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Are Samuel Hubbard Shoes Any Good

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Does Patent Leather Age Well

Shoes for Wide Feet – Samuel Hubbard

Patent Leather Will Yellow With Age While leather in general becoming yellow is a pretty common thing, its also pretty common to deal with. However, on patent leather, it gets a little tricky. Patent leather becoming yellow is probably one of the biggest or characteristic changes patent leather undergoes as it ages.

Review: Samuel Hubbard 36 Holes Shoes

The Samuel Hubbard 36 Holes shoes are one of the highest quality golf shoes you will find. You can just feel and see their attention to detail when they arrive. Rarely do you see a shoe take so much pride on the inside of the shoes. They maybe put a little effort into the collar, but once you did deep into the insides, most companies dont care. Samuel Hubbard shoes are crafted both inside and out with care and precision. Their fully lined with leather for comfort and durability.

So what does a non-golf company know about golf shoes? Samuel Hubbard knows about comfort. They understand the foot and how to make a shoe ridiculously comfortable. These shoes were comfortable right out of the box. The uppers are a soft supple leather with a blue matte finish. They have good padding in the heal area as well as thick soles and triple padded insoles for comfort on every step. It wasnt a squishy feeling, just soft cushioning in every step. Their outsole is patterned after many of the popular spikeless shoes. They have a flexible lug outsole that grips nicely for all shots.

Hubbard Flight Sport I Samuel Hubbard


Moisture-wicking inner sock.Perforation for better airflow. Sturdy and quick-drying.Light and flexible Hubbard cupsole.Shock-absorbant.Triple-density removable memory foam insole.Premium imported leather. Designed in Mill Valley, California. Handcrafted by artisans.

24 SEVEN 2.0 – Samuel Hubbard

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About Samuel Hubbard Footwear

Beginning in 2014, Samuel Hubbard footwear has been producing outstanding casual shoes for men with incredible comfort properties. The Katz family, creators of the well-known Rockport shoe brand, took inspiration from their success and created Samuel Hubbard mens shoes. With its classic designs and innovative comfort features, Samuel Hubbard footwear goes out of its way to make shoes that you will want to wear all day, every day.

Responses To Samuel Hubbard Footwear

Samuel Hubbard Men
  • Dorothy

    Oh my goshI was so excited about this boot! I love the look, but there is no way I could ever justify the costI need a new car first. ?

  • Kirsten Borrink

    I know. Really. Maybe theyll go on sale

  • cedar

    I will buy these in one second when one of the stores I frequent has them available. Nordstrom and Zappos, come on!

    They look cool! And well made.

    Kirsten, time passes, yet you only get cuter and cuter!

  • Kirsten Borrink

    Aw, Cedar. Thanks for the kind words. This time, its the good lighting and angle.

  • Helen V Travis

    I will call Nordstroms to see if they carry them. They look so good, wonder if they are light weight. I will want to try on before I buy a pair.Where are they available?

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    Samuel Hubbard Free Tan Waxhide


    Samuel Hubbard Free Tan Waxhide Leather unsneaker is available in men’s shoe sizes 8 – 14 in a medium or wide width. Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel and eliminates pressure points.Custom Vibram soles put a spring in your stride and provide all day support.Lightweight Kevlar shank provides sturdy arch support.Triple-Dens…

    Samuel Hubbard Free, Cordovan Leather

    Samuel Hubbard Shopping Experience

    Hubbard Shoes take the online shopping experience to the next level. It gives you all you need to feel comfortable to buying shoes online. There are photos of the product of every single angle and how the shoes look when someone is wearing them in different situations and outfits.

    If you are like Steven and like to read reviews before buying a product, this site has endless customer reviews including how the size fits. When the shoes arrive and it turns out you need a different style or size, they even cover return shipping!

    The shoes range from $200 to $375. For someone on a budget Hubbard Shoes might seem a little bit of the range, but it is important to keep in mind that they are an investment into your health while traveling.

    Your feet are one of the most important part of your body and need proper support to keep your entire body in good health. This is especially key when walking extensively during your travels.

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    What Is Your Favorite Hometown Memory

    Sailing along the coast of Maine with my family. We kept a sloop in York Harbor.

    That might have been the plan, but thats not whats happened since Katz introduced Samuel Hubbard to the world in 2014. The brand has caught on like wildfire, fueled by an extensive old-school print media campaign touting its premium, classic comfort styles offered in a broad array of colors. Katz reports that Samuel Hubbard has been growing at an 80-percent annual clip and is way the hell ahead of where he projected it might be just three years into the game. Its hard to grow a business much faster and keep up with all the internal systems, he says. We just redid our SAP installation, and we spent 10 months rebuilding our website.

    The companys quick adaptation to a wholesale distribution model helped drive the rapid rise in sales, says Katz. He wisely realized this was the best way to get noticed as a new brand. As a result, Samuel Hubbard has become the new belle of the ball for hundreds of leading comfort specialty independents, upscale chains and apparel boutiquesretailers that understand its Portuguese-made qualities and learned that they can sell footwear priced in the low- to mid-$200s to their more discerning clients.

