoe trees.

First, insert the front of the shoe tree into the shoe and slide it as far forward as possible. If the shoe tree has a split toe, pinch the outside of the shoe to push the two halves together and continue sliding the tree into the shoe until it bottoms out on the toe. This doesnt require much force, and if the tree doesnt easily slide into the shoe, youre likely using the wrong size.

Next, compress the shoe tree lengthwise and slide the back half into the heel of the shoe. When the spring decompresses, it should adequately fill the shoe with no room for movement. If the shoe tree still doesnt fit after compressing the spring, its likely too big for the shoe.

Houndsbay Most Versatile Product


Made from red cedar, the aroma naturally dissipates odor while simultaneously absorbing moisture to keep your shoes preserved as long as possible, in their original state! Each one is made up of 75% heartwood, rather than sapwood that so many competitor shoe trees are made from.

Something else unique about this shoe tree brand is the split toe.

What does that do, exactly?

It actually opens once inside your shoes, to create a snug fit, and further prevent and eliminate any wrinkles or lines in the leather!

The wide heel of the trees helps to further preserve the original shape of your shoe, from toe to heel. Many products feature slim heels, which actually can damage both the shape and stitching of your shoes over time!

Something that we only saw with the HoundsBay Shoe Tree?

For every pair of shoe trees purchased, they plant one tree in the United States. This works to help our planet and the people who inhabit it, which shows the company is not only effective in their designs but morality.

What about the downsides?

There werent any really, but if we had to nitpick, wed say that some users may like them to be a bit wider in place of the split toe. Thats more of a personal preference, however.

What We Liked

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Keeping Your Shoes Fresh And Longer Lasting

When it comes to having a long life for your shoe using a shoe tree is very useful. It is very useful to keep the shape of the shoe intact so that once your foot is taken out it dries out correctly. It is the part of the shoe accessories.

Our shoe trees are made out of Cedar wood, which is the top of the line when it comes to protecting the leather and the stitching of the shoe. Cedarwood has the property to quickly absorbs moisture, acid, and salts, thereby reducing cracking and deterioration on the outer shoe and the sole.

When you take your shoes with you when you travel, usually the show packed in the bag gets pressed and changes the shape. So packing your shoes with a shoe tree in them helps to ensure that your shoe shape stays intact and look the best when you unpack and put your shoes on again.

You can buy shoe trees online from our online store with your pair of shoes in order to ensure your shoe is taken care of since day one. You can also pick shoe trees from our store in Dubai.

What Are Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are foot-shaped devices that are inserted into shoes to reduce moisture and help hold their shape when they’re not being worn. Shoe trees are most commonly made of wood or plastic.

Shoe trees typically have a two or three piece design, consisting of a front half resembling the forefoot and a back piece resembling the heel. These two pieces will be spring-loaded to accommodate shoes of varying sizes, and to provide a customized fit.

With some models of shoe trees, the forefoot section will be a two piece design with a split down the center. The two halves will also be spring loaded to provide a more customized fit to the front of the shoe.

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Types Of Shoe Stretchers

There is more than one type of shoe stretcher and more than one material that goes into making them. Here is a general overview of shoe stretcher types and materials.

The one-way stretcher – The one-way shoe stretcher does just what it says it does. It stretches your shoes in one direction. Its job is to create space in the toe box of the shoe, widening it and releasing toe to toe pressure that can cause blisters and calluses and make walking a very unpleasant experience. A wider toe box will go a long way toward staving off corns and bunions as well. The one-way shoe stretcher is normally used on flat shoes.

The two-way shoe stretcher – If you purchased a pair of shoes because you loved the look even though they werent a perfect fit, you can give them a general stretching out with the two-way shoe stretcher. They wont add 2 sizes to the shoes but they can make the difference between discomfort and comfort. The two-way stretcher is sometimes used just to circumvent the break in period on a pair of shoes.

Boot stretchers – The boot stretcher is good for side stepping the break in period of work boots, hiking boots and even Western style boots. High heel boots will require a different sort of stretcher because of the particulars of the sole. But for most boots a standard boot stretcher will get the job done.

Materials – Shoe stretchers are available in 3 different materials:

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Best Value: The Original Shoe Tree Company 2

This great deal gives you two pairs of shoe trees for about the price of a single pair. And it helps that The Original Shoe Tree Company creates a quality shoe tree made of cedarwood. Along with two pairs of shoe trees, youll also receive two large shoe bags as a bonus. The bags provide extra protection for your shoes when youre traveling or simply storing them. The interior divider separates the shoes so theyre protected from each other.

The shoe trees are crafted with two venting slots on the toe to allow odors to escape. An adjustable spring guide allows you to adjust the shoe tree so it fits your shoes perfectly to hold their shape and prevent creasing. The shoe trees also fit a variety of widths and are available for mens shoe sizes 6 ½ to 15.

Q: How Can I Stretch Leather Shoes Fast

A: Attempting to force your leather shoes to stretch faster than they want to is bound to result in damage to the integrity of the leather, broken stitching and expensive repairs. Remember, that while leather will stretch over time the operative phrase there is over time. You can promote stretching by using a high quality shoe stretcher and the relaxer fluid that typically comes with them. But if you try and force the process your leather shoes are going to pay the price.

Considering that for most shoe stretchers over time simply means overnight or in a day or two you might think about simply planning a little further ahead instead of trying to blow your shoes up like a balloon 10 minutes before the big date. If you try any of the various hacks out there on the web that promise to expand your shoes in a few minutes you can be reasonably certain that youll damage either the leather or the stitching or both.

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Shoe Trees Keep Your Shoes Looking And Feeling Great

Shoe trees are the best way you can look after your footwear. They maintain the shape of your shoes when you are not wearing them, ensuring the toes do not wrinkle and the backs do not collapse. By inserting shoe trees into your shoes whenever you are not wearing them, you have the best chance of preserving the shape, appearance, quality and comfort of your shoes for as long as possible. This enables you to truly get the most out of your footwear investments.

At Trimly, we offer an extensive range of top quality shoe trees for both men and women. Made from the finest red cedar wood, our shoe trees are both easy to use and highly effective, holding the shape and style of your shoes until the next time you want to wear them.

Our shoe tree range features models compatible with many of the most popular styles of shoes and boots, including the full toe, full back and half back models, as well as styles suitable for boots. There is a choice of lengths available also, catering for all the most common shoe sizes. In addition, we offer multipacks, so you can purchase multiple shoe trees at once, and look after all your favourite shoes in one easy move!

Where To Buy Shoe Trees In Toronto


Check out your local cobblers. There is a cobbler in the local mall near my house that sells a pair for approximately $25, but I’m not sure about the quality.I have checked many cobblers but they all hover from the $25-$35 range. Overpriced for what they are. I am looking for tress at less than $20. They don’t need to be best, just something made of cedar.Or, you could pay $90.00 for cedar at Harry Rosen!the tree is still attached

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What Is A Shoe Tree

A shoe tree is a foot-shaped tool that can be placed inside a shoe to help to retain its shape and prevent the development of creases. Shoe trees can also help dry out the inside of your shoes. So, whenever you are not wearing your shoes, even overnight, its best to insert shoe trees into your shoes.

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