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How To Care For Leather Shoes

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What To Look Out For When Building Your Shoe Care Kit

How to Care for Light Brown and Tan Leather Shoes

Now that youve got a shoe care routine, its time to build a kit that will keep your leather shoes in tip-top condition for decades. To make sure you do not get products that end up harming your shoes, weve put together a short list of things to look out for when choosing different shoe care products.

How To Properly Care For Your Leather Shoes

Looking to protect your leather brogues, boots, sneakers and slippers? These are the steps you should be taking…

Words: Jonathan Wells

Take a look at your shoes. Leather? We thought so. In fact, wed wager that the majority of your shoe collection is made from varying types of leather. From full-grain to split-suede, these tanned hides and skins are reliable, stylish and hard-wearing. But, despite being tough natural materials, they still require a certain level of care.

Be they boots, brogues, sneakers or slippers, your leather shoes demand that you look after them accordingly. Cleaning and conditioning are two simple steps, but ones that could extend the lifespan of your loafers by years. So unlace your shoes, show them some love and invest in the best in shoe care.

Treating Your Leather Footwear Like A Cobbler

  • take out the insole, if it’s detachable, and do a surface clean with a microfibre cloth
  • place your insole on top of a newspaper and apply mild detergent, or facial cleanser on the leather to lift away stubborn stains and odor
  • don’t rinse out and pat dry with a soft cloth
  • use an anti-bacterial spray to mist a thin layer to cover all the insides of your leather shoe
  • wrap the newly cleaned insoles in a towel or newspaper, and do an overnight dry
  • moisturize the next day with a pea-sized amount of leather conditioner


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Give Them The Best Chance

According to Jenny Velakoulis, the owner of Evans Leather Repair in Melbournes Royal Arcade, shoes need to be protected before you wear them. This is a two-part process.

Step one is to have a shoe repairer apply a protective sole, or Topy. These are made of rubber and extend the life of the shoe by adding extra tread, which helps the shoe keep its shape. Velakoulis says: The way shoes are made now, they wear very quickly so be sure to get a protective sole put on straight away, or you risk destroying the shoe.

Step two is to apply a waterproofing spray. Velakoulis advises doing at least three coats for leather . Repeat this process after six months of wear.

Breeze Powell, one of the founders of Post Sole Studio, a shoemaking business in Melbourne, recommends Tarragos Nano Protector spray for shoes.

Sneakers also fare better if theyve been waterproofed first. Eugene Cheng, the founder of Sneaker Laundry, a maintenance service available in Melbourne and Sydney, says sneakers that have been protected with a spray are much easier to clean because the spray forms a barrier between the materials on your shoe and what youre about to drop on it.

Some Reviews Of These Budget Wipes

How to Take Care for Leather Shoes &  Sneakers in any Season

These are great wipes! I was a little hesitant at first, but after using them I was very pleased. They removed all the dirt and debris from my shoes with ease. The packaging says that theyre good for both leather and synthetic materials, and I found that to be true. They also have a nice smell to them.

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Benefits Of This Amazon Product

  • Swipz premium sneaker cleaning wipes are disposable pre-moistened shoe cleaning wipes that contain a unique shoe cleaning solution that is capable of removing dirt and grime while also preserving shoes.
  • Proper care is the first step in sneaker protection. Our textured shoe cleaner, developed for sneaker obsessives, includes raised scrubbing dots to guarantee a thorough cleanse of dirt, mud, grass, soil, and other debris.
  • These 12 sneaker wipe packs are compact, thick, and extra big and durable. Athletes, gym junkies, golfers, men, women, teenagers, and so on will appreciate these heavy-duty sneaker wipes.
  • These Sneaker cleaner wipes are safe on leather and other shoe materials while being effective in removing dirt. Use them to clean tennis shoes, golf shoes, basketball shoes, dress shoes, and more.
  • This great value pack comes with 12 shoe clean cleaner wipes and makes a wonderful present for a sneakerhead. Theyre the quickest, most thorough sneaker rescue wipes that sneakerheads and collectors adore!

How To Clean Ecco Golf Shoes

Ecco golf shoes are usually made of leather, which is a material that is very prone to dirt and also infamous for being a material that is hard to clean.

Aside from that, Ecco golf shoes are quite expensive, so if you are thinking of just getting a new pair rather than cleaning Ecco shoes which is an old one, you will be making a mistake.

It is actually more cost- and time-efficient to clean an old one. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to clean Ecco golf shoes:

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The Reason Why Bikers Choose Goatskin Leather

Jackets have become the most popular type of leather goods because they are always beyond fashion and time. It is hardly possible to find more universal and fashionable clothes that everyone would like: leather jackets are popular among people of different social backgrounds. For instance, leather jackets have been an indispensable piece of the brutal image of bikers and popular rock musicians. And when it comes to motosport fans and bikers, the manufacturers offer them to buy thick, strong and lightweight leather jackets made of goatskin.

