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How To Buy Golf Shoes

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Golf Basics : How to Buy Golf Shoes

No matter what pair you pick, you can expect a golf shoe unlike any other. Our golf shoes are worn by female professionals as well as casual golfers around the globe. Take the next step towards becoming a local legend on the golf course with a new pair of comfortable womens golf shoes from ECCO. To us, golf is more than a game.

Footjoy Pro Sl Carbon

Who would not agree that FootJoy produces the best golf shoes? They have been leading in the industry since 1857!

As a matter of fact, they claim to have the best and most stable spikeless golf shoe that is created in history.

The FootJoy Pro SL Carb is the golf shoe that is the talk of the town! This pair of golf shoes feature the all-new Infinity Outsole which proudly gives you 30% more grip.

Furthermore, it also has the so-called PowerHarness so your foot will feel comfortable inside.

The insides are also lined with carbon-fiber which claims to give you stability and increased power when you swing your club.

It also offers the right amount of firmness and solace through its Dual-Density or D2 midsole.

Moreover, I think that you would not believe that even if it is not a spike golf shoe, its traction still scored 189 points!

This means that this pair of golf shoes will not let you slip while playing under heavy rain.

Also, the material used in the FootJoy Pro SL Carbon golf shoe is Premium Chromoskin which is a very soft, waterproof leather.

Are you interested in how much are the best golf shoes, specifically this one? Well, a pair costs $199.99!

How Often Do I Need To Replace My Spikes

A. This will depend on how much you play and how quickly your spike wears out. Soft spikes are pretty durable and even when playing a lot soft spikes will last at least 6 months before having to be replaced.

To learn more about the best womens golf shoes currently available on the market read our The Best Womens Golf Shoes Article.

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Skechers Kids Max Mojo Spikeless Golf Shoe

Skechers has an awesome new shoe out for kids with its Max Mojo series. Following the trend of Skechers, these are extremely comfortable and sure your kids will love walking a round in them.

The ultra flight midsole is lightweight but dense and responsive cushioning. Theyre water resistant and available in four colors white/pink, purple/gray, black/red/ and white/lime.

Nike Air Max 1 Spikeless Golf Shoes

How To Buy Golf Shoes (avec images)

Nike makes a great shoe regardless of which sport you play. The Nike Air Max 1 looks more like a casual shoe that youd wear off the course but is made for golf.

The new Nike Air max style comes in several colors and has a clean, two-tone color setup. This shoe features a foam midsole and a Max Air unit for a comfortable feel all the time.

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Under Armour Spieth 2

Under Armour has made quite the splash in golf gear and apparel thanks to Jordan Spieths success the past few years. The brand doesnt make golf clubs so they focus 100% of their efforts on shoes and apparel. And I have to say, Im a huge fan as the material is always super high quality and everything fits amazing.

The Under Armour Spieth 2 golf shoes are Under Armours signature shoes that come in a ton of different colors. They are a higher priced golf shoe but are made for the everyday golfer or a major champion like Spieth.

According to Under Armour, This shoe was designed to meet the exact needs of Jordan Spieth and deliver professional-level performance. Its evolutionary spike technology is built to rotate perfectly with your swing, and a waterproof, lightweight upper provides a zero-distraction fit and feel.

They are super lightweight, 100% waterproof and are extremely breathable. If you want one pair of shoes that you can wear year-round, these are definitely them.

Need to save a little money but love Under Armour shoes? The Spieth 1 golf shoe can still be found at a discount . While there arent as many color selections and dont have all the features of the Spieth 3, they are still an awesome option.

For more information, make sure to check out our in-depth review of the Under Armour Spieth 2 Golf Shoes.

Skechers Go Golf Elite V4

If you are looking for a spikeless golf shoe that would not hurt your wallet but still gives an incomparable performance, then you should definitely go for the Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4!

These are the go-to shoes of a casual type of golf player. However, they are often mistaken for training shoes because of their look.

But if you will pay close attention, you will see that this is made of a waterproof leather upper. Moreover, their midsole is lined with what they call ultra flight technology.

Their insole, on the other hand, has Yoga Mat comfort. I also promise that you will not have any blisters by wearing a pair of these because of the Skechers Relaxed Fit.

They are also not heavy which makes any player still feel comfortable after a long time of wearing it. This pair of shoes boasts of its H2GO shield which is protection from water penetration.

You also have different colors to choose from such as navy and red, black and white, and gray and lime.

If you are asking how much are the best golf shoes particularly this one, then you may purchase a pair for only $99.99!

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Buyers Guide To Pick The Best Golf Shoes Of 2022

If you are a new player on the hunt for the best golf shoes or an expert who likes to upgrade to the latest technology, we have highlighted a few factors that are necessary to look upon when searching for the best golf shoes. These will help you make the right decision and select the perfect shoes for yourself.

Comfort Level

Comfort is one of the most critical factors that every sportsperson should consider before making a purchaseâthis helps solve fatigue issues and play until the 18th hole. To determine the best golf shoes in 2022 and beyond, the comfort level is an integral part of improving your game quality.

