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What Is My Eu Shoe Size

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Finding Your Fit 4 Tips For Finding The Perfect Unisex Shoe Size

How to Convert European Shoe Sizes to U.S. Sizes

Finding the perfect unisex shoe size can be a daunting task, especially if you are not aware of the exact measurement. Whether you are purchasing shoes for children, adults, or your pets, there are many factors that need to be taken into account before making the final purchase.

There are 5 tips that can help you find the perfect unisex shoe size.

1) The best place to start is with your current shoes. Once you have found your shoe size, it will serve as a starting point for determining the right size for your new shoes. If they are too big or too small, then this will give you an idea of what size to go up or down from in order to get an accurate fit.

2) Go by inches rather than centimeters when looking at sizes on websites and in stores. This is because centimeters are smaller than inches so converting to metric does not always work and you will get the precise sizing when opting for the aforesaid unit.

3) Know Your Fit -Know your true shoe size before ordering online! Make sure to measure your feet accurately so that you can find the perfect fit for your shoe size. If you are in-between sizes, it is best to get a half-size up or down accordingly. For example: if your right foot length is 25 cm and your left foot length is 24 cm, go with a size 7 on the right and a size 6.5 on the left.

Shopping Online And The Risks Involved When Choosing The Size

Shopping from a catalog or an online store has always carried a minor concern of uncertainty, which can offset by the increased selection and usually lower price.

Therefore, if buying online is the way you want to go, let us be the first and possibly last stop. With all the charts from all the countries and manufacturers making the shoes at your disposal, your task becomes easier. You need a starting point, like men’s loafers size 9, or women’s heels, size 5, double A.

Then you find the pair you want to buy. With your size information in your hand and the wealth of information from this site, and with a little luck, you should be able to find some way to make the comparison between what is being sold and what you need. This will ultimately allow you to make the right choice.

Finally, many people, of both sexes, like to exaggerate about the size shoes they wear. Large men will wear big shoes. Allegedly, women will often claim to wear a shoe smaller than their shoe size, or that is what Hollywood would have us believe. The key is to be truthful.

In the movie “Steel Magnolias”, Dolly Parton runs a beauty shop and the subject of shoes came up. She says something to the effect that she wears a size six, but because a size seven are so comfortable, she buys a size eight. The numbers may be off, but as we all know, show sizes can vary, and we do not know where the shoes she allegedly purchased were from a country where a size 6 may equal a size 8.Do your homework ahead of time.

How To Measure The Size Of Your Feet

Shoe sizes are measured different among many countries and shoe stores. We find it important that you order the right shoe size and don’t have to return your shoes because of this. This page explains how to measure your feet and how to find the right size for you.

To calculate your shoe size in centimeters or inches:

  • a. Place your longest foot on a piece of paper
  • b. Do this at the end of the day
  • c. Put your weight on this foot this will make your foot bigger
  • d. Draw a line around your foot
  • e. Measure the size between the tip of the big toe and the end of your foot
  • f. Add 1 cm to the size

Now you have the right measurement of your foot and you can look up in the table below the right size for our shoes.

Are you not sure about the size? Please contact us at

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Shoe Size Chart With Conversions For Us Uk Eu Jpn Cn Mx Kor Aus/nz Mod & How To Measure Foot Size

This article will deal with shoe sizing and measurements, including a full international mens shoe size conversion table.

Note: Click the following link to jump straight to the shoe size conversion chart.

Shoe sizing can be a frustrating thing. This is because theres barely any industry-wide standardization. While there is technically an international sizing system called Modopoint, its nearly impossible to find any retailers who use it.

Even within countries, theres barely any way to keep track of sizing. In fact, sizing is inconsistent within brands themselves just as often as its consistent. Its not uncommon for a man who wears a 10D ABC shoe brand to wear a 9.5D in another. Its less common, but its possible to wear a 10D in one style of shoe from ABC brand and a 9.5D in another style of shoe from the same brand.

What gives?

European Shoe Size Chart With Conversions For Us Uk Aus + More

What is my shoe size in the UK if in India it

October 5, 2020 by FeetSeek

When trying on or shopping for your next pair of kicks, boots, slippers of Uggs, its always best to reference a European shoe size chart so you can get that perfect fit. Luckily for you, we have compiled the below charts for kids, womens, and mens shoe sizes!

We also went one step further and included conversions for the UK, US, AUS, IND, and NZ plus both measurements in CM and Inches.

