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Where Are Kizik Shoes Made

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Kizik Handsfree Shoes Our Story

These slip-on shoes made pregnancy a lot easier.
  • Kizik, a company founded by Ogio founder and CEO Mike Pratt, designs and makes handsfree luxury fashion shoes. The central premise of their design is that you just slip them on and off. In our.
  • KIZIK. KIZIK is changing the way people put shoes on their feet by changing the way shoes are made. Without ever needing laces – just step in and KIZIK shoes pop on. KIZIK is leading innovation by making shoes more comfortable and simplifying the way we put shoes on. Designed with adjustable features, KIZIK’s create a custom, hands-free.
  • The hands-free technology in our shoes makes it possible for anyone with feet to get inand outof fashionable shoes without the need of assistance or additional tools. Scott Rider, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 14-years ago, shares how Kizik shoes help him live a more comfortable and convenient life
  • The Kizik shoe is. Every once and a while, and more often on The-Gadgeteer, a product comes along with a description that is entirely unique and intriguing. The shoes are made in China. Reply.
  • Women’s Cairo – Black Grey Outsole. $99.00. Women’s Cairo – Black Grey Outsole. Introducing the all-new Cairo With External CageÑ¢ Technology Step into freedom with the Cairo Hands-free shoe from Kizik. Say Äòhasta la vistaÄô to bending down, wiggling, and re-tying your shoes. Once youÄôve stepped right into Cairo you.
  • Who Is Kizik For

    Kiziks line of footwear is intended to be more convenient than your regular pair of lace-ons. For those who usually find themselves within a time crunch, theres a chance that this brand can act as a suitable alternative. In addition, people diagnosed with foot pain may find Kizik is a more comfortable solution.

    Innovation In Every Step

    When we set out to revolutionize the footwear industry, our goal was to create something truly original and extraordinary, and to do it in a way only inventors can. Our drive for simplicity results in shoes that match exhilarating style with incredible functionality. Shoe style is one of the most popular ways of expressing personality, but we don’t think that needs to involve the burden of tying laces or hopping around on one foot after getting through airport security.

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    Kizik Lima Review: The Laziest Shoes Made For People Who Care

    Tyler Hayes Tech & ScienceShoesAtomsTechNike

    There was a time in my adult life that I threatened to go back to Velcro shoes because tying shoes felt like a waste of effort that took too long. Personally, I prefer the ease of getting shoes on to their look. The comfort of a shoe is key, but so is its convenience. The most shocking part of this minor confession, however, is that I don’t think I’m alone. My primary, though anecdotal, evidence is seeing people of all ages wearing slip-on Vans. Secondly, I see people wearing those bubbly Crocs all the time. I’m plenty convinced that how easy shoes are to get on and off plays a critical role in their appeal, even over how they look.

    This is where the Kizik shoes come in. Their foremost selling point is that they can be put on hands-free. They can be stepped into without needing to touch or adjust in any way. And they look good. They don’t look like they were designed for the lazy.

    I have tried to step into my shoes and wiggle my way into them since I was young. The end results have been always the same, too. I can get most of my foot in, but the heel is always left crinkled and needs to be pulled up. Kizik has fixed that problem with a heel that pops up and doesn’t need to be touched. So is a shoe that ruins decades of parents’ pleas to “just untie the shoes and put them on correctly” actually worth buying?

    Kizik Shoesreviews: What Do Customers Think

    KIZIK Handsfree Shoes

    Unless youre the type to purchase, try on, and return in a matter of daysits best to comb through a few customer reviews to help save on money and time. Fortunately, it takes a single Google search to know that Kizik is a coveted favorite among several sneakerheads.

    Dont believe us? There are over 14.8k comments posted with an overall star rating of 4.9/5 stars on the brands official page. To help readers understand where its ratings lie, lets take a look at some of their best-selling products.

    • The Mens Madrid Eco-Knit sneakers: 3,284 reviews with 4.9/5 stars
    • The Mens Cairo Deep Sea sneakers: 2,077 reviews with 4.9/5 stars
    • The Womens Vegas Ivory White shoes: 144 reviews with 4.9/5 stars

    Perhaps its time to dust some space in your shoe closet. This Kizik review found an overwhelmingly positive response for the brands collection of sneakers. According to the majority of customers online, their kicks proved comfortable, chic, and easy to wear. This is especially expressed through the companys hands-free technology.

    I stumbled upon the KIZIK website and boy was I thrilled. I have gotten so many compliments on these shoes, and they are so easy to slip on and off. So happy, one customer wrote for the Mens Vegas shoes in ivory white.

    The positivity doesnt stop there. Websites such as Amazon, Facebook, and Zappos also hold glowing feedback for this footwear brand. To keep things easy to read, well provide the ratings in point-form down below:

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    How Kizik Shoes Work

    While many slip-on tennis shoes simply have finger loops to help keep the shoe’s structure intact as you slide your foot in, Kizik designed a heel cup that can compress and bounce back over and over without losing its shape. This is thanks to what the company calls External Cage technology: a crosshatch pattern of rubber strips that wrap around the heel cup. This “cage” can collapse and spring back into place, which means the shoe’s heel never curls in or gets crushed.

