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What Shoes Do Police Wear

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Our Popular Police Boots & Duty Boots

Fashion Police: How To Wear Leggings

Mens and Womens 5.11 Tactical Black 8 ATAC 2.0 Side Zip Boot– This boot was specifically designed for routine patrol shifts. It has lightweight construction, polished leather toe, oil and slip resistant outsole, moisture-wicking, YKK side zippers and even has a hidden pocket for storing a small knife or handcuff key. 5.11 boots are engineered for speed with feedback from the special operations community. These boots exceed boundaries in all types of footwear on the market, including high-end running shoes.

Galls 8 High Gloss Duty Boot– This high gloss duty boot, provides our police officers a boot that is packed with premium features at some of the lowest prices. It features Texon stability platform, Hi Gloss PVC and 900D nylon upper, classic molded midsole and outsole, Nylon shank and PU foam collar with gusseted tongue. This uni-sex boot comes in a variety of sizes and widths.

Mens and Womens Bates 8 Tactical Sport Zipper Boot– Enjoy the EVA shock-absorbing polyurethane heel and the forepart pads insert in this lightweight duty boot. Designed for urban and rural terrains, this sport boot features breathable PK mesh lining, leather and 1680 ballistic nylon upper, YKK side zipper, Ultra-Lites rubber outsole and a cushioned removable insert.

Top Rated Service Boots

That said, its of the utmost importance to make sure that you as an officer of the law wear the right type of gear for the job. Sure, a bullet proof vest might save you in the event of a gunfire exchange, but your police boots will save your legs and feet from hours and hours of pain. Comfort is just the start if it Im sure the cops over at cities and towns will tell you how important it is to wear something light and flexible. That will definitely come in handy if youre running patrols or day or engaging suspects in foot pursuits. Enough chit chat, duty must be calling your name hard, so well get straight to the point. If youre looking to give your walkers some backup, heres a list of the best tactical boots for police duty work.

Forever Link Womens Round Toe Military Boots

Who said policewomen cant have stylish boots! These Forever Link womens military boots are a great choice for female law enforcers. You cannot go wrong with these remarkable pair of combat boots.

These female police boots are easy to put on and take off thanks to the slip-on design with an inner zipper and adjustable laces. In addition, the boots are made using high-quality leather material and fabric, which makes them highly durable.

Apart from being a functional pair of police boots for females, this footwear can also be used to complete your everyday casual look. The boots are trendy and have become a modern wardrobe must-have! They are perfect for both winter and summer. They are high rated winter police boots as well as summer police boots in this list.

What people love most about this pair is that it is constructed using vegan faux leather. This means that they are eco-friendly and you can purchase them guilt-free.

On the other hand, these boots tend to wear and tear quickly. They are somewhat low-quality boots.

  • They are a fashionable pair of tactical boots
  • The boots can be worn with your everyday outfits
  • They are eco-friendly they have been made using vegan faux leather
  • These boots easily wear and tear

Looking for an eco-friendly pair of tactical boots? Look no further than this gorgeous and stylish pair.

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How To Choose Police Footwear

Law enforcement officers never know what their shift will bring, but they do know they need footwear that handles just about anything. The boots you lace up affect your speed, agility, accuracy and ultimate performance. Finding the right pair for your shift or special detail can make all the difference we’ll cover types, features, regulation and fit to ensure your duty footwear won’t hold you back.

Oakley Light Assault 2

What type of shoes do police officers wear?

Uncomfortable Heel Area

Not for Extreme Conditions

The Light Assault 2 from Oakley is a design created to ensure free movement, while still maintaining a high level of protection. In this eight-inch tactical boot, your ankles will be supported and less likely to get injured, while you will be able to run, roll and leap to your hearts desire, not being held back by your footwear. The Light Assault comes in several color options, and if youre required to wear black shoes with your uniform, you can definitely go for these.

This option has an upper made from Cordura, which is a synthetic material that promotes airflow through the design, creating a cool and dry climate around your foot. There are an EVA midsole and outsole which deliver cushioning and shock absorption so that your feet and joints dont suffer no matter what stress theyre under. The laces on the Light Assault are nylon and made to last, and you can be sure that this design is sturdy enough to take on any adventure. The Oakley Light Assault 2 doesnt skimp on safety, but it also doesnt skimp on mobility. It is a great combination of the two, and a great way for you to feel comfortable and supported, regardless of what youre required to do in the line of duty.

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What Duty Boots/shoes Do You Wear

What are you guys wearing day today? I have a pair of belleville’s and 5.11. Mostly I stick to the bellevilles though because that’s what I’ve been wearing since way back when I joined the military.

I’m not an LEO, but this guy has it right.

I work Security, and we have no mobile patrols so I’m always on my feet. These are the most comfortable boots that have ever graced my feet. So comfortable in fact, that I usually wear them outside of work as well.

