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How Many Miles Do Brooks Running Shoes Last

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Should You Get New Shoes For A Marathon

What Do Running Shoes with 1000 Miles Look Like | How Many Miles Do Running Shoes Last

Definitely not at the expo. Even when its a model youve been training in you just never know how that one might fit. The laces a bit to snug because you havent stretched the shoe or for some reason it just feels too stiff.

I like to get a new pair of shoes about 3-4 weeks prior to the marathon. Which gives me time for a number of 8-10 milers in them without putting in too many miles. And then the pair that got you through the bulk of training is probably close to retirement.

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How We Chose The Best Brooks Running Shoes

To pick the best Brooks running shoes, we combed through our Brooks shoe reviews, best-sellers lists and fit id data to find the shoes we think will work for most people in most situations. We also leaned on our expertise in the running industry to make recommendations.

You can shop Brooks running shoes with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping and returns on all running shoes, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

When To Replace Your Running Shoes

by Brooks Staff | Jan 11, 2021

5min. read

So, you finally found a running shoe perfect for you. Together, youve been through kms of road, mud, rain, uphill, downhill, and everything in between. The highest highs. The lowest lows. The wettest wets. Youve met your match and youll never part! Right? Well.

Look, we get it. Once you find The One and break in your go-to shoe, breaking up is the last thing on your mind. But trust us, its for the best. Even when running shoes dont seem to be in bad shape, with a lot of wear, they simply cant perform the way they used to.

With time, the outsole weakens and the cushion gets compressed. Whether or not you notice discomfort, worn-down shoes cant protect your joints from impact. Which means an increased risk of injury. Which means um, no thanks.

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Shock Absorption Is Limited As Shoes Get Older

In a fairly old study, Cook, Kester, and Brunet at Tulane University examined the degradation in mechanical shock absorption in a variety of different shoes.1

First, using a running machine which simulated the impact associated with running hundreds of miles in a pair of shoes, the researchers tested in a controlled way how the shock absorption changed over time.

Then, they compared these artificially worn shoes to shoes worn by actual runners over an equivalent volume of running.

In the machine-simulated running, shoes had decreased to 75% of their initial cushion after only 50 miles this cushioning dropped to 67% after 150 miles and ultimately to 60% after 500 miles.

The shoes worn by the real runners also declined in cushioning, following the same pattern of rapid decrease in cushion initially, tapering off and nearly leveling out at 500 miles of running.

But when worn by real runners, the shoes only dropped to 80% of their initial cushioninggood news for shoe-shoppers.

Heres something you probably want to know:

The researchers found no significant difference in wear properties amongst many different brands.

The Nike shoes deteriorated just as much as the Adidas or Brooks shoes, despite each shoe boasting different cushioning technology.

So much for a superior brand!

Finally, Cook et al. tested the decompression theory, which many runners have likely heard of.

What Shoes Are Similar To Brooks Ghost

When To Replace Your Running Shoes

Top 11 Best Brooks Ghost Alternatives

  • Brooks Glycerin 18 running shoes.
  • Mizuno Wave Rider 24 running shoes.
  • New Balance 1080v10 running shoes.
  • ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 running shoes.
  • Saucony Guide ISO 2 running shoes.
  • Nike AirZoom Pegasus 37 running shoes.
  • Adidas Ultraboost 20 running shoes.
  • ASICS Gel-Nimbus Lite Running Shoes.

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Do Brooks Last As Long As Their Competitors

Yes, Brooks claim that their shoes last between 300 and 500 miles is the standard lifespan for running shoes. In most of the places you look, youll see a recommendation to replace your running shoes within this time frame, regardless of the style you have. Lighter shoes, such as racing shoes, may need to be replaced more often though.

Personally, my Brooks running shoes have lasted me far beyond the 500 mile/6 month timeline. As well talk about later, this isnt necessarily a smart choice on my part, but it does speak to the durability of the shoes. Ive had pairs of Brooks last me for an entire year, even with heavy amounts of running.

I do TRY to be smart about my running shoes though. More often than not, I buy a new pair of running shoes every 6 months per the recommendation. Even if they shouldnt be used for running anymore, the shoes are often in great shape and become my everyday walking and hiking shoes. Then, I throw away the old old shoes I was using for walking. Im in a constant rotation of buying new shoes, turning the old shoes into walking shoes, and throwing away the old old walking shoes. I lead an exciting life, I know.

That said, when these shoes are well over $100+ a pop, replacing them every 6 months doesnt seem like a fun idea, even if they live on to be your favorite pair of walking shoes. Lets talk about why these recommendations are in place and whether they really matter.

D Cho Fada S A Mhaireas Brgan Ruith Nike

Chan eil riaghailt stèidhichte ann nuair a thig e gu bhith ag ath-nuadhachadh do bhrògan ruith. Tha lèirmheas san Dàmhair 2011 air luach 18 bliadhna de rannsachadh a chaidh fhoillseachadh ann an Footwear Science a moladh gum faod brògan ruith àrd-inbhe mairsinn airson còrr air 600 mìle. Ach sa chumantas tha eòlaichean a ‘comhairleachadh gum faigh thu brògan ruith ùra gach 300 gu 500 mìle.

