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Where To Buy Narrow Width Shoes

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Steve Madden American Fashion Designer

Where to Buy Shoes for Large Feet – Size 12 Shoe Haul & Unboxing | Blaize McKennah

If you read negative reviews about Steve Madden shoes online, you will often see complaints that the shoes fit too narrow. This may not be great for someone with wider feet, but it is a blessing for those with narrow feet.

This is one of the best shoe brands for narrow feet because you dont have to scourer the website for the few pairs of shoes that come in narrow sizing instead, you can choose from any of the shoes available.

Lace Your Shoes Accordingly

One way to help your shoes fit better if you have narrow feet is the method by which you lace your shoes. If your shoe features two sets of eyelets on each side, lace through the ones furthest from the tongue, which helps to bring both sides of the shoe together more tightly.

In general, shoes with an extra eyelet toward the tongue tend to provide a better fit for a narrow fit.

Sam Edelman Felicia Flats

Sam Edelman has just a few narrow width styles in its collection, these classic caramel-brown ballet flats being one of them. They have more than 2,000 reviews at Nordstrom and a 4.6-star rating. And while many reviews compare these to walking on clouds, quite a few also recommend going a half-size up, as they tend to run short.

Available in sizes 4 to 14 Narrow, medium and wide widths

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Narrow Shoes For Women

At last shoes that truly fit your feet. For a stylish collection of narrow shoes for women, shop Belk. Our collection includes pumps, sandals, wedges, ankle boots, espadrilles, clogs, mules and more, with options for the office, date night, weekend wear and parties. Browse our selection of womens narrow sandals, boots and shoes from designers you trust like Free People, Jack Rogers, Dansko, Birkenstock and David Tate. Discover classic shoes and on-trend styles that add a personal twist to your outfits. Wear Free People Royale flats with your favorite pair of womens skinny jeans and a button-down shirt for a chic look. Add a womens leather moto jacket for an edgy vibe.

Finding quality narrow width womens shoes can be a challenge. Say goodbye to choosing between unflattering shoes that fit and cute designs that slip off. Our collection even includes extended sizes like 11 and 12. Whether youre looking for comfort or style, David Tate Spring Wedge sandals are must-have shoes. These womens narrow sandals are made of kid suede, with a wave style footbed for ultimate comfort. The floral embellishment is attractive with everything from jeans to a maxi dress.

Stylish narrow shoes for women may be hard to find, but theyre easy to love. Ankle boots by David Tate will become your go-to booties for a wide range of outfits. Chic styling with extra comfort and gel insoles built right in makes these booties instant favorites.

Nike Womens Cortez Low Top Trainers $6994 $18285 At Amazon

Buy Birkenstock Womens Saitama Shoes Narrow Width in Navy ...

A classic favorite, the Nike Cortez has a foam midsole for comfort and a rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern for traction

Both the Flyknit and Cortez styles come in mens and womens sizes. Nike suggests trying on a womens size for men with narrow feet as the shoes are made smaller.

If they dont end up fitting, dont sweat it Nike has a great return policy, so you can exchange them for a better fitting pair or get a refund.

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Ted Baker London Wishiri Pointed Toe Pumps

Ted Baker London is another shoe brand that tends to run very narrow. In fact, those who only occasionally buy narrow-width shoes may want to consider going a half-size up when shopping this brand, just in case. The sides of this classic high heel run fairly high up the sides, cradling your foot and giving it more support than a strappy or dorsay heel would. The top of the toe box also comes up a bit further on the front of the foot, meaning your feet will be well secured with no risk of popping out.

Available in sizes 4.5 to 11.5 Regular widths

Stuart Weitzman The Manila Signature Loafer

Another top trend for 2021 is the chunky loafer, with Stuart Weitzmans Manila style being among one of the most coveted options. However, for those who prefer a more timeless style, the Wylie Signature Flat has an almost identical upper, but with a much smoother, more minimal sole and also comes in narrow widths. Unlike other flats, loafers come up higher along the top of your foot, offering more support without the feeling that you could walk out of your shoes at any minute.

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Rothys The Point Flats

These machine-washable flats skyrocketed in popularity in recent years thanks to former duchess Meghan Markle, but it isnt just the royal stamp of approval that keeps shoppers coming back to Rothys the soft, fabric uppers require almost no break-in time and reviews love how their narrow heels dont slip out of Rothys flats. Per one comment on a Reddit thread about Rothys and narrow sizing, Rothys shoes love narrow feet! Especially the flats, which are more narrow around the toes. Theyre comfortable but theres very little arch support. You can go up half a size and add inserts if youre wearing them for a long time though. The brand also offers free shipping and free returns, for those who want to try more than one size before they decide.

Best Shoes For Narrow Feet

Narrow 2A Width Women Shoes

Narrow Feet? Looking for those hard to find Narrow Orthopedic Shoes? We carry a large selection of Narrow Orthopedic Shoes for men and for women. Our narrow orthopedic shoes come in a variety of styles including narrow casual shoes, narrow athletic shoes and narrow dress shoes. All of our narrow shoes are orthopedic.

