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How To Buy Bots For Shoes

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How To Choose The Right Sneaker Bot


If you want the best chance of getting your dream sneakers, then you need to know how to choose the best sneaker bot. While there are a lot of sneaker bots out there, not all of them are going to be well suited to your needs.

Lets take a look at some of the things you need to consider when choosing the right sneaker bot.

How To Cop Shoes From Regional Websites

You know that sneaker fly off the big retailers virtual shelves. That is why it is so hard to buy sneakers from Adidas and Finish Line. Lots of people use bots on the big sites to try to keep up. You can avoid this issue by going with a smaller retailer. These retailers are often overlooked, but they have some of the biggest releases out there. Check out some regional chains when you cop your sneakers. Youll have less competition, so it will make it much easier to get the sneakers you want without using a bot. That doesnt mean you have to stay away from the big chains completely, but you should at least give the regional stores a try. You might be pleasantly surprised when you end up with lots of sneakers from the regional stores. Plus, youll help the local economy, as well. The local stores will certainly be happy with the influx of cash.

How To Get Sneaker Bots

Sneaker bots can be bought from a retailer. Check their websites and social media frequently to see when restocks are happening. However, the chances of getting one are very slim. After all, there are thousands of others waiting to get their hands on them.

Your other option is to check Twitter and Discord for resellers, but be careful! The resell market is ridden with scammers, thats why you should always use a middleman. Currently, Tidal Market offers one of the best middleman services. Some of the most popular bots are available on BotBroker and if youre looking to rent check out Whop marketplace and Easy Rentals.

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Eyes On Twitter If You Wanna Buy A Sneaker Bot

Usually, out-of-stock bots announce an upcoming restock on their Twitter. So if you really want that bot, youre gonna need patience, luck, and ironically, sometimes, another bot. Yes, people are actually running bots, to catch another bot restock. You can say that we came full circle right there in the botting industry. We can call it a bot-ception if you want: a bot within a bot!

Where To Buy A Sneaker Bot Out Of Stock Edition


Youd think that waiting for a restock is no biggie, right? Well, youre totally wrong there. And if youre not a very lucky sneakerhead, odds are youll be waiting for a long, long, long time. However, you can always go for resale websites, youll probably find whatever youre looking for there. However, dont be surprised if you find some ridiculously high numbers. People wanna cash in on their investment after all. There are many websites where you can buy/sell a bot, the same way you can sell your kicks.

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Which Sneaker Bot Is The Best

Lets get one thing straight: theres no such thing as one best bot.

Why? The botting scene is highly unpredictable. One missed update or simply lack of luck can render a previously successful bot useless. Honestly, theres a brand new top-performing bot with every release.

What we are looking for is consistency. Sure, a bot can have some bad days. Dont we all? But a bot that is worthy of your time will score you more or less Ws with every release. According to the most recent data of our success tracker, Wrath has been killing it for quite some time its not a coincidence why its at the top of our list.

Now, lets continue with the strongest sneaker bot lineup youd wish to get your hands on:

Sneaker Botting Is Just Another Form Of Scalping

But it does help to level the playing field in some cases.

Botting has proven to be effective in securing the most in-demand sneakers. However, before you opt for botting, you need to consider whether it is worth it if you’re just a regular buyer.

Now, you might ask yourself if botting is the same as scalping. In essence, sneaker botting is just another form of scalping. However, while scalping might be viewed negatively, the sneaker resale market is worth billions and has created a movement that encourages entrepreneurship amongst sneakerheads.

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Allocate Time For After

Even with the most bulletproof bot blocking strategy, some sneaker bots will still get through.

But just because the bot made a purchase doesnt mean the battle is lost.

Dedicate resources to review order confirmations before shipping the sneaks. This is a strategy used by retailers including Walmart and Very, and can do much to boost consumer confidence that youre truly trying to keep releases fair.

Review the orders and ask:

  • Are there multiple orders shipping to the same address?
  • Were several orders made using the same IP address?
  • Was the same credit card used by different customers?
  • Is there social media chatter from customers bragging about how they used bots to game your site?

The most advanced bot operators work to cover their tracks. They use residential proxies to obscure IP address and tweak shipping addressesan industry practice known as address jiggingto fly under the radar of these checks. But taking a critical eye to the full details of each order can help identify illegitimate purchases.