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According To Shoe Manufacturers

Most shoe manufacturers recommend getting new shoes every 200-500 miles. Thats quite a range!

Many factors impact how quickly your shoes wear out, in addition to the miles you put on them. The quality of the materials, the terrain you run on, your weight and foot shape, among other things, impact the lifespan of your shoes.

A Bheil Feum Agam Air D Phaidhir De Bhrgan Ruith

How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

Bu chòir do gach ruitheadair beachdachadh air co-dhiù dà phaidhir de na prìomh bhrògan ruith aca a bhios iad a cleachdadh gu gnìomhach aig aon àm agus a cuairteachadh diofar bhrògan ruith eadar na h-àiteachan-obrach. Mairidh do bhrògan nas fhaide oir tha na cilemeatairean agad sgapte thairis air barrachd air aon phaidhir bhròg.

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Tracking Shoe Lifespan Across Multiple Pairs Of Running Shoes

Do you like to switch between different running shoes, like trail running shoes? No problem. You can save several different shoes in adidas RunningRuntastic app. After each running activity, you can choose which pair of shoes you wore.

Tracking the lifespan of running shoes in this way can help you see which shoes you run the most, how much life is left in the shoes, and even which pair of shoes make you faster.

The Running Shoe Sweet Spot

Ok, so old shoes can leave you prone to injury, but new shoes can too. Great, right? A study of female runners measured the amount of foot pressure in new shoes and in old shoes. Granted, this was a small study of only 11 participants, but results found that new running shoes exerted more pressure on the foot than older shoes. This makes sense given that new shoes are stiff and inflexible. The problem is that this can leave you prone to injury. At the end of the day, the study concluded that its important to break in any new pairs of running shoes in order to prevent injury .

Running shoes are at their best after youve worn them in, but before they start deteriorating. If you can, buy new running shoes before you need them so that you can wear them in. This means that you dont want to wait until your shoes are stapled cloth and rubber like my dad does.

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Brooks Ghost 12 Upper

The minimal Brooks 12 upper delivers an impeccable sock-like fit for security with each step. New this year, the emblematic overlays are 3D-printed directly onto the engineered mesh upper without the use of stitching, glue, or other adhesives. The high-quality construction is seamless and delivers an optimal balance of stretch and structure. The upper hugs the foot snugly inside a moderate toe box that allows just enough wiggle room for your toes.

The Ghost 12 also boasts an updated heel counter with a soft, but textured material that holds the heel comfortably in place. After 60 miles of testing, I never once experienced heel slippage or blisters. The tongue and sockliner are constructed of premium materials just like the rest of the shoe.

Signs You Need To Replace Your Running Shoes

The Best Strength Training Routine for Runners

If you track your runs with a fitness watch or other GPS device, you’ll know when you hit that 300- to 500-mile mark. If you don’t, it’s much harder to know when the time comes for a new pair of trainers. Looking out for these five signs can help:

1. You have new aches and pains. If you notice that your ankles, knees or hips get more achy after a run, it might be time to get a new pair of shoes. New, unexplained aches and pains can mean that the cushioning in your shoes is worn down.

2. Your feet get extra sore after a run. When you start to notice soreness and stiffness in the bottoms of your feet, especially your arches, it might mean that your shoes have worn down to a shape that no longer fits your feet properly.

3.The treads are worn out. The treads, or flex grooves, on your shoes are an important part of their anatomy. If they’re worn out, your shoes won’t roll in sync with the natural stride of your feet.

4. The midsole feels tough. This is a telltale sign that you need new running shoes: If you press your thumb into the midsole and it feels tough rather than slightly spongy, it means the cushioning has compressed and no longer offers proper support.

5. You keep getting blisters or brush burn. If your once-trusty shoes rub your skin the wrong way, it probably means they’ve altered shape during your many miles — time for a new pair.

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D Cho Fada S A Mhaireas Brgan Leathair Gun Chaitheamh

Ma cheannaicheas tu leathar de chàileachd ìosal, leathar bannaichte, no brògan pleather, faodaidh tu a bhith an dòchas airson co-dhiù sia mìosan de chleachdadh cunbhalach. Nam biodh tu a caitheamh do bhrògan a-staigh air ùrlaran snaidhte a-mhàin, mhaireadh an aon phaidhir bhrògan sin trì no còig bliadhna gu furasta.

What Are The Most Comfortable Brooks Shoes

Most Cushioned Ride: Brooks Glycerin 18

This shoe is the most cushioned option available from Brooks. Our testers loved the super cushioned plush feel. It may not be as snappy and responsive as some of the other options on this list, but when it comes to shock absorption and luxurious landings, you cant beat it.

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Brooks Understands How The Human Body Moves

The company spends countless hours researching the biomechanics of runners of all genders, ages, body types and sizes, running styles, gaits, and much more. And then they take all of that research into the lab to integrate it into their shoe technologies. This attention to detail ensures a ride that feels custom to each runner, ensuring they can run comfortably and safely no matter where they run.

So How Long Do Running Shoes Last

How Long Should Your Running Shoes Last?

