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What Shoes Can You Wear Without Socks

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Of The Best Men’s Shoes To Wear Without Socks That Won’t Smell

5 Tips Your Need While Going Sockless – How to Wear Shoes Without Socks

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Warm weather means its time to swap your shoes and say goodbye to bulky boots and hello to sandals, boat shoes and slip-on sneakers. Some guys who really want to free their feet this season might even dare to go sockless, but there is a catch.

Wearing sneakers without socks in the summer always sounds like a good idea until it isnt. Between the sweltering heat and extra outdoor time, bare feet can get sweaty and smelly quick. That is, only if youre wearing the wrong shoes.

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If youre looking to forgo socks with your footwear, the key is to look for sneakers that are made with breathable materials like canvas, leather or wool. It helps to have an antimicrobial lining to prevent bacteria or odor buildup. Machine-washable shoes are a winning idea because you can easily toss them in the laundry when they get too mucky.

To help you on your sockless journey, weve rounded up 10 of the best mens shoes you can wear without socks that wont leave your feet sweaty or smelly. And if you want more of our editor-sourced products and reviews,

Take a look below:

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Wearing Shoes Without Socks Is Bad For Your Foot Health

Wearing shoes without socks has caught on in recent years as a new fashion trend partly due to the rise in popularity of slip-on shoes. However, this new trend in shoe fashion may have a negative impact on your foot health. The foot routinely sweats throughout the day, and socks play a role in wicking away that moisture to help keep the foot dry. A number of shoes are not made out of breathable material which, coupled with a lack of socks, keeps moisture on the foot and can make you more susceptible to foot ailments like athletes foot or toenail fungus. Generally speaking, wearing socks with your shoes is a good idea. If, however, you still prefer to go sockless, be sure to let your shoes air out for 48 hours after wearing them, use antiperspirant, and wash your feet after wearing them.

Everyday foot care is very important to prevent infection and other foot ailments. If you need your feet checked, contact one of our podiatrists from Desert Canyon Foot & Ankle. Our doctors can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

Everyday Foot Care

Often, people take care of their bodies, face and hair more so than they do for their feet. But the feet are a very important aspect of our bodies, and one that we should pay more attention to. Without our feet, we would not be able to perform most daily tasks.

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Visit Your Calgary Podiatrist

Whether youre experiencing foot pain, suffering from a condition like athletes foot or simply want to learn more about routine foot care, get in touch with a foot specialist at Dalhousie Station Foot Clinic in Calgary. Our resident podiatrist and experienced staff will be glad to help you whatever your podiatric needs. To learn more or make an appointment, contact us today.


Suite 287-5005 Dalhousie Dr NW,Calgary, AB T3A 5R8

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Adidas Stan Smith Shoes

Simplicity is its own form of sophistication. But when you want to be both simple and stylish, one shoe that can do that is Adidas Stan Smith Shoe. The shoe uniquely weaves together an unassuming style and a luxurious vibe leaving you looking dapper day after day.

And before we go so far, lets mention that this shoe is regarded as the world-famous for its top quality . It boasts of a coated leather that gives them a brand new look every day. The pair takes a low-cut design-a style that is appealing for those who like to be super casual.

The top sports plenty of mesh vents to promote air circulation for all-day comfort. However, the interior padding is not that cushy and thus not ideal for standing or walking all day. Oh, and before we forget, this edition comes in so many color choices. We couldnt count all of them. This means that if you love them, you could have them in as many color options as you can afford.


  • The tongue can feel hard
  • Seems to run half-size large for some people

If you are looking for an everyday shoe that you can slide in without socks, try out Adidas Stan Smith Shoes, this is a really simple yet stylish shoe with impeccable stitching. You could abuse the crap out of it and it would still take you places. Its probably the one shoe that is massively recommended by virtually everyone. Want proof? Check out its reviews-youll be satisfied with what you see.

Outfit Ideas With Shoes Without Socks


A woman wears a black, baggy crew-neck top, and faded dark blue jeans that are rolled up at the ankles to highlight her floral, black leather flats. These shoes pair very well with the tones of her brown suede purse.

To complete the look, shes wearing her hair in a high bun, with a few face-framing pieces, which goes perfectly with her dark designer glasses.

This outfit is the go-to for any time when the weather is a bit chilly, since the shoes cover your toes and keep them warm. And of course, the ground must be dry since we all know what happens to leather in the rain or snow.

Its important to note that the type of flats shes wearing gives the illusion of formal footwear, but theyre truly a casual style. Theyre really just slip-on shoes that make it easy to run as many errands as you need to without compromising on either comfort or style.