Many of the shoe brands we carry, such as PW Minor and Drew have a large selection of orthopedic shoes that come in many width’s including narrow width shoes.

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Shop For Podiatrist Recommended Narrow Orthopedic Shoes:

For more options of stylish footwear, be sure to look at our grand selection of orthopedic shoes for women as well as our huge assortment of men’s orthopedic shoes.

There are no products listed under this category.

Narrow Feet? Looking for those hard to find Narrow Orthopedic Shoes? We carry a large selection of Narrow Orthopedic Shoes for men and for women. Our narrow orthopedic shoes come in a variety of styles including narrow casual shoes, narrow athletic shoes and narrow dress shoes. All of our narrow shoes are orthopedic.

Many of the shoe brands we carry, such as PW Minor and Drew have a large selection of orthopedic shoes that come in many width’s including narrow width shoes.

Birkenstock Arizona Shearling In Suede Leather

These shearling-lined sandals have been flooding our Instagram for months and its pretty easy to guess why. They are the ultimate combination of cozy, wear-around-the-house slippers and supportive, podiatrist-approved sandals making them a superb choice for waiting out winter quarantine in style and comfort.

Available in sizes 4 to 15 Narrow, medium and wide widths

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Features Of A Good Shoe For Narrow Feet

  • Narrow Fit Options Shoe brand comes in different width options including Narrow.
  • Arch Support Good arch support which is ideal for narrow feet.
  • Additional Cushioning Added cushioning provides comfort and gives a more snug fit.
  • Narrow Design A narrow Fitting or slim design and a heel clutch or fitted heel construiction.

The Right Shoes For Narrow Feet

Buy Birkenstock Womens Saitama Shoes Narrow Width in Navy ...

The only way to tell if any shoe is the right fit for your feet is, of course, to fit it on and walk with it. If your feet are sliding around and slipping in and out of the shoe, they are too wide and may also be too big.

You will need to look at shoe models that either have a designed narrow fit in general or look at brands that offer a narrow fit design.

Other than this, there are a few things you can do to make your shoes more comfortable if you have narrow feet

  • Use Insoles or Inserts Insoles or inserts can lift the foot and take up some space inside the shoes to make them fit a bit more snugly.
  • Reinforce Your Shoe Laces Use Your shoelaces to make your shoe fit more snugly you can do this by lacing them between the second and third eyelet on your shoe and crossing both the laces horizontally to the other side on the third eyelet. Likewise, you can also up to the one extra eyelet high up towards the tongue for a better fit.
  • Additional Arch Support Extra arch support inserts stacked on each other can help give better support and give you a better fit for narrow feet.

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Does Anyone Make Narrow Shoes Anymore

I have always worn very narrow shoes, even as I age. I had bunion surgery a year ago and unfortunately my doctor didn’t get rid of my bunion. It is smaller but not gone. This has left me with a real problem finding shoes that fit well. I am tired of years of stuffing shoes, wearing inserts and cookies etc. Ferragamo’s and Bally’s have always fit and I have two pair that are over 30 years old that I still wear regularly. I decided to go shopping and treat myself to two pair of new shoes, a black pant shoes and a low healed nude or black Ferragamo pump. Shockingly they no longer have narrows except for one single pair. I did not want that style. I tried Bally, Channel, Peter Green etc. No luck. Yes, I can buy Easy Spirt and Naturalizer but they are not really narrow enough. This is a once in a lifetime purchase. If those two pair of shoes are still wearable after all this time, these two new pair should last my lifetime. I am willing to spend a large amount to get what I want, of course if I can pay less, all the better. Any suggestions, help, ideas are welcome. As an older middle aged women who loves classic clothes and shoes I often feel sad and forgotten by the fashion gods.

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  • Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Clog $140 $25145 At Zappos

    A pair of comfortable clogs, the Birkenstock Boston features a soft footbed with an adjustable strap for a perfect fit

    Fortunately, it is easy to find a narrow pair in both mens and womens shoes. The classic two-strap sandal is available in narrow sizes in all colors! For a closed-toe shoe, the Boston soft footbed clog is another great choice for a slimmer foot.

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    Birkenstock Gizeh Thong Sandals

    For many people, warmer weather means its time to break out the sandals, and for women with narrow feet the Birkenstock Gizeh Thong Sandal is an excellent choice for summer.

    One of the first things to like about the Gizeh sandal is its fit. It features includes a contoured cork footbed that conforms to the shape of the wearers foot while offering excellent arch support, and comes with a deep heel cup, and a roomy toe box. Moreover, it has a suede lining that helps cushion your foot.

    A lightweight EVA sole helps absorb the shock of every impact as you walk and is flexible enough to provide excellent comfort.

    The Birkenstock Gizehs latex footbed helps provide a more natural walking environment, while a raised toe bar promotes the natural gripping motion of your foot without causing unnecessary fatigue. The Gizeh also cradles the heel and has excellent cushioning underneath the heel bone.

    The Gizeh consists of a blend of synthetic and oiled leather the latter develops a natural, attractive patina over time.

