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What Shoes Does Damian Lillard Wearing Tonight

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Best Custom Shoes Damian Lillard Has Ever Worn With The Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard talks Adidas signature shoes with Nick DePaula | Kick Game Evolution

There are a lot of sneakerheads in the NBA and Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard is certainly one of them.

In 2018, the NBA lifted the restrictions on footwear, allowing NBA players to have free rein of expression when it comes to their shoes. Since the rules have changed, fans have seen unique colorways, scribed messages and even cartoon characters grace the kicks of their favorite players.

Lillard has taken full advantage of the restriction-less Association, donning custom footwear designs on multiple occasions. He has used well-known designers such as Kickstradomis to help mark special events, to highlight an important moment, or to just simply stand out.

In honor of his newest shoe, the Dame 6 Ruthless, set to release on November 29, take a look back at the 10 best shoes that Dame has worn on the court.

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Adidas James Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

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< a href="https://bouncemojo.com"> < img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Damian-Lillard-Shoes-09.webp" alt="Damian Lillard"> < /a> 

Package Dimensions: 11.93 x 8.27 x 4.96 inches 1.81 Pounds

Item model number: WF171

Date First Available: July 15, 2021

Manufacturer: Adidas

Adidas James Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe is one of the top-rated shoes by Damian Lillard. It has a rubber sole with 14 different colors: black, red, white, blue, orange, yellow, green, and more.

Not just that

Fans regarded them as a much-needed innovation and appreciated their comfort, style, and wide range of colors. They are considered perfect for everyday use.

History Of Dame Signature Shoes

The deal that got Damian Lillard his own line was signed in 2014 with Adidas. It was reportedly worth $100 million, which at the time was one of the biggest contracts ever, and could extend for up to 10 years. Before the signature deal, however, Dame was already wearing the three-striped brand D Rose 3 and 4 and the Crazyquick 1 and 2. He was 23 years old when he signed the contract and since has been one of Adidass biggest assets.

His first signature shoe, the D Lillard 1, was released on February 6, 2015.


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Vionic Shoes For Women Are Treats For Your Feet

Looking for shoes with an elegant look is easy, and locating elegant shoes offering comfort as well just became easier. Finding the right affordable Vionic shoes for your feet is a snap, and you can browse a wide range of cute, comfortable Vionic shoes on eBay.

The main Vionic shoe types that are available on eBay

There are some specific types of new and pre-owned Vionic shoes for sale that include:

Why choose active Vionic shoes for women?

Each Vionic shoe and slipper contains a built-in contour. Whether you are looking for new or gently used Vionic shoes, you know they are built for support and stability. If you are on your feet a lot throughout the day, that extra support will give you a comfortable cushion.

A podiatrist founded Vionic shoes and built orthotic support into every shoe. That tradition continues through the present. This extra support means less stress on your lower limbs. A deep heel cup and arch reinforcement cradle your foot. Arch-hugging technology helps to support and assist your natural alignment.

How your heel height is designated

If you have wondered about the differences in heel heights, it helps to have an idea what the typical range is for Vionic shoes. Wedges may have their own measurements available. See the manufacturers site for details. In general, you can go by the following measurements:

  • High above 7 cm
  • Mid 5 to 7 cm
  • Low 2.5 to 4.9 cm
  • Flat under 2.5 cm

Everlane The Day Glove

What Pros Wear: Damian LIllard Honors Kobe Bryant with 50

Flats can be just as bad as heels for bunions or any type of foot pain, says Dr. Brenner. It is important to buy shoes with enough support and a soft enough material so as not to exacerbate the bunion. These flats from Everlane are designed with a not-too-pointed toe box and soft cushioned insoles to help support the foot.

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Where To Buy Vionic Shoes

Ready to know where to buy Vionic Shoes? Dont worry, we got your back.

This 1 minute article can help you find what you are looking for very quickly. Little words, more benefits.

We treat quality and customer satisfaction as one, because our goal is to make you comeback everytime to look for new stuff. Our editors spend days.. sometimes weeks researching and comparing several different websites, to recommend you the best, and displaying all the informations found in easy navigation, to meet your day to day need. We save your time.

