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Do Pleaser Shoes Run Small

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Do Air Forces Run Big Or Small

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4.7/5dofitAir Forcefittrue to sizefitmore on it

They aren’t going to make your feet look bigger if you have small feet nor are they going to make big feet look small! It is better for your feet to wear sneakers that fit well and are fit for purpose rather than the brand, style etc!

Secondly, how do Jordan 1s fit compared to af1? The Jordan 1 fits quite similarly to Vans. They’re both pretty true to size. And if you’ve got wide feet, they stretch after a few years to fit like a glove.

Hereof, how many inches do air forces add?

Generally they give 1.11.3 inches. The more recent Air Max 360 gives 1.31.4 inch, whilst the Air Max 180 gave 11.1 inch.

Does Air Max 97 run big or small?

Comfort and fit:I’m usually between a women’s 8 to 8.5 in Nike, and for the Air Max 97 I have to go for an 8.5. They’re a bit more snug than other Air Max styles, so I’d suggest that if you’re between sizes you should definitely go half a size up for the perfect fit.

How To Choose The Best Style Of Pole Shoes

There are a few things to remember when buying your Pleaser Shoes, and they totally depend on how you want to use your shoes.

Are you going to drag them around the floor and do a lot of heel bangs and clacks?

Are they for a photo shoot, or perhaps you just want to wear them for tricks and you’re not into much floor work?

Whatever the main purpose of your shoes, whether it’s to be practical or look pretty, here are some helpful tips

Avoid metal parts, just like the no jewellery rule I avoid any metal on my shoes to protect the pole itself and avoid slippage.

As a beginner avoid the temptation to buy the shortest heels. This may seem like a good idea, but it is an illusion.

The height between the top of your heel and the ball of your foot is larger in the shorter 6 inch heels.

This means that the ideal height for a beginner, with the least amount of weight for getting used to your shoes, if 7 inches.

8 inches are a great progression once you are used to the weight and balance difference and from there it’s onwards and upwards. Heels go to extreme sizes as high as 10 inches!

With all of these high flying heels you’ll find the arch height is the same or less steep than a regular pair of heels that you would normally wear on a night out, the huge platform makes up for the extra heel height.

The heel itself is also a little wider making them less wobbly to balance in too!

They provide more support around your heel and feel more secure because you know they aren’t going anywhere!

Which Size Am I

Blundstone boots fit true to size. While our leathers will stretch and mold to your feet over time, if you prefer a wider fit select a half size up.

Use the table to the right to convert between standard sizes. Your boots will be shipped in the corresponding Blundstone size, which is shown on the bottom of the boot.

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Consider Your Dancing Style

The best shoe for you depends on the style of dancing you do. Pole dancers need shoes that will stick to the pole for help climbing, and they need shoes that wont fly off in the middle of a spin. Boots are a great options for polers. Just make sure you dont choose ones that are covered in buckles! Any metal pieces, studs, or rhinestones on your pole shoes can scratch up your pole and make it harder to do certain moves.

For floor work, you want the opposite kind of shoe. Forget sticking as you need for pole, here you need shoes that will smoothly glide all over the floor. Leather shoes and others with a matte finish are a great choice for floor work. Be wary of choosing glitter-covered shoes, as the frequent rubbing along the floor will cause it to wear away faster.

How To Choose The Best Pole Dancing Shoes

New Balance Kid

Have you been looking for the best pole dancing shoes around? Not sure which brand you need?

Well, look no further because today I’ll be introducing and comparing the top two brands of pole dancing shoes.

When it comes to sexy shoes there’s a tonne of them out there, but today’s review goes over the pros and cons of the top two brands and the best style for you to choose.

There’s a reason Pleasers are the top brand of stripper shoes, and today you’re going to learn why not just any heels will do.

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How To Choose Your Next Pair Of Pleasers

by Amy Bond

A Pole Dancers Guide To Pleasers

For the past couple of years, Ive been captivated by the sexier side of pole dancing. Sensual movement paired with dynamic kips and jumps and gymnastics style dance has become the defining aspect of most of my training and teaching.

One of the best parts of that?


Whatever youre goal, your first pair of Pleasers is in an investment into your dance and a new tool that will help you take your movement to different places. With each new heels purchase, the first question to answer should be What is my goal?. Here are my top 5 favorite pleasers shoes and boots based on the answer to that question.

Goal: I want a functional first pair of shoes for dancing low flow and slow, beginner movement such as pirouettes, spins, and walking.

The Pleaser Kiss is a 6 inch heel with a 2 inch platform meaning that there is about 4 inches of length that the arch of the foot steps on. It comes in a variety of styles and is a good beginner heel because it is relatively small and lightweight. Additionally, starting with heels will require the ankle to do more work strengthening the ankles in the process of dancing in them.

