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Are On Running Shoes Good

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We Run On Clouds Do You

What makes a good running shoe

However you run and whatever your running goal, theres an On shoe for you. Let our community of elite and everyday runners help you find it.

All over the world, millions of people just like you are running on clouds. Whether you’re chasing personal records, better health and fitness or maybe even just after your dog, there’s an On shoe made to help you do it better.

But don’t take our word for it. Read what a few members of the ever-expanding On community have to say about why they choose to run on clouds or scroll down for a side by side comparison.

Daikichi, 27, Executive Officer

“I’m a triathlete and I participate in IRONMAN every year. So my goal is to run 200km every month. I was seriously injured last year and I am still currently undergoing rehabilitation, so I worry about the strength and stability of my leg.

“The Cloudflyer gives me support and cushioning whenever I touch the ground. It is an indispensable shoe for me now because it reduces the pain of the injured leg and eliminates my anxiety.”

The Cloudflyer is one of our most versatile shoes. Tough and durable but light and agile too. It can handle long and short runs, slow and fast runs, training and racing runs. It’s part of our support range, so if you’re looking for something to give you a little boost when first starting out or returning from injury, then this might be the shoe for you.

Athletes Verdict:

Mbuso, 38, Account Manager

Athlete’s Verdict:

Lucie, 31, Personal Trainer

Reebok Energen Lite Shoes

  • Best for: Runners on a budget
  • How much?£26.25

A stylish and simple design that is available in eight colourways, these Reebok running shoes are so reasonably priced they make for an easy everyday running shoe. With a lightweight outsole, breathable upper and a cushiony FuelFoam midsole, they are an ideal running shoe on a budget.

Under Armour Hovr Machina 2

Weight: 290g , 231g

Heel/toe drop: 8mm

Type: Road/Neutral

Under Armour entered the increasingly crowded field of fast-yet-cushioned midsoles with the Hovr Machina. The second iteration stays close to the first: a generous slab of Hovr cushioning wrapped in Energy Web gets a boost from a two-pronged Pebax plate in the forefoot that is designed to up responsiveness at toe-off. Testers reported that the combo provided a nice balance between cushioned softness and lively energy return on their long runs. They loved the soft Hovr foam midsole, which offered ample heel cushioning when on longer runs. The new mesh upper improves breathability and the new carbon rubber pods on the outsole serve up additional grip with excellent wear resistance. The standout qualities of this shoe are fit and comfort: the upper is roomy and breathable, the ankle collar has plenty of foam around it and the big wodge of Hovr midsole underfoot offers ample cushioning, says Dixon. It doesnt feel like a particularly poppy or responsive ride, but will be a good option for those looking for a capable everyday trainer to cruise through the miles.

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Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

  • Pros: affordable price, lots of color choices, wider forefoot, breathable mesh upper, high level of cushioning
  • Cons: thicker upper feels warmer than previous versions, heavier than other models

Nike is not necessarily known for wider shoes. However, they made a few changes with the Air Zoom Pegasus 38 to create more room in the forefoot. This makes it a good budget shoe for people who need a slightly wider shoe. Another feature is the increase in foam, which means better cushioning without the bulk.

The regular size comes with a wider toe box, but Nike also offers this shoe in an extra-wide version. Plus, the Air Zoom Pegasus 38 has a deeper heel cup, which helps eliminate slippage.

Customers like the upgrades to this shoe, especially the wider toe box and deeper heel cup. Many say they do not have blisters anymore. However, many runners point out that these shoes are heavier than many other running shoes.

  • Pros: versatile and responsive, soft and plush feel, taller toe box, lightweight, zero heel-to-toe drop
  • Cons: not recommended for serious runners, does not vent as well as previous versions

The Altra Escalante 2.5 delivers a comfortable ride with just the right responsiveness. Designed for walking, short runs, and light jogs, this basic trainer is a good fit for entry-level runners who are not planning on cranking out a ton of miles in one run.

Some reviewers express concern the shoe is not wide enough for people with really wide feet.

What To Look For

What are the Best Running Shoes for my Flat Feet?
  • Focus on fit

    When you run, your feet expand and swell. Aim for at least a thumbs width of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.

  • Try lots of shoes

    If possible, visit a specialty running store for a fitting. Try on a bunch of shoes, and go back to the pairs that felt the best.

  • Let comfort rule

    Comfort is key. If a shoe feels off when you try it on for the first time, it most likely wont feel much better on a run.

  • Shop with a goal

    Consider what you want most from your shoes. Is it distance? Think cushioning. Speed? Look for weight and responsiveness.

