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How Do Olukai Shoes Fit

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Women’s Olukai Honu Sandals

OluKai ‘Ohana Pahu SKU:8451526

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Through artistry, craftsmanship, and exceptional hospitality, our people and products embody the island life and all that it has to offer.

We believe in producing and curating a collection of timeless products that celebrate our rich heritage, honor your vibrant spirit, and preserve the beauty around us.

Were ready to take you to a destination where the conversation flows as easily as the craft cocktails and the only thing better than our award-winning cuisine is our island hospitality.

From sustainably sourced fibers to reducing resource consumption and waste, were on a journey to bring youand future generationsthe best of the island life. Read More

How To Clean Your Wool Slippers

  • Remove the insoles from your wool slippers and place them into a washable laundry bag or mesh delicates bag.
  • Toss the delicates bag containing your insoles into the washing machine use a delicate cycle with your preferred mild laundry detergent.
  • Wipe your wool slippers down with a damp cloth to remove excess dirt or debris.
  • Mix together mild detergent and cold water in a bowl. Hand wash your slippers using a gentle bristle brush. Brush gently in a circular motion if needed, go over stains multiple times to remove.
  • Let your wool slippers and footbeds air-dry in a shady, room temperature area until youâre ready to wear them to your next adventure!
  • Gentle bristle brush or towel
  • Washable laundry bag or mesh delicates bag
  • Washing machine
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    How To Clean Olukia Shoes

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    Purchase The Right Pair

    First and foremost, the success of cleaning your flip flops depends entirely on the brand that you purchase. If you purchase $1 flip flops, then you cant expect them to last long or look much better after cleaning them.

    You want to make sure that you purchase from a trustworthy brand. That way, your flip flops are made of a durable material that will hold well over the years and keep its youth when you clean them.

    Be sure to check out Flojos flip flops for several awesome styles. Not only are they durable, but they are affordable and come in many awesome colorways.

    If you go for the cheapest pair of flip flops or sandals, then you might be sabotaging your enjoyment of them in the process. Instead, opt for a pair that will give you a high return on your investment.

    Who Is Olukai For


    According to our OluKai shoes review, this brands footwear is designed for men and women who are in search of practical and comfortable, yet stylish shoes. Bold stitching and plenty of color options means theres something for everyone, as does the collection of different types of footwear.

    The options are crafted from high quality, durable materials with unique designs, ideal for outdoor activities such as runs, hikes, walks on the beach, and every adventure you could think of.

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    What Does The Olukai Logo Mean

    The logo is called the Makau, or fish hook. It is a symbol of strength and good luck. It also means safe passage over bodies of water, which is fitting given the seafaring roots of the Polynesians.

    The hook is also popularly associated with Maui or Maui-a-kalana. The Hawaiian demi-god wanted to prove to his brothers that he is good at fishing like they were. However, when Maui cast his magical hook, it caught the ocean floor and formed the islands of Polynesia when the fish hook was reeled in.

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    If I Wear A Half Size In Shoes How Should I Size My Olukai Sandals

    Our sandals only come in full sizes. Fit can be a bit difficult to determine, as it is usually your personal preference. If you are often a half size, there are a couple of considerations in deciding to size up or down. If you prefer extra room in your sandals, we suggest going up a half size. If you prefer a more snug fit, it is recommended to order down if you are a half size. Please keep in mind if your feet are narrow or wide, this may affect the fit of our footwear.

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    How Does Olukai Reduce Its Environmental Footprint

    We use natural latex in our gum rubbers, 30% recycled material in all our outsoles, and 100% recycled material in our packaging. We source all of our leathers exclusively from environmentally conscious ISO-14001 certified tanneries. We are exploring water-based glues, however at this time the sub-par bond durability outweighs the benefits. We will make the switch once the bonding strength improves. We consider making high-quality, long-lasting footwear as one way to reduce our environmental footprint.

    Prioritize Comfort And Arch Support

    OluKai ‘Eheu SKU:8807944

    While the most important thing is getting the right size and width, youll want to find a pair with a comfortable footbed and arch support.

    One of many sad truths in life is when you realize that the stylish sandals you bought hurt your feet. Weve all been thereits easy to throw comfort aside in the name of fashion. But in all reality, you dont have to! You can rock chic sandals and classic flip flops with arch support and contoured comfort, all hidden within the shoe.

