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Where To Buy Name Brand Shoes Wholesale

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Quanzhou Luojiang District Baitao Trading Co Ltd

Wholesale Brand Name Shoes In New York By

Quangzhou Luojiang is a famous shoe wholesale manufacturing company in China that is well-known for its production styles, designs, sales, and services.

It was established in 2002 and for over 20 years, excelling in their field. Using its large production line, the company produces a wide range of footwear like sports shoes and casual shoes.

Usa Shoe Company Summaries

Nike, Inc. was founded in 1964 and is the largest footwear company in the world, with Converse Inc. being a subsidiary. Nike manufactures a variety of footwear , apparel, and sports equipment.

VF Corporation has been around since 1899, and is the parent company of a number of bestselling apparel and footwear companies, such as The North Face, Timberland, JanSport, Eastpack, Vans, and Seven For All Mankind.

Coach, Inc. has been manufacturing luxury accessories such as shoes and handbags since 1941. Coach owns shoemaker Stuart Weitzman, and fashion house Kate Spade under parent name, Tapestry Inc.

Under Armour, Inc. began in the founder, Kevin Plank’s grandmother’s basement in Washington D.C. in 1996 and is now a billion-dollar company, manufacturing athletic shoes, clothes, bags, gloves, and protective wear, as well as American football, basketball, and soccer uniforms.

Skechers USA, Inc. manufactures street-style fashion shoes, including sneakers, boots, Oxfords, sandals, and smart-casual shoes, which are sold in over 160 countries worldwide.

New Balance Athletics, Inc. produces specialized sports shoes such as tennis shoes, basketball shoes, golf shoes, hiking boots, and running shoes, as well as sports and fitness wear and accessories.

Genesco a specialty retailer of branded shoes and accessories, with several shoe manufacturers and brands as subsidiaries, such as Johnston & Murphy, Dockers Footwear, Journeys, Schuh, Trask, and Little Burgundy.

Best Suppliers Of Wholesale Designer Shoes

Kristina GjorgievskaMay 25, 2021

The famous Malaysian fashion designer Jimmy Choo once said The right shoe can make everything different. And he isnt far from the truth. Shoes are considered a fashion accessory that surely can make or break an outfit.

Last year, the global footwear market was estimated to be worth more than $360 billion. Also, both the high penetration of the internet and the peoples passion for shoes have raised the consumer inclination toward online footwear shopping.

If you are interested in delving into the high-end designer shoes market and finding reliable suppliers of wholesale designer shoes, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a list of the best suppliers that you can buy designer shoes wholesale from.

Here are the best suppliers of wholesale designer shoes in the world:

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Top 7 Cheap Wholesale Shoe Websites

Learning how to wholesale and buy cheap shoes made for women, men, and kids. These include sports shoes, boots, sneakers, heeled shoes, and safety shoes.

Since ancient times, humans have been wearing shoes to protect our feet from the elements and terrain. Today, shoes are more than utilitarian objects. Shoes can be used to compliment an outfit, to keep us comfortable while working or getting our bodies in shape and to boost our self-confidence as we glide across the dance floor. Its no wonder that shoes can mean big sales in the retail and e-commerce world.

Finding wholesale shoe sources is very important if you are a retailer looking to find quality, but inexpensive products to fill your physical or virtual shelves. As a reseller, you want to optimize profits. To do this, you have to find desirable items that will appeal to your customer base. You also have to find these items at a cost that allows for maximum mark-up. Thankfully, fashionable and even designer shoes can be found at deeply discounted prices from wholesalers in China. Finding these great deals doesnt have to be difficult. Once you know where to go to find wholesale suppliers, you will be able to start choosing your inventory and be well on your way to a successful retail business..

Must Know About The Product Specifications

Wholesale Lot Of 10 Pairs Brand Name Women

After doing some research regarding your business and the market, the next essential step is to understand how your product should look like.

Do you need customized shoes? Do you want designs that are already popular in the market or something unique?

