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How To Waterproof Running Shoes

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Brooks Ghost 14 Gtx Running Shoes Best Waterproof Running Shoes

Do I Need Waterproof Trail Running Shoes? || REI

Are you looking for a smoother ride while running? These Brooks Ghost 14 GTX Running Shoes are the best known waterproof shoes for providing a smoother ride while running. They consist of DNA LOFT spread throughout the footbed in the midsole, making every inch of your feet experience smoothness and softness while making movements.

This ultimately results in no distraction while running, automatically enhancing and maximizing your focus and concentration. Moreover, there is this invisible shielding membrane used for providing these running shoes the waterproofing features, and that is known as Gore-Tex Technology.

It gives an excellent, flexible, lightweight, and perfect fit to your feet, making them stay in the most comfortable position throughout the time. Furthermore, the construction of these shoes makes them highly durable and long-lasting, making them budget-friendly for you. Last but not the least, the rubber outsole is renowned for providing excellent control on wet surfaces to avoid any kinds of slippage and damage to your body.


These fourth-best waterproof running shoes are constructed using a flexible, lightweight, and invisible shielding membrane known as Gore-Tex. This not only provides your shoes with waterproofing features but also makes them breathable to make sure your feet stay dry in every kind of weather. Moreover, these running shoes consist of rubber outsoles, allowing you to control your feet on wet ground.

Look Closely At The Seams

Leaks can occur at any point where two pieces of material come into contact. To achieve the optimum seal, extra care must be used in these areas. Angle the spray so that it gets into every nook and cranny of the seam. If necessary, get up and personal with the seam to ensure that the spray covers the gap.

Wax should be worked into the seam all the way. Wax should be twisted and pressed into the seam thoroughly. To get a good seal, hold your shoe in place while using a hairdryer to melt the wax.

They Arent Waterproof In Deep Water

In other words, if you end up in a puddle that is deeper than the height of the shoe, youre still going to get wet feet. The same goes for snow, if you get snow over the top of the shoe water and moisture will enter the shoe from above.

And if youre wondering how often runners actually end up in deep water, the answer is: it depends on where you live. Here in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, we frequently find ourselves with sandy, sea level trails that do not absorb water very quickly or efficiently.

Enjoy this short video, from the 2018 Hell Hole Hundred. This 2 mile section of the 16 mile loop notoriously looks like this:

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La Sportiva Tempesta Gtx

La Sportiva Tempesta GTX are another great waterproof trail running shoe. These shoes characterizes themselves as all weather shoes. The shoes includes features, such as the Gore-Flex strobel board, AirMesh uppers, and scree-guard.

All of these innovative aspects allow for breathability, dryness, and for your feet to stay stable in any condition. The outer sole of the shoe has aggressive grip for all trails and conditions.

How To Clean Your Shoes Before Waterproofing Them

Speedgoat 3 Waterproof Womens HIGH CUSHIONING/WATERPROOF ...

Now you know about the materials you should use to weatherproof your shoes. Before taking a deep dive into applying any of these materials, youll need to clean your shoe first. Since youre waterproofing your running shoes, mud, or any dirt would be covering the sole or upper parts of the shoes, its essential to clean them to get maximum outcomes.

If you put any of the product on the dirt shoes, or if the shoes havent been cleaned for a long time, the technique were about to show you wont benefit you. Youll just spend your time and the material and will not get the end product. Thats why cleanliness is vital before using wax or spray.

Below are a few ways for cleaning your shoe that will show up like brand new:

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Things To Look For In A Waterproof Running Shoe

When shopping for waterproof running shoes, youll want to consider a few different features, including:

  • Trail vs. Road: Trail shoes generally have more aggressive outsoles for gripping soft ground, but if you mainly run on pavement, you wont need that kind of tech .
  • Cushioning: Some runners prefer plush, cushioned shoes, while others like a firmer feel underfoot. Theres no right or wrong here, but make sure you choose a shoe that matches your preferences.
  • Grip: You dont want to lose your footing on slick surfaces, so make sure your shoes have rubber outsoles to ensure good traction. Generally speaking, the less rubber on the outsole, the less traction your shoes will provide .
  • Weight: A lightweight shoe will feel fast, but youll need to balance weight against other factors, like durability and cushioning.

What Are The Best Waterproof Running Trainers

The best waterproof running shoes will always vary depending on the person and what activity you’re looking to do. When it comes to waterproof running trainers, you may want different features for either trail running or road running.

Road running shoes will generally have a thicker profile and a steeper heel-to-toe drop for more cushioning. As you will be running on wet roads, grip from your shoes outsole will be vital to keep you sturdy.

Trail running shoes however will focus more on keeping you closer to the ground and protected from uneven terrain. Trail runners often find themselves running through off road dirt, mud and puddles so waterproof trail running shoes need to have a lot of extra features such as lugs to dig into slippery surfaces or a rock plate which will protect their feet from sharp stones.