Now That You Know Where To Buy A Sneaker Bot


We gotta give you some pointers! We said it once and now twice getting a sneaker bot doesnt guarantee success at copping. Youll need experience running bots, patience, and a sprinkle of luck. Make sure you check out the full cooking guide here! It will give you the recipe of success that includes sneaker proxies! And if youre in it for the money, dont expect to become a billionaire just a month into botting. Just like everything else, botting and reselling is a business, and all great businesses started small at first!

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Buying Is Not The Only Option

If you bought a bot and it didnt float your boat, youll totally feel like it was a scam, wont you? Well, just like everything else, you can rent a bot! So before you make the commitment of buying a bot for several thousands of dollars, why not rent it? Its also pretty expensive to rent if its a powerful out-of-stock bot. However, itll be cheaper than buying it for resale! Also, just like resale, there are specific websites for bot renting. Maybe trying your hand first before buying isnt such a bad idea!

Monitor & Identify Traffic

If you cant measure it, you cant improve it. So, if you dont have tools to monitor and identify sneaker bot traffic, youll never stop it.

Professional bot mitigation platforms analyze behavioral indicators like mouse movements, frequency of requests, and time-on-page to identify suspicious traffic. For example, if a user visits several pages without moving the mouse, its most likely a bot.

Bot mitigation solutions help identify sneaker bots with digital fingerprinting. They look at known information like browser type, IP address, cookies, browser extensions, and so on to create a profile of users that can be flagged as suspicious.

Remember to look for bot mitigation solutions that monitor traffic across all channelsweb site, mobile apps, and APIs. Sneaker bots can plug directly into retailers APIs to access products more quickly. You need to cover all entry points.

Finally, the best bot mitigation platforms use machine learning to constantly update to the threats on your specific web application. In the cat-and-mouse game of bot mitigation, your playbook cant be based on last weeks attack.

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How To Beat The Sneaker Bots: Get A Sneaker Proxy

Some people think that if you dont use a bot, you dont need a proxy, but that isnt true. If you want to buy a large number of sneakers, you are going to need a proxy. Otherwise, you will have to follow the limits imposed by the sneaker sites. That might mean you are only able to get a single pair of sneakers. It is critical that you buy a proxy that was specifically made for copping sneakers. Sneaker proxies are located near the sneaker sites datacenters so you wont have to worry about long lag times slowing you down. Instead, you will be able to jump right in and start buying sneakers. It is also a good idea to buy a large number of proxies. Dont make the mistake of going with a single proxy. You need to buy a lot of proxies so you can assign each one to a different account. Then, you will be able to add sneakers to your shopping cart and check out without any issues.

Gmail Accounts For Sneaker Bots

The Sneaker Bot War: Who is on the Front Lines?

Popular sites such as Supreme, Shopify, Foot sites, and Yeezy Supply require a Gmail account. These sites implement CAPTCHAs which can be solved quickly through the use of Gmail.

Preferably, youd need an aged Gmail account, one that was created in 2010 or before. As is the case for almost any tool here, there is a black market for old Gmail accounts.

There are people out there who farm old Gmail accounts and go as far as putting a lot of traffic and activity through them to not make them look fake.

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Looking For A Shoe Bot Here Are Some Great Options

The sneaker copping scene is ridden with both newbies and veterans trying to pinpoint the best sneaker bots on the market. Its not an easy feat. Several years ago, you had the option to choose from a handful of bots and youd know fast enough if they stink at copping limited edition sneakers.

Today, you can choose from hundreds and I really mean hundreds of bots. I bet you can hardly name more than 10, right? Fine, maybe more than 20 if youve got a good memory. So, how do you pick the best sneaker bot? Let me tell you something: browsing Reddit isnt going to cut it anymore.

After long, caffeine-induced brainstorming sessions, followed by even longer hours of coding, we came up with something awesome a sneaker bot success tracker. Using Twitters API, it collects the successful checkout mentions. We paired the data with our own research on the market and came up with a list of best sneaker bots that can actually score you Ws!

  • Kodai AIO best for Footsites.
  • MEKPreme best for Supreme.
  • Project Enigma best for SNKRS.
  • The People Behind The Technology

    In many cases, bots are built by former sneakerheads and self-taught developers who make a killing from their products. Insider has spoken to three different developers who have created popular sneaker bots in the market, all without formal coding experience.

