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Where Can I Buy Indoor Soccer Shoes

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Under Armour Womens Magnetico Select Jr Turf Soccer Shoe

How to buy the best soccer shoes for YOU | Buying football boots soccer cleats indoor soccer shoes

Under Armour have really delivered the goods with their Magnetico Select Jr. Turf Soccer Shoes a totally striking looking shoe, perfect for indoor football.

Their UA FormTrue technology provides great stability, meaning you can go hard without worrying that your shoes arent going to be able to take it the internal auxetic material molds to your foot too, giving you a precise fit plus the synthetic material hugs your ankle and midfoot, providing an extra level of support to your ankles and keeping weight off your knees.

Ultimately, they are hugely agile, with plenty of support exactly what you need.

But theyre not just high performing theyre also very comfortable. The anti-microbial Ortholite sockliner offers plenty of cushioning and breathability, and combined with the snug fit you end up feeling totally at ease and in control on the pitch.

Aesthetically, they are a mixed bag: there are the straightforward black shoes, which are fairly innocuous, and then the peal punch/Moroccan blue shoes, which are incredibly striking and will definitely invite a few comments.


  • Not much choice in terms of style

Bottom Line

A great womens soccer shoe that will help her improve her game and feel more comfortable while she does it.

What Is The Difference Between Indoor Soccer Shoes And Outdoor Cleats

Outdoor soccer cleats need to have long cleats to grip various surfaces, including firm grass, muddy grass, sandy grass and turf. Indoor soccer shoes need to grip on short turf or a hard floor when playing futsal. Therefore, most indoor shoes will have treads to help with traction instead of cleats like outdoor soccer shoes.

When To Wear What

Futsal often is played on a flat, indoor surface thats similar to a basketball court. Its no surprise then that the best indoor soccer shoes bear a close resemblance to basketball sneakers. Their low-profile rubber soles provide the traction you need to navigate those surfaces.

Soccer boots made for artificial surfaces tend to have a pattern of rubber studs on the outsole that provides the best traction on turf.

Can you wear indoor soccer shoes on turf? Sure, but keep in mind that most indoor soccer shoes are made for dry, hardwood surfaces. They wont provide the best level of traction on artificial surfaces such as turf but are certainly suitable for concrete courts.

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Comfort Fit And Support

Another important factor to consider when picking indoor soccer shoes is to make sure you are picking a pair that are going to be comfortable. You will usually find you’ll be running around a football court for anywhere from 60-90 minutes at a time.

You’ll want to make sure that you have a snug fit with your shoes, but not so tight that it begins to irritate you in any way. It’s crucial therefore to make sure you know how your shoes should fit you.

You can refer to this men’s shoe size chart or women’s shoe size chart to get a good understanding of what size you should be looking for. Start off with your foot size, and also remember to consider the shape of your foot as well.

Some shoe manufacturers tend to run to a certain width, so if you have a feeling your foot shape is a little irregular. Make sure to fully test out your indoor soccer shoes while going through the purchasing process.

You want to make sure they fit nicely to the side of the shoe, so you don’t have much room to wiggle around. Make sure the shoe has a good sidewall and arch support.

As you will find that your feet are going to be moving side-to-side it can take a serious toll on your ankles without the right support. Lateral support will go a long way in preventing any damage happening to you in this way.

Understanding The Anatomy Of A Soccer Shoe

Indoor Soccer Shoes Men High Ankle Football Boots Price ...

With any indoor soccer shoes, there are a wide variety of different aspects that make up the design. Picking the right type of material, weight and traction type can make a big difference in performance.

An important thing to remember as well is to get the right size of shoe, you can follow some simple shoe fitting tips to make sure you select the right size. Let’s jump into the different parts that make up your shoes.

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Indoor Soccer Shoes & Cleats

When playing indoor soccer, it’s important to have the right pair of indoor soccer shoes to provide the support you need to play your best as the surface is different. Shop a wide variety of indoor soccer cleats all designed to help you play your best on hardwood and laminate surfaces. With no-hassle returns and some of the lowest prices online, soccerloco can help you find the perfect pair of indoor shoes without breaking the bank. We stock a wide variety of the best indoor soccer shoes with top brands like Nike, adidas and Puma designed specifically for potentially slippery indoor soccer surfaces. If you are in need of kids indoor soccer shoes or indoor soccer shoes for men or women soccerloco has got you covered.

Shop soccerloco today and own the court with our high performance indoor football cleats!

Which Indoor Soccer Shoes Are Best

Indoor and outdoor soccer are fairly different games, and they require different shoes to fit the surface. So whether youve never played any kind of soccer before or are only familiar with outdoor soccer, youll want to ensure you have the proper footwear for indoor soccer.

Finding the best pair of indoor soccer shoes comes down to personal preference. However, the Adidas Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe is a classic model recommended for all men, women and children.