For this guide weve gathered advice and insight from eight experts, performed dozens of hours of research, and run more than 4,000 miles over the years. The focus here is on go-to shoes for everyday runs. We take a look at the two main running-shoe types , the anatomy of a running shoe, and how a shoe should fit.

To find your best running shoes, youll likely need to try on several different pairs, either at your local running store or in your living room . And if youre ordering from home, consider retailers that have solid return policies, such as Zappos, REI, Running Warehouse, Road Runner Sports, and Fleet Feet.

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The Ultimate Running Shoe Guide: How To Choose The Best Running Shoes For You

Whether you’ve been logging miles for years, training for a 5k or 10k, or are just getting into running, choosing a running shoe is an important part of the process. A well-fitting shoe can go a long way in making runs comfortable and preventing injury. While it’s always a good idea to visit a specialty running shop to get fitted and try on a few options, it might be easier to choose a pair of running shoes online if you know what you’re looking for .

Before you start adding shoes to your cart, there are a couple of factors to consider, like the wear pattern on your current shoes. The wear pattern can show how you pronate, which is a key factor in selecting the best running shoes. If the sole is worn on the ball of the foot, you’re most likely a normal pronator. Excessive wear on the inside of the sole usually indicates something called overpronation and wear on the outside of the shoe often indicates supination . Knowing these wear patterns, as well as preferences when it comes to cushioning, will go a long way in choosing the best shoe for you.

If you’re ready to get into the nitty-gritty of all things running shoes, you’ve come to the right place. We break down the main factors you should consider in this comprehensive running shoe guide. From heel to toe drop, to running location, we cover it all.

Why Trust Us?

Neutral Running Shoes Vs Stability

Traditionally, all running shoes are divided into Neutral running shoes or Stability running shoes.

This is based on the concept that the height and elasticity of your foot arch determines what your shoe should do for you.

  • Runners with high arches dont amortise the shock of impact with the ground enough, therefore needing shoes with extra cushioning
  • Runners with low or flat arches have their arch collapse under the impact resulting in mis-alignment of the running gait, therefore needing shoes that correct this issue

Although there is much more to choosing a pair of running shoes than this, most runners will be find in Netrual running shoes. Some runners though absolutely do need stability in their shoes in order not to get injured.

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Signs Your Running Shoes Need To Be Replaced

Verywell / Photo Illustration by Amelia Manley / Getty Images

Running in old or worn-out shoes can lead to discomfort and injuries. Over time, your running shoes lose shock absorption, cushioning, and stability. When you run in worn-out shoes, it increases stress and impact on your legs and joints, which can cause overuse injuries as well as just general aches and pains. One of the best things you can do to prevent running injuries is to replace your shoes at the right time.

How To Choose Mens Running Shoes

The BEST Running Shoes of 2022 (So Far) | Daily Trainers To Die For

The most important thing to look for in a running shoe is comfort, says Frankie Ruiz, chief running officer at national athletic events brand Life Time and co-founder of the Miami Marathon.

Ruiz says that the best way to get the right fit is to have your measurements taken by a trained shoe fitting specialist at a traditional running shoe store or running specialty retailer.

Ive seen some shoe fitting sessions take longer than an hour. And thats perfectly fine and acceptable. You want to take your time, especially with your first pair as you enter the sport, says Ruiz.

Ruiz says that once people find a brand and model they like, they often stick with it. Do keep in mind that most shoe brands keep the same model, but much like cars they update them every year with minor and sometimes major modifications, he explains.

If you are shopping online, Ruiz recommends looking for retailers with a generous return policy so that you are able to test out the shoes to see if you like them. He suggests trying them out on a treadmill with the same socks youll be running with on a regular basis.

Give yourself about half a size of room between the toe and the shoe. You shouldnt be sliding around in the toe box, but you should have room to wiggle the toes freely, says Ruiz.

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Have You Had Your Gait Analysed

All Runners Need stores offer free video gait analysis as part of our comprehensive running shoe fitting service.

Using video technology to analyse your running style, our expert fitters can assess how much you pronate – thats the extent to which your foot naturally rolls inward when you run and where your foot strikes the ground.

They will then be able to recommend you a running shoe based on foot shape, terrain, pronation and personal preference from a range of top brands like New Balance and more.

It is important to remember that each shoe and brand will fit slightly differently even if the size is the same. You should have at least a thumb width between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe ideally for running.

The Roger Centre Court

The Roger Centre Court is the model of shoe that came about as a result of On teaming up with tennis rockstar Roger Federer. The clean lines of this tennis sneaker are quite striking, the strong design earning it a spot on our list of favorite white sneakers for men. Featuring a more subdued sole, since tennis is as much about lateral movement as it is going forwards, this sneaker surprised us by how much we like it as an everyday shoe.