You can purchase directly from Pleasers website or on for about $45-50.

Pole dancer and blogger, Peach Lee Ray writes You must be aware that the Pleaser Kiss is a gateway shoe, and once worn you will quickly fall into the hole of pole dance shoe addiction.

Disclaimer: You have been warned!


Things To Consider When Buying Pleaser Shoes Online

Are you looking to buy a new pair of Pleaser shoes? Whether you have taken up a new sport or hobby or are buying a pair of these sexy shoes for work or a night out on the town, it is now easier than ever to buy Pleaser shoes in an online shop. Buying Pleaser shoes online can be hard because you cant physically see and try on the shoes before you buy them. But have no fear here are some tips to help you pick out the perfect pair of Pleaser shoes.

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Worn By Famous Pole Dancers

You will find many competing and Instagram famous pole dances wearing Pleasers in their images and videos, and there is a reason for that. Pleaser makes very high-quality heels for strippers and hobby pole dancers alike. Exotic pole dance has risen in popularity. The floor work, the clapping of the heels and choreography introduce a whole other dimension of pole dance.

Why Do We Recommend Pleaser Shoes Over Most Other Brands

Stetson Boots Review And Do they Run Big Or Small?

These are not the average heels you will find in a shop, they are specifically for pole dancing and many other performance arts. Almost all their products are geared towards making it safe for strippers and pole dancers without any accidents.

They come in a plot flora of colors sizes and heel heights. You have the choice from real leather, faux leather, suede, plastic, and many other wild designs.

They have also given women the chance to spice up their sex lives with their partners on a whole new level. Their shoes surely know how to bring the wild side out of people, and maybe they can with you too.

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A Wide Range Of Pleaser Shoes Available

At Shoe Me, we root for everyone finding a pair or a couple of pairs of perfect shoes that will make the person wearing them feel supported, sexy and hella confident in their movements.

We have the widest range of Pleaser shoes a lot of styles, designs, colours and detailing. Choosing the perfect pair for you is an enjoyable process with Shoe Me, as your specific needs dont limit your choices for your every requirement, there are still so many pairs to choose from!

Here are the criteria that will help guide you through the variety of designs and choose the perfect Pleasers for you:

Priority Orders Placed Before December 9th Will Be Delivered By Christmas Eve

Are your shoes in men’s or women’s sizes?

Most of our shoes are in women’s unless stated otherwise.
The page will say “men’s size… or “women’s size…” to differentiate.

Are your shoes in US or UK sizes?

Our shoes are displayed in US sizes. You can convert them with our size chart.

How does Afterpay work ?

Afterpay allows you to pay for your purchase over 4 installments due every 2 weeks. In some cases, Afterpay may require a payment upfront.
Please see the Afterpay website for more details.

What does “faux leather” mean?

Pronounced “foe”, faux leather simply means artificial leather.

How do you convert between men’s and women’s?

The difference is 2 sizes. If you are a men’s 10 then you would need a women’s 12. If you are a women’s 10 you need a men’s 8.
We do not carry half sizes. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

What are your hours of operation?

The Pleaser Shoes customer service representatives are available from Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM PT. We are closed on major US holidays.

How does the rewards program work?

Please see our info page on the rewards program here:

How do I write a review for a product?

Ten days after you place your order, we will send you an email asking you to review the products you purchased. You have an option to attach photos as well. Note: if you are unsubscribed from our mailing list you will not receive this email.
Please send an email with your business information to for information.

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Are Pleaser Shoes True To Size

Please keep in mind that while most Pleaser shoes run true to size, there are some slight variances from style to style that can cause you to need to select a size up or down. Refer to the measurements above and compare them to a pair of shoes that fit you well. This particular style and size fits a 6.5 to 7 wearer best .

How Big Of A Shoe Do You Need For Pleaser Shoes

Do jimmy choo shoes run small THAIPOLICEPLUS.COM

For those style shoes, it could go either way. I wear a 6.5 always, and my most recent pair of Pleaser shoes were a size 7, and they fit perfectly. I do also have a pair of boots though that are an 8 and I can wear them just fine. I don’t think you’ll need to go to a size 10, but if you wear 8.5 more often then 8 then I’d say go for the 9 ^^

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How Big Are Pleaser Lucious And Devious Shoes

All Pleaser, Lucious and Devious shoes are marked in U.S. women’s sizing, while Demonia shoes are marked in either U.S. women’s or U.S. men’s sizing. The shoe size conversion chart below only serves as a guide to help you determine the sizing equivalent of our products in different parts of the world.