OK, so they cant last forever, but how many miles do your running shoes last?

As a general rule, replace your running shoes after 300 to 500 miles . But how long do running shoes last if youve lost track or you want to be extra cautious about overuse? We’ll tell you some signs to let you know you need new running shoes.

There are some external signs to look for: the bottom or sides are visibly beaten up, the treads are worn out, or the midsole is wrinkling. These are indications its time to give your shoes the boot, but dont rely solely on what you can see. How often you should change your running shoes depends on a lot of different factors.

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Theres Just No Springiness

Even if the outside of your shoes look great, you may need a new pair. The material of the sole can become compressed and lose its springiness and cushioning ability.

If youre unsure, bring your running shoes in! Were happy to take a look at them and tell you if its time for a new pair. We currently carry Brooks running shoes, and can help you find a size thats appropriate for you.

Brooks Ghost 12 Review

Brooks Ghost 14 Review +

  • Supremely cushioned and soft ride.
  • Highly durable shoe that will easily last 400+ miles.
  • Secure upper flexes flawlessly with the movement of the foot.
  • Excellent outsole grip.
  • Unstable on uneven surfaces due to high stack height.
  • Pricey


Sorry – Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.
Sorry – Product not found. Please try RunningWarehouse.Com to check in their assortment.

Previous modelNeutral, high-mileage, and/or heavier runners looking for a daily trainer or long run shoe they can trust to last for hundreds of miles.

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How Long Do Brooks Running Shoes Last

This post may contain affiliate links. Read more in our Affiliate Disclosure.

Ive been a Brooks fan for many years now and have worn their running shoes for countless races and training runs. Even though there are a lot of great running shoes to choose from, theres something about the quality and character of Brooks that keeps me coming back. Theyre just great shoes.

Brooks running shoes are designed to last 300 to 500 miles, which is roughly 3 to 6 months. The exact timing is dependent on how often you run, your stride, and your overall shoe usage.

Whether youre already a diehard Brooks enthusiast like me, or youre still trying to find your new favorite pair of running shoes, longevity is an important factor. Running shoes arent cheap and its a big deal to buy a new pair every few months. Do Brooks running shoes last as long as their competitors? How much time can you realistically squeeze out of them? Lets dive in.

How Many Miles Should You Change Your Running Shoes


As a general rule, you should consider changing your running shoes between every 400 to 500 miles. However, if your running shoes are not showing any of the above signs of excessive wear, you may be able to wear them for longer without increasing the risk of injury.

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Best For Trail Running

Hardwired for the rugged trails, the Cascadia 15 will take you safely over rocks, loose branches, and all other types of terrain. The four-point Pivot Post System provides stability by keeping your foot level and the built-in rock plate in the forefoot is excellent for tackling rugged terrain.

The BioMoGo cushioning isnt overly padded, so you can still get a feel for the ground beneath your feet. The main difference between the Cascadia 14 and 15 is the improved breathability and more hydrophobic materials, so the shoes dry faster.

Whats The Best Running Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis

10 Best Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoes in 2021

  • Best overall. Brooks Ghost 14. $130 from Running Warehouse.
  • Best cushioning. Saucony Hurricane 23. $111 from Amazon.
  • Best for flat feet. Brooks Glycerin GTS 19. $150 from Running Warehouse.
  • Best for wide feet. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21.
  • Best budget shoe. Asics Gel Contend 7.

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How Long Do Running Shoes Last

OK, so they cant last forever. When should you downgrade your old kicks to dog-walking status?

As a general rule, replace your running shoes after 300 to 500 miles . But what if youve lost track or you want to be extra cautious about overuse?

There are some external signs to look for: the bottom or sides are visibly beaten up, the treads are worn out, or the midsole is wrinkling. These are indications its time to give your shoes the boot, but dont rely solely on what you can see.

Related Question For How Long Do Gym Shoes Last

True or False? You Should Trash Your Running Shoes After 300 Miles

How many miles do sneakers last?

As a general rule, replace your running shoes after 300 to 500 miles .

How often should you replace converse?

A pair of Converse will typically last 18 months on average. They have been reported to last longer if they aren’t worn on the daily or if the wearer’s footfall is not severe in any way.

Why do my shoes wear out so fast?

During normal pronation, your heel strikes the ground first, and pressure is applied uniformly as your foot rolls from heel to toe. It happens when the weight rolls onto the outer edges of your feet. The outward roll of the foot causes the shoes to wear out on the outside faster than on the inside.

What does it mean when your shoes wear on the outside heel?

Some make contact with the ground with more pronounced inward pressure on the foot. While others make contact with more pronounced outward pressure on the foot . If your shoes are wearing out faster on the outside, your foot supinates too much when you walk.

How long do Adidas shoes last?

High-quality brands like Nike and Adidas can last up to 500 miles. Read our guide for the best Nike walking shoes.

How many pairs of shoes should a runner have?

Every runner should consider having at least two pairs of their main running shoes that they are actively using at one time and rotate different running shoes between workouts. Your shoes will last longer as your kilometres are spread across more than one pair of shoes.

Do running shoes break down over time?

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