The main indicator for choosing a goatskin leather jacket is the quality. Natural goatskin is very tough due to the strong layers thickness of 5.5 oz. Split goatskin material is very durable and resistant to various mechanical damage and bad weather. The most expensive material is full-grain leather: it is also reliable and durable, but soft and pleasant to the touch.

Goatskin is very strong, but at the same time soft. It is very suitable for making not just jackets but also motorcycle gloves of the highest quality. Deerskin doesnt have similar properties, although it is thicker than goatskin. The very expensive custom-made models are made of durable, very thick and tough horsehide leather. But only goatskin will last at least 15-20 years.

How To Remove Stains From Leather Shoes

Shoe Care 101 – How to Polish & Protect Leather Shoes

Stains happen, but they don’t have to ruin your favorite pair of shoes. Use these tips to remove stains from leather.

Grease or Oil

Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on the spot. Rub it in gently with a damp cloth. Let sit for a few hours or overnight. The soda or starch will absorb the oil. Wipe off the powder with a soft cloth.

Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and lightly blot the stain. Dont rub, or you could make the ink spread. Blot gently until the stain is gone. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and dry with a towel.


You can use toothpaste to clean leather. Squirt a dab of the non-gel sort on the scuffed area. Rub with a soft cloth.

Other Stains

Mix equal parts of lemon juice and cream of tartar into a paste. Apply to stained area and let sit for 30 minutes. Use a damp cloth to remove the paste. Lemon juice and cream of tartar have a mild bleaching effect, so only use this on light-colored leather.

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When Your Shoes Get Wet

Water and salt are two of the most common reasons for leather wear and tear. They breakdown the essential oils in leather, causing the fibres to go brittle and weak. If you happen to spill beverages or get your shoe caught in the rain, it is essential to treat it sooner rather than later.

Things youll need: Old Newspaper, Shoe Trees, Silica Beads, Cotton Rags, Horsehair Brush, Leather Conditioner, Cream Polish, Wax Polish, Water

How To Care For Ecco Golf Shoes

Aside from knowing how to clean Ecco golf shoes, you also need to learn how to care for Ecco golf shoes.

Doing so will help you maintain your golf shoes. After all, it is less costly to take care of an existing one than buying a new pair of golf shoes.

If you are curious about how to care for Ecco golf shoes or how to care for Ecco Biom golf shoes, here are a few tips:

  • The first tip on how to care for Ecco golf shoes or how to care for Ecco Biom golf shoes is to never forget to clean it after every game.

Always carry a damp towel with you in your golf bag and use it to wipe off the visible dirt and grass once you finish your game.

The reason why you should do this is that it will be harder to clean the dirt once it dried out.

  • Next on our list of how to care for Ecco golf shoes is to use Eccos shoe care products.

Just like how you need a lotion to improve your skins condition.

Ecco golf shoes also need shoe care products to maintain its suppleness and prevent the leather from cracking or chipping off.

This is also helpful if you are asking about how to care for Ecco Biom golf shoes.

  • One of the ways on how to take care of Ecco Biom golf shoes is to use a waterproofing spray.

With the use of a waterproofing spray, you can make your leather golf shoes water- and stain-resistant.

  • To answer your concern, how to care for Ecco golf shoes, you must use a shoe tree.

A shoe tree helps maintain the form and sharpness of leather golf shoes.

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Product Features And Benefits

They also have ShoeRescue, SandalRescue and SneakerRescue wipes.

  • These wipes cleans all over the boots or shoes leaving them looking like new. Dampen a cloth with warm water, rub it along the boot or shoe to remove salt stains that can cause harm to your boots and shoes if left undealt with.
  • All-in-one shoe cleanser and polisher that removes dirt and debris without the use of irritating chemicals.
  • This shoe wipe is effective for cleaning suede shoes and boots, as well as rubber, fabric or nubuck. Your favorite leather boots, jackets, handbags, automobile seats, and more can be restored.
  • Its a great gift for shoe collectors.
  • These disposible wipes come in a box of ten individually wrapped wipes. They are easy to bring with you.

Precautions And Care For Leather Shoes

How To Properly Care For Your Leather Shoes

When wearing leather shoes, remember to check the weather. If it is expected to rain its best to keep your leather shoes in the cupboard. Water will not only stain the outside with mud and muck but the insides will get damp as well making the shoes smell.

On a sunny day, avoid walking in the grass. That will also leave green strokes on your leather shoes. In case you cant avoid grassy areas, make sure you keep an eye on the shoes, and if you see a stain immediately wipe it with a soft tissue.

Carry a micro brush with you. In case you get dirt that is bound to get stuck on the shoes, you need to immediately brush it off and do a more elaborate cleaning after coming home, with soap and water. There are many cleaning creams available in the market as well which you can purchase and put your mind at ease. Cleansing creams are effective and easy to use.