How Much Are Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser Shoes are a worthwhile investment. Youre paying for high-quality shoes that will keep you comfortable on your feet all night. Dont worry, though Pleaser Shoes are affordable. With so many options, youre sure to find a pair you love within your budget.

If youre looking to save even more, check out our Sale section for our current markdowns. And dont forget to sign up for Pleaser Rewards! Youll earn points with every purchase that can be redeemed for money off future orders.

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What Are Pleaser Shoes

Pleaser Shoes, also known as pleaser heels or pleasers are platform heels, typically worn by dancers or strippers. The platform of pleasers lengthens the leg by a few inches, thus making the dancer appear taller.

They also lift the butt and give the calves and thighs are more streamlined a sexy look perfect for showing off all of those dance routines!

Pleaser shoes are also great for pole fitness as they provide an extra workout for your already engaged lower body muscles!

How Tall Should Your Heels Be

Wild West Boots Review And Do they Run Big Or Small?

If youre just starting out in pole dancing heels, we recommend picking out 6 heels from our Aspire line. This heel height is great for beginners because its still low enough to be stable, but high enough to provide benefits. Not only do pole dancing shoes make your legs look long and sexy, they also make dancing easier! Pleaser shoes are constructed to be supportive and comfortable, with angled fronts that make it easier to rock onto for tricks and platforms that add a counterweight for spins.

Once youve mastered your 6 heels, you can move up to 7 and 8 styles. Many dancers find out 8 Flamingo line to be the sweet spot for heel height.

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Five Tips When You Buy Pleaser Shoes Online

1. Measure Your Feet

Check instructions below and find your foot measurements then compare with the size chart. Always measure both feet because one of them might be bigger than the other one.

2. If You Wear Half Sizes

For example: If your shoe size is 8 but you sometimes can fit into a 7.5 or 7, you should buy size 8 Pleaser shoes.

If your shoe size is 8, but If you sometimes fit an 8.5, you should buy size 9 Pleaser shoes.

3. Narrow or Round Toe Shoes

If the boot or shoe has a narrow toe area, it is better to go to 1 size up.

If the boot or shoe has a round toe , stay with your original size.

4. Insoles

If size 6 is too small and size 7 is too big, or your shoes arrived and they are little bit bigger than you expected, you can try insoles for a perfect fit.

5. Order 2 sizes

If you are not sure about your shoe size and you don’t have time to exchange them, order 2 different sizes and return one of them. It only costs you extra return shipping, but you will find your shoe size for our shoes.

Pleaser also has different collections: Demonia, Funtasma, Pin Up Couture, Devious, Fabulicious. As I said before, it depends on the shoe type. Most of the Demonia combat boots or Funtasma costume shoes or Mary Jane style shoes fit your true size.

Please comment on your experience about Pleaser Australian size conversion here and help other people find their perfect size.

The One Thing I Don’t Like About Pleaser Shoes

These shoes are fab, and while I get a better hold of my feet for bending, a better stretch in my Jade split from the weight and a whole lot of comfort, there’s this one little problem.

The sole of the shoe over laps the bottom of the platform at the front, which means eventually it gets caught and can damage the sole of your shoe.

You can trim this back a bit to avoid it catching and eventually pulling the sole away.

I also asked pole superstar Michelle Shimmy what she thought of this heel hack at one of her workshops a couple of years ago, as a long time heel wearer she says it’s never been an issue – a little bit of superglue or shoe glue and you’re done!


Pleaser Pole Shoes now come with pre-trimmed soles. Notably one of the only reasons not to buy Pleaser Shoes for Pole and Dance in the past was the clunky sole sticking out on the front of the shoe.

Good news though! Pleaser have listened to you and they are rolling out their new pre-trimmed outsoles on all their pole dancing shoes and exotic dance shoes throughout 2018.

Take a look at this video from FM Heels showing the new pre-trimmed soles

Some remaining old stock may still have this issue though, and if they do, I have always found a bit of glue to work just fine.

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How To Choose The Right Pleaser Shoes For You

Get ready to be sexier than ever in the perfect pair of Pleaser Shoes for you! Whether youre shopping for your first pair of Pleaser Shoes or youre looking for a new style, were here to help you pick the best pair. This guide will help you find the right size shoes, the best heel height, and the perfect style to wear.

How Much Do You Want To Spend

New Balance Kid

If you end up settling for a pair of shoes that you dont really, really love, chances are you wont wear them and they will end up collecting dust in your closet. And then youll go and spend more money on a different pair. If your budget will allow it, buy the pair of Pleaser shoes that you find the prettiest, not the pair that is the cheapest.

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