Try to answer as many questions like these as possible. This way you will be able to create images of shoe samples that you need. It has a significant role to play while buying shoes.

You should deliver accurate product specifications or requirements to your manufacturer before placing an order. Ask them whether they can produce the shoes according to those requirements. Discuss with them in detail beforehand.

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The Shoe Wholesale Markets In Fujian

In Fujian province, the most famous shoes making city is called Quanzhou. The city is well-known for introducing the latest tools and technology that can be used conveniently for the production of shoes.

For this reason, Quanzhou is also sometimes referred as the Shoe Capital of China. Major shoe brands like Ekre and X-step have established their headquarters in this city.

If you want to visit Quanzhou for buying good-quality shoes, Shishi Clothing Wholesale Market is the one you must visit.

As one of the most famous wholesale markets in Quanzhou, Shishi Clothing Wholesale Market offers a comprehensive system of the apparel industry.

There are all kinds of services related with clothing manufacturing, such as clothing production, fabrics & accessories production, shoe production, printing and dyeing, product development and so on.

This series of complete clothing development system will help you save a lot of time in finding other services like warehousing, shipping all around China.

Other famous shoe wholesale markets in Fujian are:

  • Quanzhou Tumen Shoes Industry Wholesale Market
  • Xingfu Shoes Industry Wholesale Market
  • Chennai China Shoes Industry Material Market

Top International Shoe Manufacturers And Companies

This table contains information on some of the top international shoe manufacturing companies, ranked by annual sales in US dollars. Additional details on each companys headquarters location and the number of employees are also included, as well as summaries of company activities below.

Information from,,,,,, and company websites.

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The Marketable Shoe Wholesale Industry Help In Providing Good

Before you place an order, make sure you choose those shoes which are marketable in your area. Numerous manufacturers in China manufacture shoes that have different colors, shapes, styles, and prices.

They manufacture them as per the demand in the market. They follow the latest trends and produce shoes that are unique and sustainable.

It is a good strategy to do some market research for the latest fashion. You should get an idea of what type of shoes are popular these days and are marketable.

Identifying Suppliers Made Easy

Cheap Name Brand Sneakers Wholesale – China Shoes Factory

The first and foremost purpose behind hiring a sourcing agent is to identify reliable suppliers in the competitive market. Those agents also have a wide connecting network with verified suppliers in China.

They usually had worked with those suppliers several times, you dont need to worry about being scammed because your sourcing agent will handle this.

A noble sourcing agent like EJET Sourcing will collect all your requirements and search for the most suitable shoe supplier. Because of this, the final products can meet your needs for importing wholesale shoes.

After this, the sourcing agent will negotiate for the price and will try to reduce the price as much as possible. They are generally hired and paid a fixed salary.

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Why Sell Shoes Online

There is one great reason to sell shoes online: Theres money in it. Dont believe me? Consider the case of Beth Marbach, who made $4 million when she switched from selling books to selling shoes.

Or how about Benjamin Kapelushnik, a 16-year-old who makes a killing selling sneakers. One woman even made a whole lot of money selling her old used shoes. There really is a market for everything if you know where to look and who wants to buy

Im not saying that everyone will make millions selling shoes online, but there is definitely a market here. The global footwear market is set to reach over 400 billion dollars by 2025 and consumers in the US alone are spending over $76 billion on shoes each year. Thats a big money-pie, so why not take a slice?

So Where Did These Lots Of Apparel Come From

In the United States, leading retailers and manufacturers offer us these brand-name clothing pallets in different kinds of liquidations.

  • Overstock
  • Surplus
  • Out of Seasons

Because of our contractual agreements we have access to these merchandise loads lots all the time, enabling us to resell to our worldwide clients below wholesale.

Feel free to call our sales department to inquire about buying wholesale designer clothing lots of womens and mens designer bulk clothing, our online sales agents will be in touch with you.