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Do Running Shoes Really Make A Difference

Yes, running shoes do actually make a difference. They are specifically made for running and the high-impact forces it generates. Proper running footwear serves multiple purposes. A snug fit means fewer foot issues, like blisters, while still giving you flexibility and comfort of movement. The structure helps ensure proper running form, which reduces the likelihood of joint strain. The build gives you longevity and the cushioning and material needed to withstand impact and repeated stress.

How Much Cushion Do You Want To Feel

15 Best Long Distance &  Running Shoes (UK)

The ride provided by your shoes is determined by two aspects of cushioning: the firmness of the foam and the thickness of the shoe material between your feet and the ground. This material in the midsole is usually a type of foam, typically EVA or polyurethane, that helps absorb the impacts as your feet strike the ground. From maximally cushioned midsoles to ones with no cushion, how thick or firm the midsoles below your feet is a matter of personal preference. Some runners want a plush, soft ride for extra comfort. Others dont want or need that much cushioning, preferring more response from each stride. The best way to decide is to try on a variety of shoes and see how they feel.

Here are your choices when it comes to cushioning:

  • Maximum cushion: These maximalist shoes offer thick padding in the midsoles for the ultimate plush feel. Runners may prefer the comfort of thicker, softer foam underfoot when running long distances or multiday races. But super-soft cushioning isnt for everyone. Some dont like the squishiness feel. Further reading:

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Heel To Toe Drop In Running Shoes

If youre new, or if you run less than 10 miles per week, theres no need to know about heel to toe drop as long as you buy shoes with at least 6mm drop .

The only exception is if you have a record or severe ankle, knee, hip, ITB, Achilles, or plantar fasciitis injuries. In such cases, seek out a specialist before buying running shoes.

More experienced runners tend to show interest in the heel to toe drop. There are a lot of opinions on the subject. If you want to learn more, check our in-depth scientific guide to heel to toe drop.

Heel drop effects
The lower the drop, the greater the potential to improve cadence. Foot switch is slower in higher drop shoes.
Lower and zero drop shoes promote midfoot and forefoot strike. A higher drop allows for rearfoot strike because the elevated heel helps with high impacts when the heel hits the ground.
Lower heel drop might help with ITB, knee pain, gluteal overuse syndrome. Higher heel drop might help with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinopathy , calf injuries.
Low drop shoes allow for more ankle flexion during landing. The ankle absorbs the impact and works as a spring. These shoes can place greater stress on the foot, ankle, lower leg. High drop has a higher knee flexion moment. This means it has the potential to load hips and knees more, similar to heel strike.
Overstriding rearfoot strike might be prevented with a lower drop. Overstriding forefoot strike might be prevented with a higher drop.

On Running Review: The Worlds Lightest Trainers

On has made a big splash in its relatively short existence, and now has the accolade of being the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world. Founded in 2010 by a three-time world duathalon champion and multiple Ironman winner Oliver Bernhard, together with his friends David Allemann and Casper Coppetti, the vision from the off was to come up with a fast and truly revolutionary running shoe.

Whilst that term gets bandied around too much, in Ons case you just have to look at the Cloud or Cloudflow to realise that these On Running shoes are unlike any other running shoes on the market. They set out to solve the two perennial problems in distance running shoes: of combining a cushioned, soft landing with a firm, responsive take-off and a highly cushioned shoe that is also extremely lightweight. Plenty of shoes on the market are good at one or the other, but not both.

Distance shoes tend to be either fast, responsive and lightweight or comfortable, cushioned and heavier. On has come up with a shoe design that genuinely delivers on both fronts, built around two main innovations.

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New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11

  • Price: $$$
  • Pros: good fit for feet that need slightly more room than standard shoes provide, available in a lot of colors, ultra-cushioned lightweight ride
  • Cons: pricier than other shoes, thick sole, may not be wide enough for really wide feet

New Balance tops the list of brands that specialize in wide feet. But sometimes, wide and W-wide shoes are too big for certain feet. And thats where the Fresh Foam 1080v11 comes in. This running shoe is designed for slightly wider than average feet, giving runners just a bit more room in the toe box, and its also available in wide sizes.

The New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v11 is also versatile, lightweight, and flexible. Plus, this stylish option boasts extra cushioning that cradles your foot from heel to toe, making it a top pick for long training runs, short distances, gym workouts, and daily use.

Customers rave about the comfort, stability, and support these shoes provide during daily use and while running. However, some find the fit not wide enough for extra-wide feet.

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