Many brands are launching their golf shoes made with different technologies. Nike, Skechers, Adidas, and FootJoy all have a wide range of golf shoes. One might suit me but is not the right pair for you. Comfort is different for everybody. So it is advised to try golf shoes from all these famous brands and purchase the one which feels comfortable and fits nicely.


Golf is an outdoor sport played on turfs. Playing outside means you can encounter every type of weather. The grass might be dewy if you play early in the morning, and getting your feet wet is the worst thing ever. So it is essential to invest in waterproof golf shoes. This factor also depends upon the season you plan to play the most in.

Spiked or Spikeless

Lacing System

The Benefits Of Golf Shoes

How to Buy Golf Shoes

While you won’t find golf shoes with metal spikes sold in stores anymore , modern golf shoes still provide plenty of traction, with or without plastic spikes. Luckily, the traction in these shoes is every bit as good as those metal-spiked shoes of yesteryear.

Most golf shoes are waterproof, while most sneakers are not. So that right there is a good reason to wear golf shoes there’s nothing like getting your feet wet on the first hole and playing the next four hours with waterlogged feet.

Golf shoes are also designed to help walkers make it through 18 holes. Some companies even design energy return in their in-sole foam technology. Plus, even if you don’t walk, golf shoes provide the necessary stability to make swings. In fact SQAIRZ , a newer shoe manufacturer that six-time major champion Nick Faldo has invested in, claims that its shoes will result in increased distance because of its incredible stability and “ground connection.” According to Faldo, when he tested a pair of SQAIRZ on a range, he hit drives “an average of seven yards farther” than another brand he tested. While we don’t cast doubt on Faldo’s claim, the point is that golf shoes can certainly make a difference.

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The Perfect Mens Golf Shoe For Your Game

Did you know that if you walk an 18-hole round, you could be walking anywhere from 4-5 miles? And youll be on your feet standing, walking, and hitting your golf ball for up to 3 to 5 hours. Thats why finding shoes that fit you perfectly is so important to your game. When buying shoes for golf, its important to find something comfortable. If you play on a course thats often wet, look for waterproof or water-resistant shoes. Also, keep in mind that youll have socks on, and their thickness can affect how your shoe fits.

Adidas Mens Tour 360 Boost


The Adidas Tour 360 Boost golf shoes as worn by Dustin Johnson continue to impress with every new version that gets released. With over 10 different colors to choose from, there is a Tour 360 Boost-M to match any outfit.

The Tour 360 Boost-M features a premium leather upper with Adidas signature Climaproof technology. This premium leather upper is durable, waterproof, and also extremely comfortable. Comfort doesnt stop with the upper of this shoe, it also features a boost foam midsole with added cushioning which ensures maximum comfort.

The heel section of the Tour 360 Boost-M has a new shape that has a natural contour and the saddle of this shoe also features new elements in the form of a lighter more flexible saddle. Both of these features enhance the comfort, flexibility, and stability of these golf shoes.

The Tour 360 Tour Boost-M arent just another pair of golf shoes, these golf shoes have evolved into one of the best golf shoes currently available on the market. These shoes are stylish, comfortable, and stable all of what one would ever need from a golf shoe.

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Under Armour Hovr Drive 2

Under Armour has taken a progressive approach to sportswear technology since the company started. When it applied that progressive innovation to golf shoes, it came up with the HOVR Drive line. HOVR refers to its patented insole cushioning designed to support not just your foot but your entire leg as you rotate through your swing. More than that, it also returns the energy of your swing back to your body with elasticity.

The tech doesn’t stop there. The HOVR Drive 2 has a lightweight, breathable, and waterproof membrane exterior. This is the same type of molded heel your running shoes come with for maximum support. You also get a 3D printed toe guard to protect from any errant swings, not unlike a steel toe work boot, but much lighter.

Puma Ignite Nxt Mens Lace Shoes

New Golf Shoes: The Latest Footwear for the Links

The Puma Ignite Nxt is a great summer golf shoe and each year the Nxt just keeps getting better. These spikeless golf shoes have a soft foam dual density insole that is optimized for comfort even if you feel like an ambitious day of playing 36 holes.

The Puma shoes come in a variety of different colors which is why I recommend wearing more for fun summer rounds. They are very affordable and very comfortable!

I think its hard to get a better looking and more comfortable all around shoe. to buy the Puma Ignite now.

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Footjoy Contour Casual Golf Shoe

The FootJoy Contour casual shoe is a great option for informal play and both summer or winter. Not only are these spikeless shoes great to look at but they are extremely comfortable as well. Worn by players like Freddy Couples, these shoes look like a pair youd wear to casual dinner with friends or a round of golf.

Despite the casual look, the shoe is also waterproof and the leather is completely sealed to prevent any leaks. While there arent any spikes, FootJoy uses a peg design to grip onto slipper terrain for stability in any conditions.

A huge perk is that theyre very affordable and have four color options . If youre looking for an all-purpose spikeless low top shoe, youll love this style from FootJoy. Plus, who doesnt want to look like Freddy Couples on the golf course?