A model poses in her chic outfit wearing a black and white striped crop blouse, along with a stylish lemon yellow mid-slit skirt. The skirt has interesting seashells used in place of buttons, which accentuate the color and style of her kitten-heeled flip flops.

Her red lipstick matches with her red, hanging earrings perfectly to complete the ensemble. The look of pure bliss on her face as she happily poses for the camera makes the outfit look even better.

These light, strappy shoes are perfect for wearing in the warmer months. She accessorizes her outfit by matching her small black handbag to her square-shaped black sunglasses.

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Top 10 Shoes You Can Wear Without Socks

While socks provide a layer of sweat protection, there are times when you just want to put your shoes on and go. However, this sometimes results in a stench that can make someone stop in their tracks. Sweat reacts with bacteria on your feet to build the ideal storm within your shoe. As a result, the best shoes you can wear without socks are those that will make your feet sweat the least, whether due to breathable fabric or a strategic design.

Its all about the stuff around here. Look for breathable mesh or natural canvas, as well as a leather loafer, which allows cool air to pass through. You can also search for alternatives that can be thrown in the washing machine . Strong synthetic materials should be avoided because they trap moisture and dont allow your soles to breathe. In addition to the airy lining, some shoes will have side panels and woven patterns that will provide extra ventilation.

26 Oxfords Without Socks

Perforated oxfords are no more limited to misters only, but misses can make them look equally classy just like these Sanuk Bianca Perf shoes. To go sockless, one should go for lighter shades of oxford shoes such as various wavelengths of grey, green, beige, or blue. You can wear these ever-charming oxfords with shorts or skirts. Athletic socks with oxfords give the right illusion of being sockless.

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Why People Dont Wear Socks When They Should

When you think about essential items for a winter wardrobe, cozy socks are probably near the top of the list. Nobody likes cold feet, and there are plenty of thermal socks to keep you warm.

It might seem counter-intuitive to wear socks to stay cool, but youll be much more comfortable with the right socks than without. Not all socks are created equally. The thermal socks that you wear on the ski slopes or a hunting trip are not the same as athletic socks, which are designed to wick away moisture and support your foot.

One misconception about socks is that they look awkward. You wouldnt want to wear boot socks with your canvas tennis shoes, but you can invest in the right socks for the shoes that you have. Athletic socks look better with sneakers, and there are fun prints for when youre feeling quirky. If you really hate the look of socks, you can find low-cut sport or ankle socks, which will hardly be visible outside your shoe.

Sometimes people go sockless because they forgot to bring socks with them when they left home in the morning. Theyre easy to forget when youre in a hurry. If its too much of a hassle to go home and get a pair, you might do without.

Downsides Of Wearing Hiking Shoes Without Socks

Socks Or No Socks? | Wearing Shoes Without Socks Fashion Trend

As we discussed in previous sections of this article, you could face various issues by not wearing socks. Your feet will sweat, and if the sweat has nowhere to vaporize, it will cause some serious odor to build. At first, you would barely notice the odor in your hiking shoes, but by the time you notice it, it would have gotten pretty bad.

Another downside of not wearing socks is getting painful blisters and annoying hotspots. You would feel better once the shoes are off, but it will hurt to walk for days after. If your shoes have a lot of seams on the inside, please wear some socks it is worth avoiding blisters.

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Of The Best Shoes To Wear Without Socks That Won’t Sweat Or Smell

Its a great feeling when the weather starts to warm up and you can put away your winter boots and whip out those cute woven shoes and funky flatforms for a few months. A lot of us love the feeling of our feet going al fresco but having a good summer sneaker is still a must, whether you prefer the comfort of a flat shoe or just need something to walk to work in before you slip on your wedges or high heels.

But wearing socks with sneakers in the summer isnt our favorite. Between the sweltering heat and switching your shoes at the office, theres nothing worse than steamy socks. Thats why, if youre looking to forgo socks with your footwear, the key is to look for sneakers that are made with breathable materials like canvas or leather. It helps to have an antimicrobial lining to prevent bacteria or odor buildup. Machine-washable shoes are also great because you can toss them in the laundry.

Below, weve rounded up 10 of the best sneakers you can wear without socks that wont leave your feet sweaty or smelly. And if you want more of our editor-sourced products and reviews,

Take a look below:

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page.

Fashion Tips To Avoid: Shoes Without Socks

There are some things to keep in mind when styling your favorite shoes without socks. With this advice, learning how to wear shoes without socks should be a piece of cake.