Depending on if you’re running for long distances or shorter distances you may be able to be more flexible with materials. Water resistance may be suitable for short distances in the rain, however if you’re running 10km and up in the rain you’re going to want something fully waterproof.

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Salomon Speedcross 5 Gtx

The Salomon Speed cross 5 GTX is the waterproof version of an already popular trail running shoe. The shoes are still lightweight and offer advanced grip for technical, soft trails. Many people agree that for a waterproof shoes they are still breathable because of the upper part of the shoe being much more breathable than other waterproof shoes.

Should I Wear Waterproof Running Shoes

The Best Waterproof Running Shoes 2019 | GORE-TEX Footwear Buying Guide

ByFiona Russellpublished 31 December 21

The pros and cons of buying waterproof running shoes for hitting the trails in the wet and during the winter

Wouldnt it be wonderful if every run was on dry trails and our feet always felt warm and comfortable? But most runners end up with wet feet at some point and if its in the UK, winter running usually leads to wet feet more than dry feet. So how about trying waterproof running shoes as part of your winter running gear list?

On the face of it, waterproof running shoes sound like a great idea. Most waterproof footwear has a Gore-Tex liner, or similar. This is built into the lining of the shoe. The trail running shoes may also have a water-resistant treatment on the outside. The aim is to keep the wet out.

The waterproof design should also be breathable. Even in winter, feet get hot and sweat and this creates vapour that needs to exit the shoe. Gore-Tex is created to be both waterproof and breathable.

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What Brands Make Waterproof Running Shoes

Thankfully many sportswear brands have began to create waterproof running shoes due to the rise in demand. Brands such as Nike, Asics and New Balance now have waterproof versions of some of their most popular models.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, be sure to check out some of the specialist waterproof running shoe brands such as Salomon, Altra or Inov-8.

Now, let’s get into our top 5 picks for the best waterproof running shoes for 2022!

What Is The Cascadia 16 Gtx

Like the Ghost, the Cascadia 16 GTX is the same as its mesh counterpart in terms of cushioning, support, and traction. If youre needing an adaptable and supportive Trail shoe with aggressive lugs for great traction in a variety terrain and conditions, the Cascadia 16 GTX will offer all of that without letting water get in your way.

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Getting Your Shoes Ready

The first step is to prepare your shoes for waxing.

  • Ensure that the knit shoes are well cleaned. For the wax to adhere, a fresh, clean surface is required. You can use a damp towel to achieve this, or you can simply wash them to ensure their safety.
  • Wait until they are totally dry before moving on to the next stage. In wet conditions, the wax will not adhere to the surface.
  • Take off the shoes lacing fasteners. Youll have better access to the shoes various components this way.

+ Brands To Choose From

Hoka Speedgoat 3 Waterproof Women

Whether it may be waterproof shoes for road running or trail running, you have a lot of choices here in RunRepeat. With over 200 partner retailers, you will have access to big names like Adidas and Asics in just a few clicks.

Modeling durability and excellent support, brands such as Salomon and Mizuno are just among the few that deliver the necessities in running. Meanwhile, New Balance and Nike can be your best bet in finding an optimal fusion of style, function, and innovativeness.

For neutral runners searching for reliable and comfortable shoes, Brooks is one of the top choices among beginning and elite athletes. Not to mention Saucony which also displays unrivaled spring and lightness.

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How To Take Care Of Gore Tex Running Shoes

Running outside, especially in wet conditions, means your running shoes are going to get dirty faster and to a greater degree than athletic shoes intended for use in the gym. As such youre going to need to clean them from time to time. If not for aesthetic reasons then simply to prevent caked on mud and debris from undermining the breathability of the shoe. Here are a few tips and reminders that should help you care for your Gore Tex shoes:

  • The best way to clean your Gore Tex running shoes is by hand.
  • You should always remove the shoelaces before cleaning the shoes.
  • Use lukewarm water with a mild soap and a clean sponge to wash the shoes. If there is dirt embedded in some of the seams use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean it out, applying minimal pressure.
  • Avoid using bleach or any kind of harsh stain remover on your shoes as these may harm the ability of the shoe to breath.
  • Never put your Gore Tex running shoes in the dryer. Let them air dry instead. Just make sure they are thoroughly dry before putting them on again.

Best Waterproof Running Shoes For 2022

Do you want to make your every step waterproof? We have got something excellent and valuable for you in the store yes! The best waterproof running shoes. When you go shopping, hundreds of shoes are displayed in front of you, making it complicated to choose the promising pair. You cannot buy the best waterproof running shoes until and unless you know some of the top-class substitutes.

I am a runner, and I know how serious it is to have excellent quality waterproof running shoes to make your run effortless and unforgettable. After years of tolerating foot issues because of the improper choice of shoes, I have come out with the five best waterproof running shoes. I made an effort to demonstrate them from every viewpoint in the following details. You can choose the one reliably to enjoy heroic, happy, and easy running.