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Sijun Commerce Co Ltd

Sijun Commerce, a dominant shoe wholesale manufacturing company was established 5 years ago. It is located in Hangzhou.

It exports a major portion of shoe wholesale items to the UK, US, Japan, Spain, and Malaysia. Some names of long-term and trusted customers of Sijun are RYZ, Pallas, Jazz Star, Xebio, and Springfield.

International Shoe Company Summaries

Wholesale Lot Of 10 Pairs Brand Name Women

Adidas AG is the second-largest shoe manufacturer in the world after Nike, Inc., producing more than 900 million sports products, including shoes, apparel, and equipment, each year under Adidas and Reebok.

KeringSA owns some of the biggest designer names such as Gucci, Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, and sportswear giant, Puma the third-largest sports footwear brand in the world after Nike, and Adidas.

Asics, a Japanese athletic footwear and equipment manufacturer founded in 1949, makes 437 different styles of sports shoes for men, women, and children.

Burberry Group plc is a luxury clothing and fashion house founded in the UK in 1856. In addition to footwear, Burberry also manufactures fashion outerwear, cosmetics, fragrances, sunglasses, and other fashion accessories.

ABC-MART Inc is a Japanese footwear enterprise founded in 1985 with over 1,000 stores in Japan, manufacturing and retailing shoes, clothing, and general merchandise.

Fila Holdings Corp. was founded in Italy in 1911 and was acquired by Fila Korea in 2007. Fila designs and manufactures sportswear and athletic shoes, and gained popularity in the 70s after an endorsement with tennis player, Björn Borg.

C. & J. Clark International Ltd was founded in 1825 in Somerset, England, and its headquarters are still there. Famous for its leather desert ankle boot, and school shoes, Clarks has over 1,000 stores and franchises globally.

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Easy To Earn Money If Buying From The Affordable Shoe Wholesale Market

As you want to import the shoes in bulk, you must be searching for the low price shoes. Good thing is that China is popular for producing the great quality products at a reasonable price.

For most of the products, they source the raw products from their own country hence, lowering down the cost of transport and custom duties.

Manufacturers and shoe wholesale distributors in China bring to their customers shoes that are affordable. They make affordable packages for you to have more choices. You can easily purchase shoes in bulk at cheaper rates than the other countries.

What Is Shoe Liquidation

The term Shoe Liquidation, used in the retail/wholesale industry, is not to be confused with the company going out of business, it refers to the practice whereby retail companies liquidate their shoe surplus stock for different reasons.

Liquidators, such as Orotex, purchase surplus footwear for a portion of its MSRP and then resell the merchandise to different kinds of customers to be resold on their relevant markets, usually below retail value.


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Xiamen Idx Network Technology Co Ltd

Xiamen IDX Networking Technology uses the latest tools to manufacture fashionable apparel including shoes, bags, clothes, etc. It also sells custom-made shoes. The company came into being in 2015.

It is located in Fujian. They largely export shoe wholesale to Japan and the US. 100 employees are working under this company to bring amazing and trending shoes and apparel to consumers around the world.

Whats The Entry Fee To Infiltrate The Slickest Game In Town

Wholesale Pallet Of Designer Brand Name Shoes For Women By

A lot of entrepreneurs spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a legitimate operation up and running. So you probably assume youll at least need to throw a grand or so down to get this info in your corner…

In my own mind, this information is worth twice that

Because this business is something you can have up and running to make bucket-loads of cash almost instantlyfrom right where you are. A true blue lifestyle business!

But its not going to cost you thousands of dollars at all.

The regular price for the Wholesale Sneaker List is a mere $497

And whats more

If you put your money down now, you can have the complete package for $67 right now!