Ecco Mens Biom Hybrid Hydromax


ECCO is one of the most recognizable golf shoe brands in the industry. ECCO shoes are renowned for their high-quality designs and exceptional comfort and it is no different with the Biom Hybrid Hydromax.

The outer of these fashionable golf shoes are crafted using a combination of highly durable ECCO YAK leather and premium textiles. This combination of materials ensures maximum durability and comfort. Furthermore, the design also features ECCOs Hyrdromax technology. This technology ensures that your feet stay dry thanks to its water-repellent properties.

The spineless bottom of these shoes features the brands signature E-DTS traction system. This system features 100 TPU traction bars that are situated at the bottom of the shoe at various angles to ensure maximum traction throughout your swing.

Last but not least these shoes also feature an advanced lightweight ergonomically designed sole. This sole design ensures maximum stability and comfort with every step.

ECCO golf shoes retail at an above-average price point, but they are worth the spend when you look at the quality and technology featured in these top-of-the-line golf shoes.

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Aim For The Best Pair Of Golf Shoes

As mentioned before, you must treat your equipment as a form of investment and what you will get in return is your improvement in playing the game of golf.

Therefore, along with searching for what can the best golf shoes offer, it is also important to know how much are the best golf shoes. We all know that price is an important consideration.

But, I believe that price is no longer an issue if you will get the most value out of it! Aim for the best pair of golf shoes! After all, you truly deserve that!

Puma Mens Ignite Pwradapt 20

Do NOT Buy A Pair Of GOLF SHOES Until You Watched This Video!

Puma is renowned for their colorful golf shoe designs as worn by Ricky Fowler on a weekly basis on the PGA Tour. But not all their designs are as flamboyant.

The Ignite Pwradapt 2.0 mens golf shoes by Puma are the complete opposite of the bold Ricky Fowler Puma designs that we have grown accustomed to. These traditional yet modern golf shoes feature a sleek simplistic design that is packed with different technological advances which ensure maximum performance.

The full-grain leather upper of this golf shoe is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, durable, and 100% waterproof. Ignite Pwradpt 2.0 features Pumas IGNITE foam cushioning platform, this cushioning ensures maximum underfoot comfort and stability throughout your golf swing.

The durable sole of this golf shoe with Pumas Pweradpt technology and soft spikes offers maximum traction regardless of the conditions. This shoe is available in a white and black option, both of which will add an element of style to your look. These golf shoes prove that there is more to Puma than just their flashy designs.

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Find The Perfect Golf Shoe For You

Looking for mens golf shoes that wont break the bank? Rock Bottom Golf sells name-brand golf shoes at our rock bottom, discount prices. Next to your clubs, your shoes are the most important part of your gear. So, no matter if youre new to the game or have been playing for years, we have the most comfortable, high-quality name brand mens golf shoes online.

Do Pros Use Spikeless Golf Shoes

Yes, some pros do wear spikeless golf shoes while others wear traditional spikes. Its a preference thing and some golfers need the extra traction while others dont. Plus, some will switch from spikeless to spikes when playing in colder, wet weather conditions.

In the spiked or spikeless debate make sure you choose the ones that work for your game .

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Nike Mens Roshe G Tour Golf Shoes


Nike golf shoes offer the perfect blend between the look of traditional golf shoes and the performance and comfort of running shoes. The Rosche G Tour shoes are a perfect example of how the brand was able to marry these two aspects to deliver yet another high-quality golf shoe.

These shoes feature a durable synthetic upper that resembles the look of leather. This upper offers exceptional durability and comfort. Furthermore, it is also waterproof to ensure that your feet stay dry when playing in wet conditions.

The rubber soles of these shoes feature durable replaceable soft spikes for maximum traction when walking and during your swing. The Roshe G Tours are available in 8 different color options to match your style and wardrobe.

When it comes to value for money you will look far and wide to find a better pair of shoes than the Roshe G Tour golf shoes by industry giant, Nike.

Top Notch Greens Trotters: The Best Mens Golf Shoes For 2022

Best golf shoes: 10 comfortable pairs to buy for Father

Golf style has undergone an awakening in recent years, and it was a long time coming. While pretty much every other popular sport had seen its style progress with the rest of society, just as the rules and equipment naturally evolved with the times, the golf style was stuck in the mid-20th century, like a particularly nefarious sand trap.

Then in the 2010s, pros like Rickie Fowler, Justin Thomas, and Billy Horschel dragged fairway fashion pitching and screaming into the 21st century. They relaxed the vibe with bold prints, fun colors, and slimmer fits. Best of all, from a competitive standpoint, they made way for golf shoes that look and perform like athletic shoes.

Golf apparel companies were quick to modernize and major athletic apparel companies like Nike and Adidas adapted their existing athletic shoes to golf. Today, you can find golf shoes that are indistinguishable from running shoes or basketball shoes, apart from the soles. They not only look better, but they also perform better. Applying all the advancements in footwear technology available in the 21st century has kept golf shoes up to par with all the other sports.

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