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Kids European Shoe Size Chart + Conversions

31.8 12.5

When comparing EU shoe sizes to the US, it is a good rule of thumb to pick the larger size of the EU conversion. This is mainly because the EU shoe sizes only differ very slightly as their sizes go up.

As for conversions, a size EU 41 will convert to a US mens size 8. And a size 45 EU mens will translate into a size 12 US and a size 11.5 in the UK.

Why Do We Think Eu Sizes Translate Exactly To A Uk Size

This is a really common misconception and the source of a lot of problems for online shoppers. Many major brands and retailers have reinforced the exact-match size translation over time because its simpler to advertise products this way. Very few retailers advertise shoes in the Original Manufactured Size and instead provide you with their own translation, to keep things simple.

EU sizes are often converted to UK using the following methodology for Women:

36 = 3
47 = 13

Kids sizing follows a similarly simplistic approach. In truth, the conversions are misleading for customers and explain part of the reason that your shoe size can vary drastically between brands. Most of our shoes, including major brands such as Rieker and Ecco, are made in EU sizes.

Every day in every one of our stores we have ladies asking for a UK size 8 shoe. Very often they will have been wearing an EU size 41 for years, from their favourite brand, without knowing these were never really a size 8. The good news is our staff can guide on what is the right fit and explain why the conversion challenges exist. The reason the shoes on our website are often sold in EU sizes is that we want our customers to know what their ACTUAL shoe size is not be misled by simplistic translations. The other side of the coin is you could argue we are being pedantic!

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Example : Calculating Eu Size Using Foot Length In Inches

Ms Klein’s US Shoe Size 7.5 corresponds to a foot length of 9.5 inches, as shown in Example 1. Now, based on her foot length, we will calculate her corresponding EU shoe size here. To determine Ms Klein’s EU size, we will first use the appropriate ISO conversion formula based on her foot length. Then the calculation result is rounded to the nearest whole or half size.

Formula for EU size

What Is The Size Of A Shoe

“Find your US shoes size vs EUR & UK through ebay “simple & easy

All the complicated theories can be reduced to the simplest principles. Solution 1 – direct shoe fitting in the store and fitting the shoe to your foot, which will ensure that a given footwear is extremely comfortable. Solution 2 – while shopping online and not knowing which size to opt for, the best solution is to stand on a piece of paper, draw your foot, and then – measure it in the longest place.

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How To Measure Foot Length

If you want to determine your own foot length:

  • step 1: put a piece of paper on the floor, and then put your bare foot on it, making sure that your heel rests against the wall, making a right angle with the floor
  • step 2: outline the shape of the foot
  • step 3: repeat both steps with the other foot
  • step 4: measure both feet – check the length in a straight line, starting from the center of the heel to the longest toe
  • step 5: when choosing the size of your shoes, always try to measure only the larger foot
  • step 6: add about 0.5-1 cm of play to the set size.

Iso Formula For Calculating Us Women’s Size

US women’s shoe size = / 0.847 23


  • One US size is equal to one-third of an inch .
  • The first 11 US sizes are not numbered.
  • The following 13 sizes are assigned as children’s sizes.
  • The American shoe sizes for women start with Size 0 following the children’s sizes.
  • Therefore, 23 sizes in total are subtracted.
  • In addition, two US shoe sizes toe clearance, i.e., 2 × 0.847 cm, are added on.

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How Are European Shoe Sizes Measured

The EU shoe sizes are based on the Continental European standards which use a Paris Point which is 2/3 of a centimeter which was used when measuring a shoe last. Being a smaller increment of a centimeter, this gives the European shoe sizes a higher number of say 39 as opposed to a US 10 size.

This standard is followed by Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy and France to name just a few.

How To Shop For Shoes Online

Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts » US

If you’re buying shoes online, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always check the retailer’s return policy for any shoes you buy.
  • These measurements don’t take into account the thickness or width of your foot, so check if the shoes come in varying widths. These are usually denoted by “AA” , “B” , “C/D” , or “E” . Additionally, you might see “M,” indicating a “medium” width.
  • Consider the socks you plan to wear, if any. They can take up room and make shoes feel tighter.
  • No two feet are exactly the same sizemeasure them both and use the larger measurement.
  • Feet tend to swell a bit as the day goes on, or after you stand on them for a while. Measure your feet when they’re at their largest.
  • Consider the materials, manufacturing techniques, embellishments, and other factors that can affect the way a shoe fits.
  • Check the reviews for the shoes you’re considering and look for comments regarding how true to size they run.