Why Do Police Wear Tactical Boots

When it comes to the police profession, we think of jobs that require the executors to go through many hardships and dangers, such as criminal arrest, crowd control, traffic control, patrol, etc.

Looking through the above activities of police, it is sure that a pair of boots that can serve them must meet many high requirements in terms of safety, comfort and flexibility.

Tactical boots can satisfy all the demands because they are extremely multipurpose boots. The tactical boots provide great safety, comfort, and flexibility for the wearer.

To go into details, continue reading the rest of the article below!

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Smith & Wesson Breach 20

Coating Peels Off Upper

Smith & Wesson are typically associated with weaponry. However, they have diversified into the tactical footwear division as well. Interestingly, the Breach 2.0 is highly acclaimed. They are made from a nice blend of leather and nylon, which lends itself to a superb construction. These will carry you all day in comfort while supporting your legs and feet in the way that you need. The strong midsole moves with your feet and reinforces the strength of this option.

The Breach 2.0 will provide you with stability underfoot which is vitally important in this line of work. Falling while on the job can injure you or put you in an even worse situation. If you depend on a strong sole that resists slips, this is the design for you. The tongue on the Breach is of gusset style. Therefore, it is in an underlay position to keep dirt and debris out of your shoe. Not only does that protect the foot, but it also helps with comfort. Smith & Wesson has set a goal to bring you a tactical design that is affordable and dependable. The Breach 2.0 is another model that you can depend on. Its value outweighs the cost. You will know every time you put these on that your foot is properly cared for.

Best Shoes For Security Officers Which Work Boots Do You Wear

How I Put My Police Uniform On Everyday!

Are you a security guard or officer who is in search of a suitable pair of shoes?

If your answer to this has been in the affirmative, I am glad to let you know that you are in the right place.

That is because I dedicate this entire guide for helping officers from law enforcement, fire department, police and other important fields.

Recently I came across an interesting research paper from National Institute of Health.

It was about Safety Shoe Program from Division of Occupational Health and Safety.

It mentions that all NHS employees must wear steel toed safety shoes to prevent potential foot injuries when working in hazardous environments.

This guideline alone emphasizes the importance and significance of wearing reliable pair of shoes for all types of security guards and officers.

But there is a subtle difference between shoes for security guards and security officers.

I acknowledge that few people if any even understand the differences between the security officer and the security guard.

This further complicates the task of finding the most suitable pair.

This is the reason I have written this guide to clearly communicate the difference between two types of footwear.

I request you to first read the buying guide and then check out the actual footwear reviews.

It will immensely help you to pick the most comfortable and durable pair of security shoes.

If you are in a hurry, then check out my no. 1 recommendation for best security officer shoes.

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Choosing Police Work Boots

With so many options of police footwear on the market, it can be difficult to select which boots are appropriate and allowed for each line of police work. Although state and department policies may differ, there are a few characteristics to look for when matching public safety or police officer boots with uniform class.

They Keep Room Clean/sterile

Sometimes it less about you, and more about the room. For people working with machinery or animals in a sensitive setting, shoes covers help you protect the room from the bacteria and dust on your boots. In cases such as these, shoes covers can mean the difference between success and failure.

Often times, companies or workers will default to extra footwear or footwear cleaning. However, the excess cost, time, and knowledge required makes these options less palatable. Shoe covers allow you to mitigate concern with visitors, and new or temporary workers, by making the requirements for cleaning less onerous while maintaining cleanliness/sterility.

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Bates Mens Enforcer 5 Inch Nylon Leather Uniform Boot

Even as a cop, not all days are all out, riot and shield type of days. It may come as a surprise, but police and military personnel also have their low activity days. Thats when you can catch a break and maybe a box or two of your favorite donuts. But as always, you still have to remain on your feet because crime will strike before you make it through your box of treats. If you love to play hard but work even harder, then the Bates Enforcer is your new best friend.

Ultra Light and Flexible

It may come as a shocker, but my secret to gauging how light or flexible a shoe is does not lie with the materials. I think that the construction of your boot plays the ultimate role towards weight and flexibility. The Bates Enforcer Uniform Boot is made with some of the most flexible cement construction techniques to guarantee all round maneuverability.

Customizable Features

Just like you always pick out a particular type of glazed donuts every day, Bates understands the need for personalized care. The Enforcer police boots incorporate an incredibly comfortable EVA footbed that can be removed and replaced with your own custom orthotics.

/ Under Armour Mens Stellar Tactical Boot

Best Black Shoes for Police Officers

Under Armor brand is not inferior to Bates or Skechers when launching the Stellar Tactical Boot boots many people love these boots. They are definitely indispensable items for police.

The first thing to say about these tactical boots is that they offer great foot safety, including good ankle support.

In addition, the reinforced TPU shank on the midsoles can keep the police feet safe in the boots.