You can get Vionic Shoes from these recommended retailers :

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Damian Lillards Adidas Dame 7 Shoes

Damian Lillards preferred sneaker for the 2020-21 NBA season is the adidas Dame 7.

This sneaker retains much of the same qualities as the Dame 6, with a simple mesh upper for lightweight breathability. The ultralight Lightstrike cushioning provides the bounce you need to get up like Damian.

You can find the adidas Dame 7 sneaker at StockX and GOAT.

Heres a detailed overview of the Dame 7 from the homies WearTesters:

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Characteristics Of Dame Shoes

Damian Lillards series has been dubbed one of the most consistent lines in basketball performance sneakers. His shoes usually check all the boxes any player would need in a good, reliable hoop shoe. Its no wonder people around the league are seen playing in them, too.

There has been a recurring theme with the cushion setups in the Lillard line: a good balance and blend of court feel and impact protection. Thats quite hard to come by and its almost unbelievable that theyve done it so consistently over the years. The D Lillard 1 featured adiPrene+ while the D Lillard 2, the last time this name format was used, until the Dame 5 utilized Bounce. The sixth and seventh versions featured Lightstrike.

Adidas has been famous for switching the materials depending on the colorway and the Dame line isnt any different. The first iteration was the first and only one to feature a fully synthetic upper. The rest of the series usually featured knits and meshes with synthetic hints for either style or durability or both.

Mid-tops have been Damian Lillards weapon of choice from the beginning up until now. The price has also been consistent and considerably more affordable compared to other athletes shoes, with the cheapest at $105 and the most expensive at $115. It might also be for this reason that he does not have a take-down model.

Are Vionic Shoes Good For Your Back

Damian Lillard Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Excess weight from obesity or pregnancy, weak joints, or prolonged periods spent on the feet can all put a lot of pressure on the spine, which can then lead to back pain. Orthotics or orthotic-inclusive shoes can ease that burden by giving you better weight distribution, as well as increased stability and balance.

Even though they are non-prescription, Vionic shoes provide clinically proven lower-body support and pain relief. By keeping your feet and legs in better shape, they also give more support to your spine.

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Dame Lillard Basketball Shoes On Sale

Signature shoes such as the Nike Kobe 9 Elite and the sound expensive. True enough, many of them are priced $200 or more. Fortunately, this is not the case with Damian Lillard basketball shoes, which cost just between $105 to $125 upon release.

However, there are still plenty of buyers who are more than willing to wait for much lower rates. Those who are patient enough can find discounted rates at least three months after the original release. They can even wait up to a year to get the lowest rate possible. For a cheapskate sneakerhead, the thrill of getting a new signature pair at just half the original price is just unbeatable.

Adidas Dame 7 Hip Hop Shoe

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< a href="https://bouncemojo.com"> < img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Damian-Lillard-Shoes-14.webp" alt="Damian Lillard"> < /a> 

Cushion: Lightstrike cushioning

Product color: Scarlet / Cloud White / Silver Metallic

Product code: H68989

The very low priced yet high-quality shoe is Dame 7 Hip Hop shoes, available in 5 different colors. The specifications include its knits upper with synthetic support, lace closure, cushioned feel, and rubber outsole.


The colors usually many people as they are scarlet, cloud white, and metallic silver. Let me add in that these pairs of shoes were made up of 50% recycled materials!

These facts attracted most people to the bright red shoes and its price, which is just 77 dollars. The shoes received 4.7 ratings.

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Dame Basketball Shoes: The Story They Tell

Lillard wants his Dame basketball shoes to talk about his journeys in life and the people and events that influenced them. Damian Lillard basketball shoes bear various symbols that hold deep meaning. Some of the most common symbolic elements are the following:

  • The Damian Lillard logo. Damian Lillards logo is a basically a D and an L fused together, creating a winged 0. The three-striped wing represents the Fly Guys, who are Dames close friends.
  • Oak and land. Oak and land are found on the outsoles of the second Lillard shoes. They represent the birth land of the star point guard.
  • DAME D.O.L.L.A. DAME D.O.L.L.A. is Lillards moniker as a rap artist. It means Different on Levels the Lord Allows. In his songs, he raps about triumphs and struggles to become who he is today. His lyrics include thanking his former Weber State University basketball coach Phil Beckner for helping him get into the league.