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    What Do Customers Say About Olukais Arch Support

    Olukai has many products so I will just use one as an example. It is the OLUKAI Ohana available for both men and women. Lets see what people had to say about how good they are for flat feet, do they have adequate arch support? and what about people with high arches? Of course, you can tell by just looking at them that they provide arch support.

    Do Olukai Shoes Have Arch Support

    Does Olukai footwear have arch support? Are they good for people with flat feet? What about people with high arches can they wear Olukais? There is a lot of reasons to love the Olukai shoes lets see if these things can also be added to the list.

    “As an Associate of Amazon I earn from qualifying purchases made from links in this post.”

    Olukai shoes are known for their comfort and quality, but what you might not know is that all Olukai shoes have an anatomical arch support system, which is something that some shoe brands do not offer. This system provides additional comfort and support to your foot, which helps you feel great while walking around.

    Olukais anatomical arch support system is very different from the systems that other shoe brands use, but it does a great job of supporting your foot.

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    Best Olukai Slipper: Nohea

    One of the things I love most about OluKai is that it really can be your one-stop shop for amazing shoes, as the incredible Nohea slipper proves the brand is about footwear that works just as well at home as it does out in the Hawaiian paradise!

    OluKai proves its commitment to premium, all-natural materials with the Nohea, which features a premium nubuck leather upper, genuine sheepskin shearling lining, and a merino wool-lined footbed.

    Also, this slipper features a collapsible back heel that allows this shoe to be worn as either a closed slipper or slide!

    OluKai Nohea Slipper

    Check the latest reviews and see all color options here

    Stuff Them With Socks

    OluKai Moloa

    If youd like to stretch your Olukai sandals quickly so that you can wear them right away, try putting socks inside the sandals and leaving them overnight. The best socks to use are ones that are damp from being washed but not wet and then stretched out so that they arent bunched up in the toes or heels.

    In summary, if you want to make your Olukai sandals more comfortable, there are a few different things you can do. You can try stretching them out with warm water or hairspray. You may also try wearing a pair of socks with them for a few hours each day until they start feeling better on your feet.

    If you have been experiencing pain in the balls of your feet when wearing Olukai sandals for long periods of time, try using the following method: Fill up a bucket with hot water and soak both pairs of sandals in it for about five minutes before putting them on again each day until they feel better on your feet!

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    Finding Your Correct Shoe Size And Width

    As mentioned, when sandals are too small, the ankle strap can dig into your feet, and you might end up with a stubbed toe, an ingrown toenail, or another painful condition. Conversely, while it may be better to go with a larger pair of sandals, sandals that are way too large present their own list of foot problems. Your feet can slip around in the shoe, which may strain your ankles and calves and impact your posture. Loose shoes can also slide off your feet and cause an injury or rub on your skin, which may lead to blisters and calluses .

    That being said, a 2018 study published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research found that wearing shoes that are too small is much more common than wearing a pair thats too big . To find sandals that are good for your feet and fit correctly, youve got to measure your feet.

    Olukai Mio Li For Lifting

    In regard to lifting, the OluKai Mio Li is best for light and moderately heavy sessions. This shoe is not going to give you as much stability in squats and deadlifts as other cross-training shoes that have more stability.

    I started to notice compression around 335 lbs in back squats and around 405 lbs in deadlifts. I think if youre staying under these thresholds with your lifting, then the stability in this shoe will be plenty fine for your performance needs.

    Personally, I like the Mio Li best for my accessory days where Im doing more unilateral lower body exercises and upper body training. I like the blend of the higher heel-to-toe drop and EVA foam midsole and how they interact with my training on these accessory days.

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    What Is Olukais Return Policy

    Not sure if your OluKai slippers are the right fit? Fortunately, the brand offers free returns and exchanges within 30 days on orders in new and unused condition with original tags and packaging.

    Shoppers can exchange for another color or size, return for a store credit, or return for a refund. To get the process started, visit the brands return portal and follow the instructions from there.

    On top of that, the company offers a 1-year warranty on all defective pairs, promising replacements if any manufacturing issues arise.