    Splashforce, a bot that services nearly 4,000 customers, was created by an 18-year-old who had previously described himself as “dirt poor.” The teen founder and co-owner of Adept, another major sneaker bot, initially earned money via a paper route. Meanwhile, the maker of Hayha Bot, also a teen, notably describes the bot making industry as “a gold rush.”

    Each of these self-taught bot makers have sold over $380,000 worth of bots since their businesses launched, according to screenshots of payment dashboards viewed by Insider.

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    The 7 Steps You Need To Do Before You Buy A Sneaker Bot

    The actual key to success when it comes to sneaker copping is PLANNING. Were not saying that your choice of sneaker bots doesnt play an immense role in copping Ws. But, having a solid copping plan changes your entire game! So, were here to talk about everything you need to do before you buy a sneaker bot the complete checklist!

    Every sneakerhead feels a bit confused at some point in their sneaker copping career. It isnt that easy to find all the information you need on sneaker bots and copping. Of course, unless you follow our epic sneaker blog shameless plug! Other than that, the only place to get actual in-depth sneaker botting material is on cook groups. But, were here to give you the best of both worlds!

    Keep reading to find out exactly what you need and what it takes to buy a sneaker bot. All the money-related issues, the tools you should own, and so much more. This 7-step guide is basically all you will ever need to get started in the sneaker industry. Find out more!

    Use Autofill When Checking Out

    How to buy a Sneaker Bot in 2020!

    It might not seem fair, but you can even the playing field by enabling autofill in Google Chrome. You dont even need to download anything for this. It is built into the browser and it is easy to set up. Open up Chrome and go to the Settings. Then, click Show Advanced Settings and go to Passwords and Forms. Select Mange Autofill Settings. You can add your address and payment information into the autofill settings. When you enter your payment information, enter the CVC number and click Keep a Copy of This Card on This Device. Then, click Verify. If you fail to do this, you will have to verify the card every time you make a payment. It might only take a second to enter your CVC number, but that second could prevent you from getting your shoes. Remember, bots are set up so they dont have to verify information, so you need to be set up the same way. If you dont like the idea of storing payment information on your computer, add it the day before the launch and delete it once it is over. Then, you can add it back in for the next launch. Just dont forget to do it or youre going to be stressed out during the launch. You will waste a lot of time adding your address and payment information to every checkout form, and that wasted time will cost you a lot of shoes.

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    Why Should I Care How They Work

    I mean, you dont have to care. If you dont care, dont keep reading. I think its an interesting thing to know and I tend to only be comfortable with things when I completely understand them. Bots really are surprisingly complicated, especially ones sold publicly online. Theyre also pretty cool. Ill be going over some code snippets and some theory about how websites work so you get a better idea of what bots are actually doing.

    Ways To Beat Online Sneaker Bots

    Social Media Manager for Complex. Twitter/Instagram:

    It’s become extremely difficult to cop sneakers online these days. Not only are you competing with what seems like an ever-growing number of sneakerheads, but you’re also up against consumers that use automated methods, a.k.a bots. Like it or not, this is the nature of the culture now. Gone are the days when you could just stroll into your local mall and pick up the latest retros or log on Nike’s website to find a full-size run of heat.

    You might feel like the odds are against you, and that you have to resort to using a bot. It most definitely doesn’t have to be that way, though. With research and the right preparation, you’ll greatly increase your chances to flourish. To help get you started, we put together this list of 10 tips on How to Cop Sneakers Online Without a Bot.

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    Virtual Credit Card Profiles

    There are numerous ways to get your hands on credit cards for sneaker bots.

    For starters, you can rely on virtual credit cards. This is a feature that most modern credit card providers have, which allows you to make an unlimited number of virtual cards that all source back to your own personal card.

    Bonus Tips For Sneaker Shopping

    Automatically Buy Shoes

    When you use a proxy to purchase your sneakers online, you mask the real IP address that youre using. You will need to use a different IP address for every site that you visit, so its important to go for different companies for each so that you dont raise suspicion.

    You will also need to find companies that can provide good geo locations, especially for those designer sneakers.

    Also, as we have mentioned, make sure that you connect to a location that is close to you. Not only will you have better internet speed, but you will be less likely to get banned or discovered for using a proxy.

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