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Runrepeat Is Here To Help You

Other than our straightforward reviews, you can also make use of our filters to narrow down your options and pick the indoor shoe that ticks all the right boxes. Plus, weve partnered with 200+ shops to give you the best deals thatll make your wallet smile.

Still confused as to what you should be looking for? Heres our handy indoor soccer cleat buyers guide to point you in the right direction.

Soccer Cleats & Turf Soccer Shoes

BEST INDOOR SHOES 2021 – watch before you buy!

Turf beneath your cleats. Eyes set on the goal. You know as well as we do that soccer isn’t just a sport it’s a way of life – that’s why New Balance’s soccer collection is all about setting you up for success on the field, no matter what your goals might be.

Whether you’re gearing up for an indoor game or setting an all-time high scoring record in an outdoor match, New Balance knows that meeting your full potential starts with determination, hard work, and a lot of sweat. We also know that having the right cleats and soccer shoes matters, too. Depending on your environment, playing style and skill level, we’re confident our choices of laced and laceless soccer boots will have you ready from the first whistle to the last play.

Our New Balance soccer collection is curated with the cleats and turf soccer shoes every soccer pro needs to make a difference on and off the field. From top-of-the-line outdoor cleat options that focus on the precision to beat your opponents, to lightweight, supportive men’s indoor soccer shoes, there’s something in New Balance’s collection for every player out there.

Curate your shopping experience even further by filtering for your preferred cleat model . Don’t just step out on the soccer field, make an entrance that’s backed by precision, performance, and excellence. Prepare yourself with the ultimate tools to come out with a W for your team with high-quality menâs field and turf soccer cleats.

Be the first to know about new arrivals

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S Of An Indoor Soccer Shoe

  • Uppers make up most of the top of the shoes and contribute significantly to comfortability and durability. Its also essential to pay attention to whether the outside material is textured or smooth, as that will change how you pass or dribble.
  • Soles are vital as they support your weight and help with traction. Indoor shoes with a thin yet shock-absorbing sole will be the most comfortable. Treading on the outsole or bottom of the shoe will help you not to slip.
  • The ankle or collar is often an afterthought since most people think theyre all the same. However, some openings are narrower than others, so its vital to ensure the collar isnt too tight on your ankle or rubbing in the wrong spot. There are also high-top or high-collar indoor soccer shoes that feature a stretchy top that surrounds the ankle.

Are Indoor And Outdoor Soccer Shoes The Same

Soccer cleats that are not studs on their sole are the main difference between indoor and outdoor soccer cleats. There are cleats available for outdoor use. Because indoor soccer or futsal is usually played on hardwood surfaces, studs are not required for indoor soccer cleats. Soccer is played on grass fields outside.

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Can You Use Indoor Soccer Shoes As Running Shoes

The short answer is no. While theres no rule that says you cant use your indoor soccer shoes for the occasional jog or build your cardiovascular stamina, theyre built differently than conventional jogging shoes and A) wont provide the same support as a running shoe when youre running long distances, and B) will have a shorter lifespan.

Understand Your Playing Style

Adidas F5

What position you play can influence your indoor soccer shoe buying decision. Having the right style of shoes for your position can enhance your performance and keep you comfortable throughout the game. So, what indoor soccer shoes you choose can depend on whether your preferred position is goalkeeper, or if youre more of an attacking or defensive player.

If youre an attacking player, its best to choose shoes of lighter weight and a clean strike zone. Shoes with less weight also enhance maneuverability.

Defenders are wise to choose shoes that offer plenty of protection, durability, lateral support, while keepers need shoes that offer plenty of lateral support and traction.

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Pick Your Shoes For The Type Of Courts You’ll Be Playing On

Depending on the type of court you’ll be playing on will depend on the type of indoor soccer shoes you want to purchase. If you are primarily going to be playing on inside courts, then an indoor court shoe will give you the best grip.

The added tread patterns will also allow for quicker turning and generally quicker response.

If you will be playing on astroturf style grounds you might be better off picking a type of shoe like an outdoor turf shoe. The added rubber grips don’t damage the turf but will give you more grip on the different type of surface.

Adidas Predator Tango 183 Indoor Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Predator line of soccer shoes has a lofty reputation and a lot is expected anytime they update the product. The Tango 18.3 improves upon previous versions, which is saying a lot, and offers the kind of comfort and superior fit for which the Predator line is known.

What makes it so good for indoor soccer? The answer lies in its many features, including a coated mesh upper that provides enhanced touch for passing, shooting, and ball-handling in general.

Wearers also appreciate how well it conforms to the foot, whether its the shoes upper or insole. The latter includes sock-like material that feels like a second skin, while the shoes design also mimics the shape of the heel for further fit and comfort.

