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Are Ecco Shoes Good For Flat Feet

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Popular Ecco Shoes Models

How to Wear | ECCO Women’s Anine Shoes
  • For men, ECCOs Helsinki Oxford is good for formal wear.
  • The Soft 7 Sneaker is the most comfortable model.
  • The golfers may like to try the Golf Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes.
  • For the ladies, there are sandals such as the Yucatan, the Flowt, and the Corksphere.
  • The Soft 7 Sneakers also come in womens sizes.
  • The Felicia Stretch is a nice dressy shoe for women who dont like to wear high heels but dont mind a bit of a wedge.

Under Armour Hovr Drive Gtx

Another budget-friendly golf shoe consideration for wide feet is the Under Armour HOVR Drive GTX shoes. These are a more athletic-looking shoe that has the iconic look that comes with other Under Armour shoes.


The HOVR Drive GTX shoes have a sporty design that gives than a younger look than many other golf shoes, especially when it comes to wide width golf shoes. The outsole of the shoe is lightweight and durable, so they should not weigh you down in any way.


The features of the HOVR Drive GTX shoes include the UA HOVR placement, which supports a natural motion of your foot, transferring energy smoothly and naturally. This will give them a great, comfortable feel on your foot. The HOVR foam helps with the energy transfer, giving you a solid feel of the ground beneath you.

The shoes also have a UA Rotational Resistance spikes that help with horizontal traction, lockdown, and overall comfort. Additionally, they have a microfiber upper and a waterproof membrane to help keep your feet as dry as possible. This feature also means they are not entirely breathable.

What Causes Flat Feet

  • Family History of flat feet. Sometimes, youre just screwed in life
  • Nerve damage can also be a root cause of flat feet
  • Arthritis and weak arches can end up in flat feet
  • Health problems like obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Its not unusual for pregnant women to develop flat feet due to the increased elastin and other temporary changes of the body.
  • Wearing shoes without correct support. I suspect this is especially true of women who put beauty and looking good over comfort. Shoes for flat feet women are now common and you dont have to hurt your posture.
  • Normal aging process! This is my favorite one. A lot of people are so afraid of getting old and will go to crazy lengths like Botox injections, plastic surgery etc, but sometimes age just catches up with you and you just have to deal with it. Flat feet is most common in women over the age of 40! Just one more thing to look forward to in life. Oh Joy!!!

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Nike Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe

  • Plush, internal bootie for seamless comfort
  • Flex grooves for a more natural and free range of motion
  • Flywire cables for lightweight support

With a Nike label on the side, what more does your foot need? The Nike Lunarglide 9 Running Shoe has been aptly termed as the softest yet most responsive shoe currently on the market. This lightweight shoe not only offers intriguing features for the modern athlete, but it also provides some much-needed relief for those weary, flat feet. Although the ever popular Nike Lunarglide had taken a breather, its now back with a bang. However, there are a few changes to look out for.

This particular shoe comes in variants for men and women and is now stripped of all overlays. The smooth and ultra light Lunarglide boasts of the best Lunarion foam that offers your feet a more cushy experience. So, what exactly makes this particular shoe so damn light? You know it thanks to Nike Flyknit construction on the midfoot and heel, your feet feel absolutely zero unnecessary weight. With some of the best upgrades that a shoe could ask for, you get a much more stellar feel mile after grueling mile.

What Causes Flat Foot


Flat foot is observed in both children and adults. The condition is quite common in infancy and early childhood. In many children, a healthy arch develops while the body develops and matures. In adults, flat foot can be inherited from early life, or acquired due to other factors. Some of these factors can include:

  • Injuries including muscle damage, ruptured tendons or fracture
  • Significant weight gait
  • Prolonged or repetitive weight-bearing or high-impact activities, such as running, standing, walking or jumping.
  • Wearing poorly fitted shoes with inadequate arch support
  • Health conditions, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke or cerebral palsy
  • Other risk factors for adult-acquired flat foot include obesity, normal aging and pregnancy.

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What Are The Symptoms Of Flat Foot

The most common symptoms are pain and discomfort, sometimes accompanied with swelling in the inner bottom of the foot. The lack of a supportive arch can put undue pressure on other parts of the foot during weight bearing thus restraining movement and affecting the posture. Fallen arches can cause damage to the tendons and ligament of the foot. They can also contribute to hip and back pain, arthritis and sprains.

Dunham Men’s Burlington Oxford

Coming to you straight from the guys who have been doing what they do best, Dunham gives you the Men’s Burlington Oxford. Everyone already knows Clark for their extensive range of the highest quality dress shoes and versatility that touches the needs of every man. The reason why the manufacturer observed the highest standards of craftsmanship with this particular shoe is to avoid all the negative effects that come with cheaply made shoes.

  • Medicare Approved Diabetic Shoe
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Style belongs to the Juno Collection

Well, you can use it as 2 styles. You can expose the high leg strap by wearing skirts and shorts or cover the strap and use it as a Mary Jane when wearing pants. Comes with an EVA outsole for shock absorption and cushioning.