    No markdowns, no digital-only dealers, premium priced shoes made in EuropeSamuel Hubbard is bucking many current industry conventions and doing quite well. What gives?

    The product is that good?

    Quality can be a difference maker on many levels.

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    About Samuel Hubbard Shoes

    Samuel Hubbard – Bodell’s Introductions

    The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company was founded in 2014 by one of the founders of Rockport shoes.

    After listening to countless people complain about not being able to find shoes that are functional, comfortable, and stylish and not being able to find such a shoe themselves the pair decided to partner and create a shoe that would meet every mans needs. The goal of the founders was to create shoes that were, above all else, functional. But they wanted to design footwear that was more than functional they wanted to craft shoes that were also durable, stylish, and comfortable, all at the same time! And guess what? The grandson and grandfather team succeeded!

    Samuel Hubbard shoes are the every mans shoes. They are made for men of all tastes and interests, and who participate in every type of activity. Whether you spend all day on your feet or you enjoy jumping from party to party, Samuel Hubbard shoes are the footwear that you have been searching for! They are literally made for working, walking, playing in other words, theyre made for living.

    Made of the highest quality materials, such as leather and suede, and designed with the finest craftsmanship, these shoes are an absolute must for every man.

    OK, so now that you know a bit of the back story about these shoes, lets get on to the Samuel Hubbard review. Below, well highlight some of the different designs from this shoe designer, including their line of golf shoes, boat shoes, and boots.

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    Bruce Katz Of Samuel Hubbard Shoe Co: 5 Things You Need To Create A Highly Successful Career In The Fashion Industry

    Hire people that are smarter and more experienced than you are. Not only will they teach you things, but they will bring to the party higher skills than you could alone. Choose people you trust both in your relationship to them and also in their ability to do the right thing. Entrepreneurs classically have a tendency to hold onto too many tasks and that is the path to stress and burnout. What I look for in companies that I have invested in is not only smart, experienced people but also laughter in their relationships. When you are putting in your 60 hour weeks you need that laughter and camaraderie to carry you through the long days.

    As part of our series about the 5 things you need to succeed in the fashion industry, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bruce R Katz.

    Katz was born and raised in Boston and grew up hiking the Green Mountains of Vermont and sailing the Maine coast. He studied Engineering Physics at Cornell University and graduated in 1969. He co-founded The Rockport Shoe Company in 1972 and ran the company for 14 years until it was sold to Reebok. With the proceeds from the sale of Rockport, he built one of the largest aluminum sailing yachts ever built in Holland and sailed around the world over a 15 year period. Moving to San Francisco in 1986, Katz pioneered the first web-based online communities The WELL and He founded his new venture Samuel Hubbard Shoe Co. in 2014.

    What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

    Footwear Comfort Like No Other

    This shoe company traces its roots as early as the 1930s. Samuel J Katz, a Lithuanian immigrant, decided to start his own shoe brand in New Hampshire. The Hubbard Shoe Company, the original name of the brand, proved to be quite a success, given the sturdy yet still stylish shoes the company had created.

    In the early 1970s, Saul Katz, Samuels son, decided to create another amazing shoe brand, the Rockport Shoe Company. Highlighting the potential of sourcing manufacturing work overseas, the brand continued to grow, eventually being acquired by the iconic Reebok brand in 1986.

    Bruce Katz decided to go and give back to the original family shoe company, the Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company, in 2013. Named after his grandfather, the legacy brand continues to impress with its many impressive models today!

    Some of the Best Samuel Hubbard Shoes You Should Wear!

    Check out these models you really ought to wear these, given the chance!

    Mens Shoes

    Here are some top picks for men to wear!

    Image Source:

    Now, these are boots that are made to last in both endurance and style! Specially designed with oil-tanned leather, these boots bring out the adventure everyone deserves to experience. The combination of the full grain leather upper and Vibram soles offer the optimum protection on even the roughest surfaces. Comfort is prioritized as well, with these boots memory foam and full glove-leather lining.

    Image Source: samuelhubbard.comImage Source:

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    Is It Ok To Wear Patent Leather In Winter

    These days, patent leather shoes come in a variety of styles, many far more appropriate for the winter months. Mary Janes are the perfect cold-weather patent shoe. In black they are a fun option for dresses and tights, and a dark color like plum or Bordeaux will add a much-needed pop of color on a dreary December day.

    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler Dark Chocolate

    Samuel Hubbard Free Spirit For Her Driver Moccasin Red ...