Lead image product provided by Nike.

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Women’s Shoe Size Chart

Shoe Size Calculator English
Shoe Size Calculator in other languages

How to add Shoe Size Calculator to my website?

You can easily add Shoe Size Calculator to your own website with the help of our code. Paste the code to your website and the calculator will appear on that spot automatically!

How to add Shoe Size Calculator widget to WordPress website?

Adding Shoe Size Calculator to your Wordpres website is fast and easy! Find the page to which you want to add the calculator, go to edit mode, click ‘Text’, and paste the code to there.

Iso 19407 And Shoe Size Conversion

ISO/TS 19407:2015 Footwear – Sizing – Conversion of sizing systems is a technical specification from International Standards Organisation. It contains three conversion tables which feature major shoe sizing systems . Each table is based on actual foot length measurement in millimetres typical last length ranges are also included.

The standard includes conversion tables for Mondopoint using length steps of 5 mm and 7.5 mm, European Paris point system, and UK 1â3-inch system. The standard has also been adopted as Russian GOST R 57425-2017.

The standard is maintained by ISO/TC 137, which also developed ISO/TS 19408:2015 Footwear – Sizing – Vocabulary and terminology currently in development are companion standards ISO/TS 19409 “Footwear – Sizing – Measurement of last dimensions” and ISO/TS 19410 “Footwear – Sizing – Inshoe measurement”.

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Basic Information On Converting Shoe Sizes To Inches

All ISO conversion formulas refer to foot length. In the case of non-ISO size specifications, the length of the last in inches or the interior length of the shoe in inches is sometimes also chosen as the reference for calculating shoe sizes. On the other hand, for international standardisation, the foot length in centimetres or inches is the means of choice.

Normally, the foot length is used in the ISO formula to calculate the respective shoe size. If you want to determine the foot length based on shoe size, the corresponding ISO formula is converted so that the result of the formula is the foot length , instead of the shoe size. This conversion formula is explained in detail in the examples below.

Top Online Sites For Shoes

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Shoe Size Conversion Charts

If you are purchasing your shoes from outside the UK then please note that all shoe sizes on this site are displayed in the UK format. Also please note that different brands can vary in size. Some can be larger or smaller made than others. If you’re not sure about your international shoe size then check out the conversion charts on this page for an approximate equivalent in US and EU shoe sizes.

If you need any help please contact us or drop in to our Glasgow Running Shop& well ensure you find the perfect fit.

Unisex Shoe Size Chart: Conversion & Measurements

Shoes are well categorized for men, women, and children as per fashion statement and size. The shoe brands and companies manufacture shoes for these categories. Besides these, another category that the shoe companies manufacture is for the unisex. Both men and women could use these kinds of shoes. It creates a balance considering the style statement and the size so both the genders could use it.

But a confusing factor exists in the size element. Usually the size of the shoes for men and women at different size chart but the Unisex shoe it is often thought as a same. But in actuality, the unisex shoes as well have a different shoe size chart for both men and women. If you know regular shoe size, then you would automatically find the fit for yours just follow the size chart provided by the brand you are willing to purchase your favorite shoe from.

Also, Have a look at:

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What Size Is Eur 39 In The Us

A size EU 39 mens shoe equates to a size 6 in the UK and a size 6.5 in the US. For womens shoes, a size 39 converts to a size 6.5 in the UK and a size 8.5 in the US. Measured out, a size 39 EU mens shoe is 24.1 CM/ 9 Inches. To see more EU conversions, you should check out my guide on EU to UK shoe conversions which goes into more detail.

Finding The Best Fit Online

Shoe Sizes Europe, US &  UK

In conclusion, we recommend you use the charts above to convert sizes as a starting point. It is important to remember that size conversion is only part of the story though and there is no replacement for trying shoes on to check they will be a great fit for you. When shoes are made all over the world, often designed to suit local preferences, it is really common to see size conversion problems.

When shopping online, theres always a risk that the size wont work out for you so check out the returns instructions before you buy. Fantastic new brands emerge every year and ultimately its a risk worth taking to discover the best products on the market.

Feel free to contact us for advice on converting EU shoe sizes to UK sizes, by phone or email. If you can, come and visit one of our stores. Either way, our fitting specialists will help to answer your questions and help you navigate the pitfalls of size conversion.

Happy Shoe Shopping!

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