    We also like the traction and stability this sandal offers, even on terrain that isnt necessarily even or smooth.


    • May take some time to break in.

    Bottom Line

    If youre looking for the best sandals for narrow feet, then look no further than the Birkenstock Gizeh. The Gizeh is comfortable, conforms to the unique shape of your foot, and provides plenty of traction.

    Athletic Narrow Shoes For Men

    Narrow Width Shoes For Men

    When youre working out, proper fitting shoes are essential to preventing injury and keeping you comfortable. Check out the following brands for their selection of narrow mens styles:

    • New Balance: New Balance is the most popular brand of athletic shoe for men with narrow feet, but some styles may be too deep for those who also have shallow feet.
    • Asics: Another brand thats often recommended by podiatrists, Asics makes some of the shallowest shoes on the market for men with narrow feet.
    • Brooks: Men with narrow feet often give this brand high marks for comfort, support, and style.
    • Nike: Select Nike shoes are available in narrow widths, which use the same midsole and outsole as a regular width shoe but have less volume in the upper area.
    • Saucony: Popular with many runners, Saucony offers multiple options for men with narrow feet.

    Formal Narrow Shoes for Men

    Men who need shoes for office wear or other formal occasions need to focus on fit as well as style. Options to consider include:


    Shopping Online for Narrow Mens Shoes

    The best way to buy narrow shoes for men is to try them on in store, but websites with liberal return policies are a good alternative for those who are too busy to shop in person. For example:

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    Heels Boots And Shoes Designed To Suit Narrow Feet

    Many women fall into the trap of purchasing shoes that are too wide for their narrow feet. This means their feet move unnecessarily within the shoes leading to blisters and chafing. Adding padding to the inside of shoes to prevent blisters forming does not work.

    The padding compacts down and moves around within the shoe only adding to the discomfort. Fortunately, Peter Sheppards range of narrow feet shoes and boots, including narrow fit heels, means women can buy shoes that fit snugly to the foot. Having properly sized shoes eliminates the need for DIY solutions, and promises true comfort, all-day.

    Another issue common in women with narrow feet is that the heel of the foot is narrower than the forefront of the foot. This can mean that even when the shoe fits the front part of the foot comfortably, the heel slips around within the shoe. After a few hours on your feet, this is likely to lead to blistering. Peter Sheppards range of footwear includes countless narrow-fitting shoes, boots and heels to suit even the narrowest of feet.

    A lace-up narrow fitting boot or narrow fitting shoes featuring a strap will ensure all-day comfort. For evening wear and formal occasions, there is sure to be a style to suit in Peter Sheppards range of narrow fitting heels.

    Rangoni Firenze Oste Flats $225 $240 At Rangoni Firenze

    The Rangoni Firenze Oste is a perfect finish for a chic and sleek day to evening look

    You can find stunning flats like the Oste in both narrow and extra narrow sizing.

    The width sizes are indicated using an alphabetical system AAAA is extra narrow or super slim where AAA is slim, and AA is narrow.

    Rangoni is one of the only designer footwear companies offering stunning shoes with such inclusive sizing! This includes the line of dressy shoes like the Ilga in black parmasoft.

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    Munro Harrison Ii Bit Loafer

    Theres no need to worry about your feet overheating or feeling sticky in these leather loafers, because the inner lining is made from a moisture-wicking material designed to keep you feeling cool and sweat-free, even while walking to work. More than one review mentions how secure the heel felt right out of the box, something Munro has long taken into consideration when designing narrow-width shoes. Take it from one happy shopper: I was completely wowed when I opened this shoe box. I love the style of this shoe, great toe shape and adornment. The color is amazing. Plus, they fit great and are very, very comfortable.

    Available in sizes 5 to 12 Narrow, medium, wide and extra-wide widths

    Propet Travelactiv Fashion Sneakers

    Buy Birkenstock Womens Saitama Shoes Narrow Width in Navy ...

    The Propet company has made it its mission to offer quality footwear for hard-to-fit feet or those whose feet need special care since its inception in 1985. That includes their TravelActiv Fashion Sneakers, the best sneakers for narrow feet.

    Like all of Propets shoes, the TravelActiv features removable footbeds that are comfortable enough, but which can also accommodate custom orthotics to help you achieve the best, well-cushioned fit possible.

    The lace-up sneaker design features a lightweight and flexible rubber outsole that creates excellent stability and traction. Made from rubber, the outsole helps allow the foot to move more naturally and is suitable for walking short and long distances.

    The uppers also feature careful construction that adapts well to the contours and size of your foot not the least of which is its width while Propets sneakers come in a full range of sizes to make it easier to find the best fit.

    Another cool feature is that the TravelActiv series is treated with Scotchgard to make it stain and water-resistant.


    The Brooks Addiction Walker falls into several categories regarding best of shoe reviews, including the best walking shoes for men and women. They also rank among the best shoes for people with narrow feet.

    But thats no surprise considering everything the Addiction Walker has to offer, including:


    • The shoes interior can get a bit warm.

    Bottom Line

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