    Whats The Best Way To Wash Pu Shoes

    can we find enough profit to cover our movie tickets? | inspired by @Ginger Marvin

    Rather than opting for a warm wash, keep the water temperature at a cooler 30 degrees to prevent the colours of your shoes running or fading. This is especially important if youre washing PU or PVC, as you dont want to damage the coating. Use a good colour detergent, like Persil Colour Washing Capsules.

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    Olukai Kui Slippers Review

    Of course, a good pair of slippers is also a necessity, and the Kui Slippers prove it. The slip-on style is ideal for easy wear, while the compression-molded Wet Grip Rubber sole has great traction for indoors and outdoors.

    The slippers feature a super soft shearling lining and a puffy trim for an extra cozy detail, while the rounded toe upper is crafted from a soft full-grain leather for extra durability. The footbed also features a contour that aligns perfectly with the foot for the most comfortable feel.

    Available in a light tan, dark brown, or carbon black, the Kui Slippers come in sizes 5-11 and retail for $130.

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    How To Clean Your Suede Or Nubuck Slippers

  • Remove the insoles from your suede or nubuck slippers and place them into a washable laundry bag or mesh delicates bag.
  • Toss the delicates bag containing your insoles into the washing machine use a delicate cycle with your preferred mild laundry detergent.
  • Wipe your suede or nubuck slippers down with a damp cloth to remove excess dirt or debris.
  • Apply your favorite suede or nubuck cleaning product to your slippers.
  • Let your suede or nubuck slippers and footbeds air-dry in a shady, room temperature area until youâre ready to wear them to your next adventure!
  • Gentle bristle brush or towel
  • Washable laundry bag or mesh delicates bag
  • Washing machine
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    Why Do People Rave About Olukai Shoes

    Considering a pair of Olukai shoes or sandals? Heres what you need to know about buying a pair of Olukai womens shoes before you buy.

    I think the first time I was introduced to Olukai was when I first moved to Hawaii. It was one of those brands where people would be like Oh these are OluKais and I would just nod my head, because it just sounded so cool.

    While the brand itself is synonymous with the tropical lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands and best known for sandals, OluKai designs footwear for all seasons at the intersection of comfort, sustainability and quality craftsmanship.

    All of the brands styles are designed with the Wet Sand Principle, inspired by the way feet are naturally cupped in wet sand, to design contoured footbeds for lasting comfort and support.

    Olukai Mio Li For Hiit Workouts Classes And Versatile Training


    For versatile training, HIIT workouts, and classes, I think the Mio Li can be a viable option for many. They provide enough bounce to make them comfortable for plyometrics, and more specifically, I think theyll work best for short and mid-length workouts.

    The upper is breathable, too, which is nice for wearing these in warmer gym settings or if youre training outdoors on turf. The midfoot also provides enough security to lock down the foot when doing forward and backward like box jumps, box jumps, and backward running.

    My only gripe with the Mio Li and versatile training is that theyre not the best model for lateral work. Theyll get the job done for most activities like casual lateral bounding, but I did notice that the uppers security started to fall off as I did more explosive lateral work.

    In future models, I think a slightly more reinforced upper, especially on the lateral midfoot could help limit this.

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    What Does Olukai Mean In Hawaiian

    Our name, Olu Kai , is Hawaiian. It’s in and around the ocean that we feel most at home, and in Hawaii that we feel most inspired. That’s why we create footwear that combines comfort and craftsmanship with the ocean lifestyle. Our hope is that when you slip into a pair of OluKai, you feel connected with the spirit of aloha.

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    Are Olukai Sandals Suitable For Flat Feet

    The OLUKAI Hokua Mens Slipper Sandal is the ideal sandal for those who have a flat foot and dont want to trade comfort for anything else. The sandals material is made entirely of high-quality materials, making it lightweight, breathable, and durable, as well as suitable for use around water. Mens Slipper Sandal by OLUKAI Hokua

    Friends & Family Early Access

    OluKai Moloa Kapa SKU: 8987993

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    Cost And Where To Buy Olukai Flip Flops

    A variety of retailers sell Olukai footwear online and in-store across the US and Canada.

    REI and Zappos are two of the most reliable online stores that offer a wide selection of colors and sizes for both the mens and womens Ohana sandals, including free shipping and generous return policies .

    This style of Olukais retails for USD $75 at REI, and is sometimes included in REI member sales and discount events offered by Zappos. The buttons below will take you to their sites to check the latest prices:

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