    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler Suede Men’s Slip on Loafer in Dark Chocolate. Available in men’s shoe sizes 7 – 14 in medium or wide widths.Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel and eliminates pressure points.Custom Vibram soles put a spring in your stride and provide all day support.Lightweight Kevlar shank provides sturdy a…

    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler, Navy Nubuck

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    Highlander I Samuel Hubbard


    Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel and eliminates pressure points.Custom Vibram® soles put a spring in your stride and provide all day support.Lightweight shank provides sturdy arch support.Triple-Density memory foam insole, topped in silky smooth leather. Easily removed if you wish to use your own orthotics.Easily resoled…


    Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company

    2013 9 years ago

    The Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company is an American footwear brand founded in 2013 by Bruce R. Katz. A co-founder of the Rockport Shoe Company, Katz founded Samuel Hubbard in Mill Valley, CA to continue his familys legacy designing and marketing premium footwear.

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    Chelsea Art & Galleries

    After marinating in the sights, sounds and tastes of Chelsea Market, its time to check out some of the hip art galleries that have moved into the area, both before and as a result of the development of the High Line.

    This is when Samuel Hubbards shoes really do come into their own. The Reboot features custom Vibram soles to keep that spring in your step all day, but the stylish suede design means you wont feel like an imposter crossing the threshold at galleries like Andrew Kreps, Lelong & Co and Alexander Gray Associates. Likewise, the City Zipper features a custom-designed EVA for comfort, but delivers a sophisticated boot that would draw attention at a gallery opening for all the right reasons.

    Come to think of it, they really could just feature as an art installation. But keep your shoes safe from any greedy gallery owners because your Urban Adventures guide will have plenty of suggestions for the rest of your day, and the best part? You wont even need to change your shoes.

    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler Whiskey Tan

    Samuel Hubbard Shoe Review | Kintec: Footwear + Orthotics


    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler Men’s Slip on Loafer in Whiskey Tan. Available in men’s shoe sizes 7 – 17 in a choice of medium, wide, or extra wide widths.Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel and eliminates pressure points.Custom Vibram soles put a spring in your stride and provide all day support.Lightweight Kevlar shank p…

    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler, Black Leather

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    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler Navy Nubuck


    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler Men’s Casual Dress Slip On Loafer in Navy Nubuck. Available in men’s shoe sizes 7 – 14 in medium or wide width.Full glove-leather lining delivers buttery soft feel and eliminates pressure points.Custom Vibram soles put a spring in your stride and provide all day support.Lightweight Kevlar shank provides sturd…

    Samuel Hubbard Frequent Traveler, Whiskey Tan

    Usa Designed Shoes With A Lifetime Quality

    The coolest thing about the Samuel Hubbard shoes is that you can easily get a Vibram sole replacement. Jaz normally has to get rid of shoes because the sole cannot keep up with our walking habits even though the shoes still look good.

    With Hubbard shoes it will not be an issue again because while the leather remains in top shape the sole can be easily changed making your shoe like new again. You will also have the option to change the sole color regardless of the original color you might had.

    We could not be more excited to take our shoes around the world on our adventures, providing our feet with their own little spas while we walk.

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    Returns & Exchanges Policy

    If you are not happy with your order, we are happy to accept a return or exchange. You may return or exchange an item within 15 days after receipt of your order. Returns or exchanges will not incur a restocking fee. Please note that shipping charges are not refundable.

    Prior to sending back your return, you must contact us in order to obtain a Return Authorization Number and specific return instructions. The Return Authorization Number must be written on the outside of your package. Any returns/exchanges made without prior authorization will not be accepted.

    All returns/exchanges must be returned to in their original condition, in original packaging, including shoe dust covers and all tags. does not guarantee wear or tear or any damage unrelated to the manufacturer. Shoes returned with any scratches or scuffs, or excessive creasing in the vamp will not be accepted.

    Not all items are eligible for return/exchange. Some sales/closeout items may not be eligible for return or exchange. If a sales item is not eligible for return or exchange, this will be notated on the product page of the sales item by a “all sales are final” or “no returns or exchanges” notation. All custom order items will not be eligible for return or exchange, these are items that are special ordered / produced specifically for an individual customer, this will be notated on the product page of the custom items where this applies.

    Men’s Slipper I Samuel Hubbard

    Samuel Hubbard Womens Size 9.5 Nubuck Oxfords Lace Up ...


    This style runs short, we suggest ordering a 1/2 size larger than normal. Wide width sizes are running true to size. We recommend ordering your normal size when ordering a wide width.Lined with the finest shearling for a luxiurious feel.Hubbard Comfort System triple-density memory foam insole.Gentle arch support and padded collarIndoor/outd…

    Samuel Hubbard Fast

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    Hubbard Dreams For Her


    The Dreams Collection combines the durability, softness, and temperature regulation of 100% merino wool with the playfulness of bright all-natural dyes. Our wool line is thoughtfully designed and handcrafted to be the perfect combination of fun and comfortable. Feel like youâre walking on clouds whenever you get coffee with friends and add a hea…


    Quality Craftsmanship In Portugal

    Portugal has long been known for the quality craftsmanship that its artisans bring to the shoe industry. We partner with a factory that upholds the highest working standards so that our craftsmen can work confidently and comfortably while theyre making the worlds most comfortable shoes. Every shoe is handcrafted with incredible attention to every stitch. We believe that the details make a huge difference in the quality of our products.

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