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Are Hoka Shoes Good For Flat Feet

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Hoka One One Rincon 3

HOKA Arahi 4 Running Shoe Review – Is this the BEST shoe for Flat Feet and Plantar Fasciitis?

The Rincon is one of Hokas slightly more affordable shoes, although it still uses the same principles that make Hoka One One shoes excellent for nurses.

The vented mesh upper is breathable and also created in such a way that it adds structure and smoothness to the shoe. A thin tongue reduces the weight without reducing the overall plushness of the shoe very much.

At just 7.7 oz in weight, nurses can wear these shoes for hours without feeling weighed down. Although its lightweight, theres still excellent padding in this shoe. The compression EVA midsole absorbs shock and prevents jarring when moving around.

Theres also an early-stage meta-rocker in the shoe to allow for quick movement without fatiguing the feet. On the outsole, strategic high-abrasion rubber sections protect the most vulnerable parts and lengthen the lifespan of the shoe.


  • Plush cushioning with shock absorption
  • Enhanced heel-to-toe transition
  • High-abrasion rubber zones on the outsole


  • Some people may find that the thin, non-gusseted tongue is irritating

Best For Blister Prevention: Balega Blister Resist Quarter

  • Price: $$
  • Materials: nylon, polyester, elastane
  • Features: reflective heel tab, extra midfoot cushioning

Its not often that Under Armour is the budget option, but that happens to be the case with these affordable running socks. They are extra-cushiony, with a lightweight band at the midfoot to support your feet on long runs on unforgiving surfaces.

Reviewers are big fans, but one helpful reviewer reminds us that youll have to pay attention to which sock goes on which foot or the extra cushioning wont be in the right spot.

What Are The Different Types Of Hoka Shoes

Hoka makes several dozen different models, so it can be confusing to know which one is right for you.

A full run-down can be found on their website, but here are some of the more popular options.

First is the Bondi, which is the shoe people usually mean when they call Hokas clown shoes. Its giant, with an insane amount of cushioning on its marshmallow of an impact-absorbing sole.

It may look a little funny , but its a fan favorite for good reason.

The Bondi is an especially ideal shoe if youre getting back into running after an injury, since its so protective, and runners and non-runners alike appreciate how the Bondi is easy on their joints without being heavy on their feet.

In fact, its popular among nurses and other people who work on their feet all day.

The Clifton and Clifton Edge are perfect for running and not quite as clunky as the Bondi. Both offer ample cushioning and are lightweight, though the Edge has a somewhat wider sole.

This may slow you down slightly, so if youre trying to PR, it may not be the shoe to wear, but that wide sole offers great stability on all kinds of surfaces.

An even lighter and more streamlined version of the Clifton is the Rincon.

Clifton Edge

Hokas Mach is a good everyday shoe because its a bit stiffer. You can run in them, but theyre not as padded and cushy as the Bondi and Clifton models.

Their Speedgoat is a trail model that offers a wider sole for more stability and a highly reinforced durable upper.

Carbon X

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Are Clarks Shoes Good For Your Feet

The Clarks are one of the major brands who manufacture high-quality footwear. For more than 200 years of experience, they made comfortable shoes for their consumers.

This Clarks Unstructured shoe provides good support for your feet and offers comfortable wear. The medium width accommodates the bunions, and the arch support and cushioning great for who suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.

The last one on our list is the Clarks Womens Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat shoes. They are very lightweight and have a soft and cushy insert that can be lifted up so you can put in an orthotics.

It features an adjustable hook and loop strap closure, so you can really have easy on and off wear. Unfortunately, there is very little arch support across the velcro strap.

The rubber outsole is thick enough to raise me above small puddles in bad weather but thin enough for them to look a little dressy as well not so thick to be clunky and heavy.

The soft, cushioned insole makes them super comfortable, and also can be pulled right out.

As well as more customized fit inside theres a soft fabric lining along with a cloud steppers foot-bed.

It is so cushy and comfy youre definitely gonna be in good care throughout the day, however, if you have your own custom orthotics that you just cannot wear the thought of parting with, then you can use them on the shoe.

These shoes are more of a medium walking shoe than for heavy-duty support use, such as standing on concrete floors.

Shoes For Pttd And Flat Feet

Are Hoka Shoes Good For Flat Feet?

Some people arent born with flat feet but they develop posterior tibial tendon dysfunction , particularly women after age 40 . This is the tendon that attaches your calf muscles to the bones of your foot and holds up your arch when you walk. The symptoms of PTTD include pain on the inside of your ankle, it hurts more when you are active, You might also get pain on the outside of your ankle as the collapsed arch causes your ankle to shift outward.

image by orthoinfo.com

Vionic Tide flip flops with enhanced arch support

Readers tell us about their own PTTD and shoes stories. Laura on Facebook wrote, I have collapsed arches because of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. My ligaments are excessively stretchy due to a collagen disorder so they dont hold my arches up when I bear weight. Its genetic. I have visible arches as long as Im not bearing weightI have prescription orthotics, with a bit of a heel cup. The absolute worst thing is flat shoes. I have Vionic flip flops and a beloved pair of Tevas for sandals. I can get away without an orthotic in a dress shoe for a while. Any heel helps force my foot into a bit of an arch.