Sometimes if the insides of the shoes become damp they will affect the shape of the shoes, make sure you stuff the shoes with pieces of dry cloth which will absorb moisture and let the shoes retain their shape. It is a bad idea to put them in front of a heater or in the sun on a summer day. It will only damage the shoes.

Leather conditioners are also available in the market. For best leather care purchase one of them and use them properly to keep your leather shoes as good as new for a longer period of time. Leather is the kind of material that is long-lasting and lasts a lifetime if protected and cared for properly.

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Polish And Wax But Don’t Overdo It

Saphir Shoe Care

Nice shoes need a nice shine. When polishing shoes you need to keep your wits about you. Use quality polish or wax, Saphir is the ideal choice. This is a classic example of a situation when less is more. Otherwise, you risk leaving layers of polish, that over time create unseemly smudges. If it had already happened, especially if previously used products had been of poor quality, we recommend Saphir Leather Cleaner Reno’Mat.

Saphir Super Invulner Waterproofing Spray

Everything mentioned above refers to shoes from smooth oiled leather. But suede is nothing to be feared. It just gets a bad rap. Suede shoes are portrait as demanding, useless in rain or snow, prone to scratches. Nothing could be further from the truth. If regularly apply the water-repellent spray, suede shoes are universal and require minimal maintenance. A good quality spray creates a protective layer, which is near impenetrable. We even tried stunts like pouring hot coffee all over suede shoes. Nothing, not even a drop.

Even suede might get eventually dirty, for example from mud or when someone stands on your foot . Then it’s time for the cleaning phase. Wash the shoe with a damp cloth, let it dry, spray it with a water-repellant spray and finally brush it with a suede brush – it will restore suede’s naturally light appearance.

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How To Care For White Leather Shoes

White leather shoes are the best accessory for both men and women. They can be worn during both summer and winter. White color looks great with most outfits and can be worn as a contrast as well. Some people can wear a monotone outfit and the white shoes would go perfectly with it. Such does even look good under an all-black outfit as well.

There are numerous occasions that you can wear your white leather shoes too. Many people wear them to weddings and if you are the groom and are wearing a white tuxedo, then the best option for you is white shoes. It is considered to be a very fashionable accessory.

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Features Of This Sneaker Rescue Wipes

  • The bag has a handy zipper closure.
  • Worrying about filthy sneakers while on the move is no longer an issue. The wipes come in convenient packaging and are easy to bring with you.
  • The Sneaker Wipes are made with biodegradable cleaning technology in the form of probiotic, which cleans for a long time after use.
  • That is why our cleaning products are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, without the use of soap or toxic chemicals.
  • Sneaker LAB supports schools in disadvantaged areas across South Africa, as well as planting trees throughout the continent to assist reverse environmental damage.

Remove The Shoelace And Inner Sole

How To Care For Leather Shoes and Leather Boots

Whether you are searching for how to clean white Ecco golf shoes or how to clean Ecco yak golf shoes, the first step will always be removing the shoelace and the inner sole.

Why is there a need to remove the shoelace?

The reason why you need to take off the laces on your Ecco golf shoes first is that dirt and grass particles also accumulate in the holes where you insert them.

On the other hand, if your pair of Ecco golf shoes come with a detachable inner sole, you should take it out too.

Insoles are usually made of foam, and once soaked in water, it will be hard to dry it out and it might lose its shape.

Also, failure to dry it properly may result in an unpleasant odor in your Ecco golf shoes.

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Things To Consider For Specific Leather Goods

Shoes. When you arent wearing your leather shoes , keep cedar shoe trees in them. This keeps the shape, reduces creases, and naturally absorbs excess moisture/odors. Dress shoes should be cleaned and polished more regularly.

Work-style or everyday wear boots dont need as much care, but should be wiped down weekly and conditioned every 1-6 months depending on where you live, the time of year, and your preferences, as noted above in the conditioner section.

Bags/wallets. Your primary concern here is to avoid over-filling these items. Once misshapen, leather isnt going to spring back to its original form . Bags generally need less treatment than shoes just because they arent subject to the same beating as footwear. Still wipe them down regularly, though, and condition every 6-12 months.

To sum up, ensure that you have a good routine for caring for your leather goods. In many instances, it will look something like these 3 easy steps:

  • Wipe down leather with a damp cloth 1-2 times per week depending on use and accumulated dirt and grime. Store leather shoes on cedar trees.
  • Condition leather every 3-6 months, sometimes more depending on the environment and season.
  • Waterproof once a year, if desired, and if your lifestyle/environment calls for it.
  • How To Care For Leather Shoes: 6 Easy Steps

    Leather shoe care can seem daunting, but leather is actually incredibly durable when given just a little love. Proper care for leather shoes really comes down to two main concepts: keep them clean and keep them dry. Just a few simple steps will greatly improve the longevity of your footwear.

    Here are 6 steps to care for your leather shoes.

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