Adidas Dame Lego Shoes

B/R Kicks on Twitter: " Inspired by mom. @Dame_Lillard wearing the ...

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< a href="https://bouncemojo.com"> < img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Damian-Lillard-Shoes-05.webp" alt="Damian Lillard "> < /a> 

Materials: Rubber outsole

Product color: Cloud White and Vivid red

Product Code: S42806

The next best shoe, which was named Dame Extply 7 Lego Shoes, was introduced by Damian Lillard as the most awaited shoes of its time. It has a price range of $95, which was pretty affordable as stated by the customers.

Talking about the specifications

The shoe was a regular fit, with a lace closure. It had a knit upper with a light strike and bounce cushioning.

The product was released in two different colors namely White and Vivid Red.

Many people loved these shoes and they received a 4.7 rating in total with 4.0 comfort and 4.6 quality.

In some of the reviews, people called them the head turners and conversation starters, while others loved the packaging as the furry panels and the unique box made them fun.

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Adidas Dame 6 Spitfire Basketball Shoes

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< a href="https://bouncemojo.com"> < img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Damian-Lillard-Shoes-08.webp" alt="Damian Lillard"> < /a> 

Materials: Rubber outsole, Lace closure, textile upper, along with textile lining and sock liner.

Type: Imported

Product color: Legacy Green Spitfire.

Adidas Dame 6 Basketball Shoes is the next shoe on our list, primarily known for its unique and iconic color Legacy green or Spitfire. Also, Adidas Dame 6 is regarded as the first signature shoe by the company.

Let me tell you

It is made up of synthetic rubber soles with a webbed lacing system. They have a different Herringbone rubber outsole and are available in a long range of sizes.

Fans loved them as well, as they were high in quality and roomy for feet. They are a perfect fit for you if you are a basketball player as they provide legit precision and control.

You can easily find it on Amazon and Adidas stores.

Trail Blazers Star Damian Lillard Adidas Unveil Dame 8 Signature Basketball Shoe

Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard starts a fast break against the Minnesota Timberwolves during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Portland, Ore., Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021. APAP

The dynamic duo of Adidas and Damian Lillard are embarking on their eighth signature shoe together.

The two sides unveiled their newest shoe, the Dame 8, on Wednesday. The Dame 8 boasts inspiration from Lillards relentless training routine and boxing mentality.

Adidas highlighted two benefits of the Dame 8 for sneakerheads: A lightweight Bounce Pro midsole for a light and soft underfoot and unique traction to make all speeds feel effortless.

This shoe is special to me because it reflects a boxers mindset working hard every single day, putting in the extra hours during training and bringing the heat right down to the last second of every game, Lillard said in a statement.

The Portland Trail Blazers star will have four colorways of the Dame 8. According to Adidas press release, the 4th QTR K.O. is first up with a Bold Purple and Electric Yellow colorway that will be the first to hit the market beginning Dec. 19 for $120.

The 4th QTR K.O. with a Bold Purple and Electric Yellow colorway that will hit the market beginning Dec. 19 for $120. Adidas

The Grey and Teal version of the 4th QTR K.O.Adidas

The Vivid Red colorway of the Dame 8âs.

The Teal and Magenta âRespect My Nameâ colorway of the Dame 8âs.

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Is Vionic Worth It

This Vionic Shoes review believes that a good, supportive pair of shoes is one of the most important accessories you can own. With its science-backed orthotic technology and certifications from reputable medical bodies, its clear that Vionic delivers on its promise to provide shoes, sandals, and more that can help alleviate foot-related ailments.

All of which is to say: yes, this Vionic Shoes review definitely thinks the brand is worth it.