The rubber outsole design offers the traction you need on flat, hard surfaces, and enhances the players ability to change direction quickly.


  • May run narrow

Bottom Line

The Adidas Predator 18.3 is the go-to choice for anyone looking for a budget-friendly indoor soccer shoe that sacrifices nothing regarding quality. It continues the fine tradition of the Predator line.

There is so much to love about Adidas Copa 20.4 Turf Soccer Cleats, but the clearest point here is to say these are absolutely beautiful for close-touch football and will take your ball control to the next level.

On top of this, they have many great features:

On top of all that, they are highly affordable so whats not to love?


  • There really arent any!

Bottom Line

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Indoor Soccer Shoes For Men

Futsal And Indoor Soccer Shoes

DON’T BUY Soccer Cleats Indoor Soccer Shoes or Football Boots before watching this video…

Whether its the adidas Copas in whatever color you like to tango in, the classic Nike SCCRX Soccer Shoes or the Puma Netfit beauties, weve got them all! offers all the best styles of adidas, Nike, Puma indoor soccer shoes and futsal shoes and weve got the finest Futsal Balls to go along with them.

A great pair of indoor shoes are like your best friend on the court and even off it. They fill you with confidence and help you master that surface. We have a whole array of shoes to fit every foot type and if you have more questions, feel free to holler at us here or on social media!

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Puma 365 Netfit Ct Soccer Shoe

The Puma 365 Netfit CT combines design with high-performance in a shoe that helps wearers play at a high level.

Indeed, the shoes design and look is eye-catching thanks to fluorescent colors that help you look your best while performing at a high level. We think theyre among the coolest indoor soccer shoes available.

While the shoes high-traction rubber soles are made for soccer, you can use the 365 Netfit CT for a variety of other activities that take place indoors on hard surfaces, including racquetball.

The Netfit element of the shoes name refers to Pumas Netfit lacing technology that enhances a shoes fit by combining a high-grade engineered net with form-fitting textile material. You can lace it to your liking easily while getting the total comfort and support you need for the indoor game.

What else? The Netfit CT features an EVA midsole that provides all the cushioning you need, as does the shoes ankle color. The nylon upper provides a snug fit thats not too restraining.


  • Some wearers question the shoes durability

Bottom Line

The Puma Netfit CT looks good while helping you to perform your best every time you take the court. Its unique Netfit technology provides a firm, supportive fit that doesnt restrict your movement.

Can You Use Indoor Cleats Outdoor

Soccer cleats can only be worn on artificial ground surfaces indoors. If you want to play indoor soccer safely, you should use soccer cleats that are built for hard ground. If you are unable to find soccer cleats that offer traction and grip on hard ground surfaces, you can buy indoor soccer cleats.

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How We Chose These Shoes For Our Review

What sets some indoor soccer shoes apart from the rest? Thats a great question and not easily answered, but we felt that certain factors were important than others not the least of which is comfort.

We also considered brand name because, lets be honest, some brands dominate the soccer shoe landscape more than others with good reason. Not that we didnt consider other brands, because we did, but the same brands kept popping up over and over as we dug into the research.

As always, we carefully considered the reviews of others, particularly those of customers whove truly put these shoes to the test. What was important to them was important to us but it usually came down to the attributes youd expect: how well a shoe felt, its durability, and how it affected their game.

Price is another factor, although you can get a quality pair of indoor soccer shoes without doling out a huge amount of cash. But we did try to provide a list that includes shoes in various price ranges.

Puma Invicto Sala Soccer Shoe

Nike Mercurial Superfly VIII Academy IC Indoor Football ...

No list of the best indoor soccer shoes is complete without an entry or two from Puma, the global athletic brand that knows a thing or two about producing quality athletic footwear.

Pumas Invicto Sala is representative of the companys commitment to ever-evolving technology and functionality, and its design is intended to lift the level an indoor players performance to a new level. It offers everything a player needs in indoor soccer shoes, including:

  • A combination of hybrid materials, including mesh, suede, and leather, in its upper design that delivers balanced comfort while providing the feel and touch an indoor player needs when playing on hardwood or gym floors.
  • A protective toe box area consisting of layers of suede and leather. The suede protects the shoe from abrasion while the leather absorbs the impact of forceful shots and passes.
  • A removable EVA insole installed in the footbed offers internal comfort and shock absorption.
  • A sturdy, non-marking rubber outsole thats lightweight and flexible enough that allows for excellent freedom of movement. The traction is ideal for hard indoor surfaces, but also outdoor surfaces.
  • The shoes overall design helps players perform with maximum speed and agility.
  • A cushioned sock liner provides further comfort and support.
  • A traditional lacing system helps wearers get a more personalized fit.

There are many other reasons to like the Invicto Sala, including its color schemes and its solid arch support.


Bottom Line

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