Virginia writes to us that she relies on orthotics, and loves shoes from Abeo shoes from Walking Co. for her PTTD.

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Shoe Review: Hoka One One Clifton 8

With over 80 years of combined experience, our review team is dedicated to providing in-depth gear and shoe reviews to help you find the best shoes and gear for your next run.

The HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 8 is a lightweight update to a signature HOKA shoe.

A long-time favorite of Fleet Feet reviewers, the HOKA Clifton offers an ideal blend of plush cushioning and feather light responsiveness that makes it great for long runs, uptempo workouts and almost everything in between.

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Not Knowing How Much Support You Need

When it comes to flat feet, extra arch support is not always the answer. Having flexible or rigid flat feet will significantly affect your choices.

Flexible flat feet

Rigid flat feet

The arch is visible when there is no weight it disappears when weight is put on the legs

Arch is not visible remains flat in all positions

Usually painless

Usually affects one or both feet

Which running shoes to choose

  • For flexible flat feet, it is recommended to use stability running shoes because having too rigid and substantial arch support can put stress on the feet and knees.
  • For rigid flat feet, it is better to wear motion control running shoes as they help to alleviate pain and discomfort.

neutral shoe vs. stability shoe vs. motion control shoe

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Are Gravity Defyer Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis

The Gravity Defyer comes with unique Verso-Shock sole. They absorb harmful shock and relieve the stress of your entire lower body. With the standard arch support and unique design of the sole, the rocker forefoot diminishes the stretching of the Plantar Fascia. So the Gravity Defyer shoes are great for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Although, its not inexpensive, It costs more than $130 but if you are willing to spend a little bit on your foot the Gravity Defyer is the better option for you. Their patented shock absorption and stability features can help relieve your plantar pain. This lightweight, breathable sneaker provides a secure fit with a soft interior lining and a low profile design that packs the same pain relieving VersoShock technology youve come to love.

Orthofeet Sprint sneaker is simply the ideal walking shoe for men with plantar fasciitis. It is podiatrist approved and features the most sophisticated technology to provide the required anatomical arch support and non-binding relaxed fit.

The fit is perfect and they give you extra lifts in case the shoe is not tight enough at the arch.

The shoe comes with extra inserts to individualize the shoe to your exact foot size and feel, the shoe also has additional velcro straps that help mold the shoe to your heel.

For the support this shoe offers, the price seems very reasonable also. They are as attractive as any name brand sneaker and are great for walking.

What Is The Best Hoka Shoe For Flat Feet

Best Running Shoes For My Flat Feet | Why I Got Hoka One One Arahi 3

Were happy to recommend any of the above running shoes. Though, if we had to declare only one footwear as the winner, itd be the Bondi 6 shoe. This footwear provides the most amount of cushioning, which can only result in positive benefits for those with flat feet. Also, the full-EVA midsole absorbs any shocks and impacts, which is great if youre heavy-footed or new to running. Finally, the shoes have the perfect combination of security and flexibility by remaining stuck to your feet without making you feel clammy.

Amy Poole

Freelance writer and editor with a speciality in sourcing the top shoes along with expert researching tactics.

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Merrell Womens Encore Q2 Breeze Clogs

By getting the Merrell Womens Encore Q2 Breeze Clogs, youll finally find your comfort, as theyve been known to be one of the best shoes for women with flat feet. These shoes upper is made out of mesh fabric, so you can rest assured that theyre highly breathable. Your feet are no longer going to collect sweat or even overheat!

On top of that, they feature a Kinetic Fit Tri footbed thats removable, and it manages to conform to the shape of your feet and support your arch! Meanwhile, the Q FORM dual-density and heel-centering technology will perfectly alight your feet as you walk and gradually treat your Sciatica problem. Plus, they also provide a whole lot of traction, making sure you dont bear a slip. By the way, you should also take a look at some of Merrells best womens winter shoes for travel!

  • What We Love:
  • An ideal pick for women who are looking for clogs for easy on and off.
  • Pros:
  • Hoka Womens Challenger Atr 4 Trail Running Shoes

    If you want an alternative to the Speedgoat, then these are going to be well worth a look. These trail running shoes have the slightest of rockers to them, putting a meta rocker to use that will help to make for a smoother ride. With two layers of mesh on them, you get plenty of breathability while also being sure that you have the durability and support you so desperately crave. One of the best things we can say about them is that the heel counter really does what its supposed to do. No matter the rough terrain, it does not dig into you, all the while ensuring you stay put where you are intended to be. With EVA- oversized at that- running all the way throughout the midsole for cushioning and a toe cap that is extended further than most, you get the utmost in support and protection, too. On top of that, we really love the looks of these, so that deserves a mention as well!