Air Force Veteran Rick Riley Edition

Damian Lillard Career Night Highlights (37 Points vs. Warriors) HD

Damian Lillard pays tribute to security Rick Riley, an Air Force veteran, on his adidas Dame 6!#NBAKicks#HoopsForTroops#VeteransDay


Lillard paid tribute to one of the head of security for the Trail Blazers with these shoes, Air Force veteran Rick Riley. The great look as well as the overall gesture puts this pair into the top six.

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Best Damian Lillard Basketball Shoes

  • rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • Dame’s best shoe so far! A great all-around performer at a very affordable price
  • The Dame 5 works best for quick guards who prefer responsive cushioning
  • rating based on 11 expert reviews
  • Provides responsive cushioning, good traction and great lockdown.
  • Works best for quick guards looking for a low-to-the-ground, responsive and light basketball shoe.
  • rating based on 2 expert reviews
  • Damian Lillard’s 7th signature shoe is a significant upgrade over last years model.
  • A perfectly balanced shoe that fits any position or player.
  • rating based on 6 expert reviews
  • Unique lacing system allows you to customize the fit
  • Affordable performer for players with slightly wider feet
  • rating based on 7 expert reviews
  • Damian Lillard’s latest shoe is fun but inconsistent.
  • Recommended if you play on clean courts and looking for comfortable, supportive shoes.
  • rating based on 8 expert reviews
  • The Dame 6 is an affordable signature sneaker with comfortable full-length Lightstrike cushioning
  • Works best for guards who play on clean courts most of the time

Are Vionics Good For Your Feet

Vionic boots, shoes, sandals, sneakers, and all other products are designed to remedy foot-related ailments and improve lower-limb alignment and health. Many items carry the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association , after having been extensively reviewed by certified podiatrists to ensure their safety, quality, and effectiveness.

The brand website devotes substantial space to the science behind these products, as well as to Vionics affiliations with world-renowned podiatrists, sports medicine specialists, trainers, and other experts. Given all this heavy-duty cred, this Vionic Shoes review has no reservations in saying that, yup, these products are indeed good for your feet.

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Rcota Adidas Dame Shoes

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< a href="https://bouncemojo.com"> < img src="https://bouncemojo.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Damian-Lillard-Shoes-06.webp" alt="Damian Lillard"> < /a> 

Materials: Rubber outsole

Product color: Cloud White, Core Black, and Scarlet

Product code: H68986

Damian Lillard launched another superb pair of shoes and named it R.C.O.T.A Adidas Dame 7 Shoes. It is considered a regular and perfect fit.


The knit upper with synthetic support overlays make it more eye-catching. It is available in three colors, including Cloud White, Core Black, and Scarlet. The price was also very reasonable as it was priced around $110.

Stating some of the top-rated reviews as people found them super comfy and sharp looking. The total rating concluded around 4.7 with 4.3 comforts and 4.5 quality.

Damian Lillard Bets On Black

Adidas Dame 3 Interview

PORTLAND â A few days prior to Saturday nights 101-86 victory versus the Utah Jazz at the Moda Center, Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard saw a photo of one of the best point guards in franchise history, a photo which gave him an idea.

I saw a picture of Terry Porter and that whole group on Instagram and they all had black on with white socks and dark shoes, said Lillard. I was like That look pretty cool.

Which got Lillard wondering why the Trail Blazers had never worn black uniforms at home during his nearly five season in Portland. Teams typically wear lighter jerseys at home, with darker jerseys usually reserved for the road team, though it is not at all uncommon to see teams derivate from that standard, for any number of reasons.

So Lillard, who, as team captain, has the honor of deciding what jerseys the team wears, asked the team equipment manager, Eric Hallman, earlier in the week if they could wear black jerseys for Saturday nights game. The Jazz agreed to wear their white jerseys and the NBA league office signed off on the change, allowing Lillard and the rest of the Trail Blazers to wear black uniforms at home, something at least this iteration of the team had never done before.

Ive felt like this a few times, but even when I do, I take a step back instead of just kind of pressing for the whole game, said Lillard. Tonight, I pressed for the whole game and thats why I ended up with the most points I ever had.

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