I dont know about you, but Id rather have something reliable on my feet when the rain decides that it is time to fall. Youd be surprised just how many poor, innocent women end up slipping both outside and while in buildings too. Fortunately, this Jenna flat by Dansko will be having none of that. Do you suffer from flat feet or heel pain? There is some light at the end of the tunnel because this particular dress shoe comes with a removable PU foot bed that is open celled and offers amazing comfort.

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Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker Style

When it comes to sneakers, various innovations are incorporated. And mixing elegance and pleasant feel can be an unrivaled advantage when someone looking for the next pair of Sneakers. With a luxury leather and a simple white rubber outsole, the Ecco Soft 7 shoes scream simplicity with a class.

Due to their plain and uncomplicated style, these shoes are hugely inventive and go with a wide range of outfits as we can confirm from our check & customers reviews. They can be used in a number of circumstances because they are user friendly. You may try it while on long air travel even. There are so many different colorways to choose from as found. So both men and women may wear them with almost any outfit they want to.

Orthofeet Reviews: What Do Customers Think

If I have flat feet should I wear insoles?

Are OrthoFeet shoes good? Thats the main question of this OrthoFeet shoes review. Customers are positive about their effects: you can feel the relief coming through in many of them. Of course, shoes are a finicky area and there are some who find no benefit but, overall, there are a lot more both on OrthoFeets site and on Amazon who praise them highly.

The negatives more often focus on fit. OrthoFeet does have a handy note on each shoe as to whether you should order a size up or not, but many who leave a negative OrthoFeet shoes review seem to have struggled to find the right size. Another frequent complaint is that the toe-box, which OrthoFeet advertise as being wide, though reviewers state that its not quite wide enough. There is a 60-day wear test offered as well as free returns and exchanges so you do have the freedom to experiment.

As this OrthoFeet shoes review has mentioned frequently, there is a trade off in style for padding in a lot of the shoes. However, many customers are just so happy to be able to wear heels and dress shoes again that this is a secondary issue. Also, its really not the most serious issue in the world. They do a pretty good job, but there are other orthopedic shoe companies who also do a good job in this department.

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Vionic Women’s Tulum Ariel Wedge

Like most people with foot pain, you no doubt find yourself torn between style and comfort. For others, they gave up the notion of cute and comfortable orthotic shoes it almost even seems like an oxymoron. Well, someone finally heard the cries of millions of women all over the world who are tired of being bound to ugly shoes just because of minor foot problems.

  • Stacked wedge heel for ultimate elevation
  • Pronounced arch support for aligning flat feet
  • Jute Wrapped Midsole

Aptly termed as the cutest and most comfortable orthotic shoe for women, the Vionic Tulum Ariel Wedge has all the levers and buttons that people with and without flat feet need to make it through the day. With these babies sitting snug on your feet, you never have worry about the shoe slipping off as you walk. Boasting of a rich, velvety suede exterior and quite the dramatic wedge heel, this masterpiece from Vionic finishes off the show with an aesthetically pleasing rosette over the toes.

How To Pick The Best Shoes For Flat Feet:

It took me a while to realize that one needs to put comfort over looks when it comes to shoes. Picking flat foot shoes takes trial and sometimes costly error. To save you money and time, you can learn from my mistakes and go for the good shoes made for flat feet. This is especially true for someone like me who travels often and enjoys walking.

Here is my ultimate guide to finding and picking the best possible shoes for your flat feet, be it flats for flat feet, heels, etc. The point is there is no need to live with flat feet pain any longer. This post will help you find the best walking sneakers for flat feet, along with other stylish and comfortable shoes that you can wear for hours at a time for any sort of outing.

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Ecco Vs Hotter: Comfort Lacing

These styles represent the core, basic offering of each brand and probably represent a battleground for their respective lawyers undoubtedly some copying going on! If you are looking for something supportive for casual wear, then either of these is a good choice. Offering comfort, casual style and superb quality, these shoes are sure to offer support and relief for your feet. The ECCO Soft 2.0 white shoes are a truly tried and tested style, so much so that we keep getting more colours for our loyal customers! The grey Hotter lacing shoes have a supple leather upper which is breathable and flexible too.

New Balance Mens Linkspro Golf Shoe Best Choice

What Are the Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet? 20 Top Picks!

Selling Points:

  • Removable cleats
  • Various levels of compression and resistance

New Balance really outdid themselves with the Linkspro shoes. They conform to your foot very well and you can feel the different zones of compression and give as you walk. They offer more support where your foot is contoured and more resistance where your foot takes most of the pressure brunt.

We also liked that the cleats on these shoes dont protrude too much. They have a thin profile so you dont feel them much when you walk but they still provide excellent traction when its time for a full swing.

The upper material is made from a microfiber leather that does a good job of repelling water while there are also mesh areas of the upper that allow the foot to breathe.