    • Hugely cushioned and protective

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    Are Hoka The Real Deal

    Are Hoka Shoes Worth It? Its no great secret that runningshoes arent always the most aesthetically pleasing footwear, but most athletes are usually willing to sacrifice looks for performance.

    Hoka running shoes, however, have had more than their fair share of disses when it comes to their visual appeal. In fact, in a 2013 headline, Outdoor Magazine called them clown shoes. Oof.

    Lets get it out of the way right now: Hoka running shoes are big. Chunky, even.

    Theyre like the fat tire bikes of the running shoe world: the soles are enormous, the colors are loud, and they make their presence known, even if you werent particularly looking for them.

    Theyre not minimalist shoes if anything, theyre maximalist.

    And its no mystery who makes them, as the letters H-O-K-A is literally written large on the side of every single shoe.

    They may be one of the latest it shoes in terms of overall comfort, but there is nothing subtle about them.

    Hoka One One Clifton Series

    Best Hoka One One Shoes for Flat Feet

    A legendary shoe among avid Hoka One One fans, the release of the first Clifton model was a redefining moment for the company. With that initial release, the company proved that a high-cushion shoe doesnt have to be overly bulky. When you run in Hoka One One Clifton running shoes, youll notice:

    Supreme comfort

    While the midsole is more streamlined than other shoes in the Hoka One One lineup, Clifton running shoes still offer plenty of cushioning. Your body will thank you for choosing this light, soft shoe with every step.

    Dependable grip

    You wont feel the need to slow down on wet surfaces thanks to the evenly distributed rubber pads on the outsole. Theyve been redesigned so you wont have to worry about slipping on hills or slick streets.

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    Why Hoka Works Great With Orthotic Solutions

    Many orthopedic professionals recommend HOKA shoes for those experiencing any foot pain in need of orthotic solutions. HOKAs range of products provides patients with a variety of supportive and cushioned shoes that help them during any activity levels, no matter their foot type or shape.

    Their well-known oversized cushioned soles can provide the wearer with a lot of support and enable them to stay on their feet all day, whether thats for work or play. The design works great for those who suffer from ball-of-foot pain and heel pain like plantar fasciitis. The oversized cushioning on the soles will decrease the pressure under the heel and ball of the foot as you are walking.

    The unique shape of the Hoka includes something known as a rocker sole, with the front and back of the shoe both curving upward. The rocker soles also help decrease the heel and forefoot pressure and decrease joint motion in the foot, making it an excellent option for people who suffer from foot arthritis and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

    But even with all this added cushion, HOKA shoes still manage to be feather-light for their size, even compared to some minimalist shoes.

    All in all, HOKA provides quality orthotics shoes for men and women alike. Here are some of our most recommended HOKAs to wear with your orthotic solutions:

    What Separates Hoka Running Shoes From The Rest

    Every shoe company finds little ways to set themselves apart from the competition. But the founders of Hoka One One werent content to just be a little different. They decided to take the running experience and flip it on its head. In order to be such a positively disruptive brand in the market, Hoka One One strives to:

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    What Does Hoka Stand For

    This brand has an odd pronunciation. There is some contention as to whether the o in Hoka is like in hot or home, but the short vowel seems preferred. The One in Hoka One One is not pronounced like the number but as oh-nay. The name Hoka One One comes from a Maori phrase that means fly over the earth. This explains why their logo looks like a seagull in flight.

    Are Hoka Shoes Worth The Money

    Lucky Feet Shoes | Fit Expert Reviews | HOKA Bondi 7

    That is of course very subjective. Only you really know the answer to that. However, if you like a shoe with plenty of cushioning, the Hoka is for you. People looking for speed may want something more minimalist. Hoka was built more for comfort than speed. They wont make you faster but will help you with recovery.

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    Hoka Bondi 6 Vs Hoka Bondi 7

    When you compare the HOKA Bondi 6 and the HOKA Bondi 7, you’ll see many similarities and only a few noticeable differences.

    The HOKA Bondi 6 and Bondi 7 are very similar in their appearance and feel, meaning fans of the previous version will get a very familiar experience in the new model.

    The biggest change to the Bondi 7 is the pattern of the mesh upper. The Bondi 7 has a larger vent of perforations situated over the toe box, and a couple smaller vents over the midfoot and one at the arch. HOKA also switched up the printed overlays that wrap around the shoe, changing from a horizontal orientation to a vertical one.

    Beneath the shoe, HOKA kept the same outsole. The rubber patterns are identical between the two models, with more rubber positioned in high-wear areas, like the heel and forefoot.

    Both versions use the same compression molded EVA midsole, which is supremely soft. Theres only one noticeable difference in the midsole when you compare the Bondi 6 and Bondi 7 side by side: The slight ridge pattern on the sidewall near the heel has been smoothed out. Otherwise, there are no obvious differences.

    There are slight differences between the Bondi 6 and the Bondi 7. Nearly all of the changes to the Bondi, though, are purely aesthetic and dont affect how the shoe fits or rides. So, if you were a fan of the Bondi 6, youll almost certainly like the Bondi 7.

    Tech comparison

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