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Tips For Running In The Rain

Rainy weather does not automatically mean that you can not go for a run. In fact, you should take advantage of every opportunity to run in the rain.

Try wearing a hat with a brim when running in the rain. These hats will keep water out of your face to improve visibility, even during a downpour.

If its cold, dress in layers. The essential layer is the one that is closest to your body. Of course, you will also want to wear a raincoat.

Finally, be visible. Downpours affect the visibility of everyone involved, especially vehicles, so it is important that you wear high-visibility clothes to prevent accidents.

How To Dry Wet Shoes

ON Cloud WATERPROOF Running Shoe Review

If you run regularly, you will no doubt encounter wet weather and regular running shoes will get quite wet and soggy. How do you safely and quickly dry your shoes in time for your next run?

Running shoes should not be exposed to direct heat. You can, however, place them in a warm area with a heat source nearby. Remove the insoles if possible and stuff the shoes with newspaper to help remove the excess water more quickly. Your shoes should be dry in about 12 hours. Whenever possible, I like to hang mine outdoors and let the wind dry them.

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Salomon Mens Speedcross 5 Gtx Trail Running Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Salomon trail running shoes are one of the most popular running shoes among runners who run on dirty trails. These shoes are considered to be the leaders because of the perfect grip that they offer on the soft as well as rough trails. While using these waterproof trail running shoes, I have noticed that my feet were dry and were protected from many elements because of the grip that they offer while running for miles.

The most significant feature of these shoes is that they provide great support to the ankles which reduce the risk of falling on slippery trails and prevent rolled ankles that can put runners feet off until recovery. Therefore, runners will run more confidently while wearing these neutral shoes. While focusing on the construction of these shoes, they are crafted from synthetic material which makes the shoes highly durable.

Furthermore, the feature of Gore-Tex lining along with floating tongue makes the shoes weatherproof as it offers high comfortability to the runners while keeping their feet dry in every condition. Whats more important is that the upper mesh is highly breathable, allowing maximum airflow around the inner sole. Moreover, the Quicklace adjustment system never makes these shoes loose fit while ensuring the safety of the runners.


Cleaning Cloth Or Fabric Shoes:

If the shoes upper part you want to waterproof are made of cloth, you need to clean them using this process. First make a paste of water, laundry powder plus baking soda. Keep your shoes in the paste and rub them with your hand. If you have a spare toothbrush, that will be a great help for cleaning them, especially for shoe seams.

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Most Popular Waterproof Running Shoes

The Saucony Kinvara 5 Runshield Running Shoe has the same features and benefits of the Kinvara 5 with an added water resistant FlexShell upper to keep your feet dry.

This lightweight shoe was designed for the neutral runner with a 4mm heel to toe differentiation. Runners love how comfortable and light it feels even with the added water-resistant protection.

The Brooks Cascadia GTX is a great waterproof running shoe if your running takes you over multiple terrains. This running shoe is great on grass, dirt roads, gravel paths and pavement. The Brooks Cascadia GTX is a neutral shoe. Its durable rubber outsole features TrailTack traction for a better grip and its GORE-TEX® membrane ensures breathable, waterproof protection. Weight: 11 oz

Using A Waterproofing Spray


Using a waterproofing spray is probably the easiest way to keep water out. You can find a product for almost every type of boot or shoe. For the best results, however, it must be compatible, for example, dont use a product for leather on your textile sneakers.

We will say that textured fabrics, such as canvas, suede and hemp, make the best candidates. These materials are highly absorbent and will hold the spray much longer than smooth surfaces, like leather. Please read our how to waterproof leather boots guide.

When youre searching for a spray, look for ingredients like acrylic polymers or silicone. These block water from seeping in while preventing the growth of mildew, mold and other water-related deterioration.

Now for the step-by-step guide. Heres what you need:

  • A soft-bristled brush.
  • Ventilated room.

This is what youll do:

  • Begin by brushing off dirt and debris. A clean surface gives you better results. If your shoes are filthy, clean them properly using water and allow them to dry thoroughly before treating them.
  • Spray the surface of the shoe or boot: Hold the spray can about 6 to 8 inches away from the shoe. Then apply a light, even coating. Cover every part of the upper and down toward the seam that connects to the outsole. Dont saturate itlook for it to glisten once settled on the surface.
  • Test it out: After 24 hours, you can test it out by spraying water on the surface. If moisture enters, allow it to dry and repeat the process.
  • Pro Tips

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    Is It Bad To Run With Trail Shoes On The Pavement

    Trail running shoes are designed to offer greater traction and stability for runners. Primarily, they are meant for use on rugged off-road terrains where the ground is relatively unstable. This allows you to retain the confidence on slippery sections of the trail that youd ordinarily feel vulnerable when sporting the wrong shoe type. While trail shoes are ideal for off-road activity, there is no harm in using them on the pavement or city streets.

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