  • Conforms to your foot shape very well
  • Waterproof
  • A bit hard to lace

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Best Strappy Sandals: Naturalizer Vera Dress Sandal

These leather block heels are the perfect cute and classy dress shoes that you can wear to work, a brunch date, or a night out on town. The pair of heels are available in narrow, medium, and wide with an adjustable buckle strap and non-slip sole, and, the heel is a modest two and a half inches, which Dr. Yoo recommends. Because of the way the mechanics are with heels, also do cause back pain in some women because it makes that curve in your back to be even more accentuated, he explains. To add to that, many reviewers praised the heels comfortability. Your feet will feel as good as they look in these babies.

Upper: Leather | Outsole: Synthetic | Size: 4-12 | Heel Height: 2½ in. | Weight: 8.6 ounces | Fit: Narrow, Medium, Wide

Riding boots are a perennial cold-weather classic and, with a 16-inch shaft, you wont have any trouble fitting this pair of knee-high boots to your calves. As far as fit, these boots are available in medium, wide, and extra-wide. The boots also feature a round toe, which means more space for your feet. Their leather upper and wraparound straps with gold-toned buckles add some extra style factor that gives them a timeless, year-round appeal.

Upper: Leather | Outsole: Synthetic | Size: 4-12 | Heel Height: 1 inch | Weight: 1 pound, 9 ounces| Fit: Medium, Wide

Skechers Flex Appeal 20 Sneakers

Our readers rave about their Skechers, and Im about to do the same! I wore the Flex Appeal sneakers on a trip to Merida, Mexico where the pavement is highly irregular and uneven. I walked for hours around the city center and not once did my feet hurt, which is a problem I encounter having flat feet.

Their secret is the cushioned and air-cooled memory foam sole which offers great arch support and plenty of flexibility for your feet. While these arent fashion sneakers, theyre still cute and sleek, pairing well with my weekend getaway outfits, all the way from shorts to a casual dress.

One review says, These were comfortable right away and I have a lot of foot issuesbunions, hammertoes, etc. Im always looking for comfortable shoes and have the best luck with Skechers, love these!

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Best Oxfords: Dr Martens 1461

Dr. Martens is another beloved and trusted brand for its well-constructed and durable eclectic footwear. You cant go wrong with whatever style you choose. But, if you are just now dipping your toes in what the iconic brand has to offer, we suggest the 1461 Oxfords. Oxford shoes just have a certain eclectic coolness to them, no matter what you wear them with, and this pair doesnt disappoint in that regard. Not to mention you will get years of wear out of them.

Upper: Leather | Outsole: Rubber | Size: 5-12 | Heel height: 1½ in. | Weight: 1 pound, 3 ounces| Fit: Runs about half a size large

Best Heels: Sole Bliss Ingrid

How to Wear | ECCO Women’s Sandals
  • Pricey

Only recently available in the United States, Sole Bliss already had a celebrity following in the UK, counting Dame Helen Mirren and Camilla Parker-Bowles as fans of the brand. And that should give you an idea of the type of support and cushioning that comes with their shoes, including this modest 2 block heel. Though technically designed for people with bunions, they also tick the boxes for someone with arthritis.

Sizes Available: 5-11 | Materials: Leather upper, leather lined | Width: Wide | Arch Support: Anti-pronating

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Propet Men’s Stability Walker Sneaker

Propet has been at the top of their game for years now. Whether it is a walking shoe, running boot or different types of footwear, you just know Propet has got you covered. For the nature enthusiast who wants to take a simple stroll to the next level, there is only one shoe that can get things done. It doesnt matter if its a mountain hike, a trail run or a ten k marathon, there is only one shoe that can really make things right.

  • Durable leather uppers
  • Arch support for people with flat feet
  • Stabilizing ABZORB crash pad

Fully dedicated to helping all types of athletes achieve their innermost desires, New Balance always gets better with each passing day. For more than a century now, New Balance have made it their mission to seriously focus on their research and development. It is for this reason alone that NB does not design their products to fit an image, they design them to fit and perform simple. Whatever it is that makes New Balance stand apart from other shoes, both athletes and the general population just cant get enough.

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal

The Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Soft Footbed Sandal is one of the most simple looking options in this list of the most comfortable walking sandals for people with flat feet. There is very little to to this shoe other than the synthetic sole, thick platform and two black suede straps to hold the foot in place. It is a classic look that appeals to many that want a no-nonsense approach to holiday footwear.

This all seems a little too simplistic to make this one of the better sandals for long-term use or arch support. What this simple design hides is the use of the anatomical footbed, which is designed distribute the wearers body weight more evenly, and the shock-absorbing EVA midsole. Some are impressed with the amount of arch support that this sole provides. Others say that they notice the difference with that simple layer of foam padding. There are also two simple buckles on the straps to adjust the fit to the wearers preference. Some say that it runs a little narrow, but many achieve a good fit for all-day wear. Wearers are invited to slip into luxurious comfort and this seems to be fairly accurate for most buyers.

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