Molded EVA midsole is one of the defining features of the Stellar Tactical Boot, as they can provide good foot support, absorb shock, and cuddle the foot. This ensures long-term physical activities will not adversely affect police comfort.

The breathable design with nylon textile upper keeps the feet cool but still feels protected, thanks to the tactical boot materials made by DWR treated Leather.

The Stellar Tactical Boot also has features that not all tactical boots have, namely Anti-odor technology and a quick-dry minimalist design. The police feet will be completely dry but still cool and comfortable.

Another notable feature is the lightweight characteristic of these tactical boots. And the versatility they offer is also incredible.

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Reasons You Should Wear Shoe Covers

Home / Blog / Shoe Covers / 7 reasons you should wear shoe covers

We all know the reason many people have for not wearing shoes covers: they look silly. But for those who choose, or are required, to wear them, shoe covers are not about aesthetics, theyre about making sure workers can do their job responsibly and professionally.

Choosing to wear shoe covers is about taking into account all the small details. For some, these small details can mean the difference between success and failure, for others it can simply mean standing out from the crowd by making sure customers have no complaints. Shoe covers are one of the tools the detail-oriented use to make sure the job is done right, helping workers keep their mind on the job, not the footprints theyre leaving.

The benefits of wearing shoe covers are many. Weve collected a few below to help you understand how shoe covers can make your life easier, and your quality high.

Original Swat 129101 Mens Metro 9 Inch Waterproof Tactical Boot

This Original SWAT Metro 9 Inch Waterproof Tactical Boot is extensively used by law enforcers and by established private security firms.

You have it for your consideration if you are a professional security officer or a guard.

It has also been tried and found appropriate for all types of security personnel.

This tactical boot also features a durable non-metallic rustproof construction.

Its waterproof full grain leather upper and nylon construction is highly durable in nature.

It comes with a reliable side zipper for comfortable fitting.

Its sole does not slip, while its interior contains heel air cushioning.

All these features are helpful in delivering an unparalleled comfort and support at all times of use.

Whats more? You may also polish this pair to give it some great looks and overall appearance.


a. Warm and comfortable due to it leather upper and nylon construction

b. Waterproof allows your feet to remain warm and dry during wet and cold weather

c. The YKK side zipper allows for faster usage and comfortable fitting

d. Accredited by ASTM F2413-11 CSA & F2913-11 industry certifications

e. Shields you from electrical hazards and bloodborne pathogen or bacteria


a. Quite bulky and difficult to engage

b. Cumbersome to clean and maintain

Check out the below short review video where you will get to see this amazing boot in action.

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They Protect The Flooring

Whether youre a cleaner whos just shampooed the carpets, or a real estate agent whos leading groups of people through your listing, the flooring of your workplace can be incredibly important, especially when the condition of the flooring is part, or all, of what you sell.

Shoes covers can help to protect the flooring, keeping hard soles from scuffing on tiles, or prematurely wearing through carpeting.

Magnum Mens Stealth Force 60 Sz Composite Toe Boot

What to wear on a ride a long | Female police officer | STEFANIE ROSE

If you are always putting your life at risk to save others, then you need comfortable boots to protect your feet. That incredible pair of tactical boots is none other than the Mens Stealth Force 6.0 by Magnum.

The rugged and tough boots come with a rubber outsole, an extremely comfortable EVA midsole, as well as a leather upper to ensure that your feet have ample support, comfort, and protection. The EVA midsole also conveys added underfoot smoothness, therefore ensuring that your feet do not feel the ground impact.

Other incredible features of these high gloss police boots include the YKK rounded zippers that allow for easy wear and removal of the boots and the composite shanks that offer support to your arches whilst preventing foot fatigue and strain. Also included on these boots are nylon mesh panels that promote ventilation as well as breathability.

The main thing that I particularly dislike about these boots is their narrow fit. Other than that they are a great pair.

  • These are durable as well as highly breathable tactical boots
  • Their high-traction rubber outsole is capable of handling all kinds of terrain
  • These shoes are water-resistant
  • The boots have a stiff and narrow fit

These Magnum boots will take proper care of your feet, thus leaving you with the peace of mind needed to effectively go about your daily duties.

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Police Dogs To Wear Shoes

Paw enforcement

German police had a problem: their dogs were running the risk of being injured on broken glass at riots and crime scenes. So they came up with the paw-fect solution.

Police dogs will now be given protective shoes after successful trials demonstrated that they were much less likely to suffer cut paws when wearing the footwear.

The velcro-fastening boots contain a thin coating of stab proof material and will ensure that they remain protected during any clashes with hooligans and in riot situations. A bad cut to the paw can put a police dog out of action for up to six months, so the move is hoped to keep the canine section of the force at full strength.

The only problem has been getting the dogs to become used to wearing them. “When they first try them on they just pull them off with their teeth. They need about two weeks to adapt” said head dog handler Thomas Schulte.

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