  • Experiment with different styles of shoes before deciding on the type that will compliment your outfit and style. Even though a trendy outfit might work for your favorite fashion influencer, it might not be best for you. Keep in mind that it might not be the look youre going for, or will even feel comfortable in.
  • As much as the look of a shoe matters, its important to pay attention to the material as well. The fabric used will help determine how comfortable the shoes will be when wearing them without socks.
  • When wearing shoes without socks, if youre afraid of sweating, smelling, or blistering choose options, such as slip ons, that will allow you to wear liners .
  • You can flaunt your most comfortable sock-free shoes while walking outside in the summer heat. Even though certain outfits may look best with strappy sandals , keep in mind that your feet wont look their best in those shoes if youre uncomfortable walking in them. So your comfort is always most important!
  • Your shoes can make a big statement without standing out. The key thing to remember when styling shoes without socks is this: think of them as complimenting your look rather than contrasting with it for the most part.

Make your shoes part of your outfit rather than a stand-alone piece. This will help create a trendy, yet sophisticated look.

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Hey Dude Has A Shoe For Everyone

No matter your age or gender, Hey Dude shoes has a style for you. There are mens Hey Dude shoes, womens Hey Dude shoes and kids Hey Dude shoes. They range from sandals, boat shoes and slip-ons to sneakers, platform shoes, boots and more. And if thats not enough of a selection for you, each offering is available in a variety of colors. With so many choices, it is possible that you may need a dedicated shoe rack just to store your Hey Dude shoes.

When To Wear Shoes Without Socks

How to Wear Shoes without Socks

You can go sans socks just about anywhere. Whether youre off to a dinner, a cocktail party, or getting a coffee, its more acceptable than ever to leave your socks at home. The style can easily work for many dress codes including smart casual, and semi-formal. Of course, there are some occasions when socks are still a mandatory item. Business casual and formal attire should always be worn with socks whether its to the office, a conference, a meeting, or lunch. The look of going without socks is too casual for these occasions and may appear disrespectful.

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The Best Mens And Womens Shoes To Wear Without Socks

The sockless look is surprisingly versatile. Wearing dress shoes without socks is a fashion choice most often seen in the summer. And yet, there are plenty of formal shoestyles that work throughout the rest of the year, too. As long as youve got the rightblack shoes, you can go sockless for both casual events and fancier occasions.

Got a trip to the beach, a business event, a night out on the town, or a formal dinner coming up? These are all perfectly acceptable opportunities to leave your white socks behind. If youre feeling inspired to show some ankle and maybe expose your toes, check out the following no-socks-approved shoe styles.

Why Are Minimalist Shoes Bad

“Barefoot running has been touted as improving strength and balance, while promoting a more natural running style,” the podiatrists’ statement continues. “However, risks of barefoot running include a lack of protection, which may lead to injuries such as puncture wounds, and increased stress on the lower extremities.”

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How To Wear Trainers Without Socks

*Image Source

It’s difficult to go wrong when wearing trainers without socks, but there are a couple of pitfalls to avoid. First up, if you’ve got new trainers you want to be showing them off so make sure your jeans aren’t too long. Likewise, focus the eye towards the trainers by opting for a slim of skinny fit cut rather than a wider leg.

Which Hey Dude Shoes Are Best

How To Wear Shoes Without Socks (REQUESTED)

The landscape between sneakers and formal shoes is vast. It can be hard to find a casual shoe that not only looks stylish but is lightweight and comfortable. Hey Dude shoes run the gamut from sandals to boots, offering a wide selection of shoes that are suitable for a variety of occasions.

The best Hey Dude shoes will fit comfortably yet be versatile enough for everyday wear. Hey Dude Mens Wally Sox Shoes, for example, are multifunctional shoes that offer support without compromising the wearers range of motion, making them an ideal selection for many.

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Merrell Womens Trail Glove 5 Sneaker

These come in several vibrant colors and are beautifully designed on the outside, and crafted to give you better stability when running, and additional relief to any painful or strained joints that you have.

You can be carefree when enjoying your favorite activities, indoor or outdoor because these have several features that reduce the odor due to perspiration. They are super comfortable, with a wider toe area for additional space, and are neither too soft nor too hard.

Nike Air Max 270 Premium

Inspired by the Air Max 180 and 93, equipped with wonderful features all aiming to make them comfy, snuggly, and a wonderful companion for light activity.

Design is to die for so treat yourself to this goodness and watch your mood soar as you go about your daily business, or better yet, get them for a loved one and watch their face light up as they open the box and take the first step.

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