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Second Hand Clothes From Europe

Are you a clothing retailer? Do you want to explore new opportunities to expand your fashion business? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. F& P Stock Solution offers wholesale second hand clothes from Europe at cheap prices. We offer our customer high-quality second hand clothes from the best European fashion brands. In addition, we aim to give used clothes a second life, and this is an integral part of our mission as a fashion company that stresses the importance of sustainability. We sell European second hand clothes in bulk and per kilo. Furthermore, our wholesale used clothes come from internationally well-known brands. Our second hand fashion consists of the following offers:

  • Zara second hand clothes

Shoe Manufacturers And Companies Summary

Above we have outlined some of the top shoe manufacturing companies in the United States and internationally by annual sales. We hope this information has been helpful to you in your supplier search. To find more manufacturers of shoes, including men’s shoes, women’s shoes, children’s shoes, or athletic shoes, or to make your own custom shortlist of suppliers, feel free to visit Thomas Supplier Discovery, which has information on the different types of shoe manufacturing.

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Sichuan Avatar Shoes Co Ltd

Sichuan Avatar is a leading manufacturer and shoes wholesale distributor China, founded in 2017. They have big production lines, covering a very large area. They have set up multiple kinds of machinery.

The main products which they manufacture are sandals, mid-calf boots, knee-high boots, pumps, fur boots, etc. they export their shoes mainly to Northern Europe and Russia. Sichuan Avatar has a reputable name in the womens shoe industry.

Xiamen Itec Shoes Co Ltd

Wholesale Pallet Of Brand Name Women

Xiamen Itec is another best China shoes wholesale manufacturer in Jinjiang. Its foundation was laid in 2002. It offers footwear solutions to European brands in multiple ways.

It is a huge company comprising of 6 different production lines where more than 1,200 employees work hard to bring new varieties of shoes.

It produces footwear that can be used by all ages and genders. Xiamen Itec is a dedicated shoes wholesale distributor China.

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The Shoe Wholesale Markets In Zhejiang

Zhejiang city is part of the Wenzhou province. You can find more than 3000 shoe factories in this region. They do mass production to fulfill the domestic needs of footwear at a vast level.

Wenzhou is located in West China which is a less populated region. Womens footwear is the central focus of their production activities.

The most famous shoe wholesale market in the city is called Wenzhou Shoe City. The market was established in 1995, there are more than 100 warehouses and many well-known shoe manufacturers such as Changcheng, Ji Erda and Huite

Major wholesale shoe companies operating in Zhejiang are:

  • Xianjiang Shoe Wholesale Market
  • Wenzhou South Railway Station Trade City

What Are The Best Shoes To Sell Online

Most people think of womens footwear when they think of shoes to sell online, but thats only one option.

Beth Marbach started out selling 90% womens shoes and 10% mens shoes when “Sex and the City” was in full swing, and Carrie Bradshaw started a craze for womens shoes. But after that, Beth noticed the mens luxury market grew, and by the end she was selling 90% mens shoes and only 10% womens shoes.

Trends change, and its important to keep your finger on the pulse. Notice which shoes are selling well and stock up on those. Also, notice if the market is changing, and adjust what youre selling to fit. Its all about experimenting and finding whats most profitable for you as you go.

Heres a list of the main things to consider when deciding what shoes to sell:

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They Provide Added Services For Reducing Your Stress

Some good sourcing agencies also provide value-added services like packaging solutions, shoe customization, photography, and also storage service.

Hence, reducing the cost for extra services. For example, EJET Sourcing offers a one-month free warehouse service to store your products before shipping.

EJET Sourcing is an incredible and trustworthy sourcing agency that looks after every process. You can contact the agent and tell him the requirements.

He will come up with great solutions. You can efficiently import high-quality shoes at an affordable price.

Gin Foxi Shoe Wholesale

How To Buy Name Brand Wholesale Products With Little Money | Amazon FBA & eBay

Gin Foxi is a famous shoe wholesale manufacturer that is an expert in producing very high quality and luxury shoes. They are operating for over 10 years and building an empire in the global shoe industry.

Being one of the best China shoes wholesale manufacturers, Gin Foxi has built up long-term relationships with many consumers living overseas.

They offer ODM and OEM services. They contribute to a large market share in UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Middle East, and many other countries.

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