    The Big Idea: A Revolutionary Heel

    The Kiziks, which started life as a Kickstarter success story, work like this: You know how lazy people crush the heels of their shoes when they shove their feet in?

    Looking at my wifes Nike shoes should be enough to make you never want to slip them on again. My wife has literally crushed her heel and she doesnt give two shakes about it!

    KIZIK claims these are the perfect outdoor shoes for going indoors and outdoors often.

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    I Tried The Boston And New York Styles And Both Looked Great And Were Customizable To My Feet

    I tested out two styles of Kizik sneakers the $160 Boston and the $150 New York. The Boston Sneaker comes in 11 different sizes ranging from 8 to 14, and there are three colors Black, Date Tan, and Castle, which is a gray shade. The New York Sneaker comes in the same sizes and colors, but there are also White and Coffee colors.

    When I opened the boxes, I was hit with a couple of odors. First, there was the pleasant new leather scent from the full-grain leather upper. However, the soles had a chemical stench to them when I brought them close to my nose. This dissipated over time.

    I wear a size 15 shoe in most brands, but I’ve grown used to squeezing into 14s when that’s all that’s available. So I tried out the 14s in the date color for both styles and found they actually fit perfectly a 15 would not have fit as well.

    I tried the Boston Sneaker first. My left foot slid in comfortably, but it was a tighter squeeze for my right foot it happens to be wider than my left. Fortunately, I was able to adjust the tongue to provide more room. At first, the shoes were slightly uncomfortable and stiff, but after about 10 minutes of walking around in them, they started to feel better. The New York Sneaker seemed to fit better from the get-go. It felt like it had more support for my medium arch. I didn’t need to adjust the tongue at all.

    Kizik Shoes Launch Footwear Revolution With Patented

    Is this The Best Slip On Shoe ever made?
  • KIZIK shoes feature F.A.S.T. hands-free technology. They slide on effortlessly, but otherwise act and look like regular shoes. They are a great option for anyone who hates tying laces and pulling.
  • F.A.S.T. Technology uses brilliant design and ingenuity to provide a rebounding heel that encloses the foot after entry, allowing you to put your shoes on in a split-second. The KIZIK Atlanta is the perfect athleisure sneaker with a hands-free experience, ideal for those always on the go
  • The Kizik shoes are comfortable, easy to slip on, and look great. Though appearance is a matter of preference, I like the look of the Boston Sneakers more, but the New York Sneakers felt better on.
  • Partnership Will Make Kizik’s Hands-Free Easy-On-And-Off Shoes More Available to Those Living With Parkinson’s Disease. September 1, 2020 – Kizik, a Utah-based footwear company that revolutionized the easy-on-and-off shoe industry, announced it has made a donation to the Parkinson’s Foundation.Kizik will collaborate with the Parkinson’s Foundation to make Kizik® shoes more available.
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    Amazoncom: Customer Reviews: Kizik Men’s Signature

    KIZIK shoes allow you to slide into your shoes with one simple motion. Our F.A.S.T Technology releases the back of the shoes for easy entry and locks your heel back in place. PROVEN DURABILITY We put our shoes through more than 100,00 compression tests to ensure that they live up to promise without compromise Alongside our Terra Aidon X1 and X3 eMTB saddles, the Terra Ergolace X2 eBike shoes meet the demands of electric-assisted mountain biking and all-terrain adventures of every kind. the Vento Stabilita Carbon, a revolutionary addition to the top of our performance road shoe range featuring Dynamic Arch Support 2.0 that puts pedalling power on. Custom made orthotic devices that fit into shoes can fix your high arch difficulties by providing proper cushioning and stability to your footbed. You can try the best shoes for high instep and high arch as these shoes are already incorporated with arch support insoles. Bracing Each shoe is made of high-grade, full-grain leather, which means that the material has great strength and durability and that it looks even better over time. We believe functionality and fashion go together. Put on your Kizik shoes each day knowing every pair is carefully crafted to ensure that you love the style, comfort, and hands-free.

    Kizik Shoes: Not Machine Washable

    Weve been spoiled with our Allbirds, Rothys, and Suavs . We love to machine-wash our sneakers. Its so nice to not worry about having to spot clean them. We can simply toss them in the washer and hang dry. Thats awesome.

    Sadly, KIZIK shoes are not Machine Washable. It would be AMAZING if Allbirds adopted FAST!

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    Kizik Womens Shoes Review

    If you constantly mutter fashion is pain on a regular basis, chances are that youre not doing it right. Lucky for trendsetters, this shoe company doesnt sacrifice style nor comfort when it comes to streetwear style sneakers.

    Dont believe us? Well, you should definitely stay tuned for this segment in this Kizik shoes review. Well take a brief look at some of the customer favorites within the womens section.

    Come on, ladies. We can do so much better than the overhyped Fila sneaker or the standard Air Forces 1s. If you happen to like the colorless look, the Womens Vegas Ivory White runners can act as a more suitable option. Minimalistic in style, these kicks showcase a rounded toe, a chunky platform, and a luxurious rabbit foam outsole to keep you walking light.

    These Kizik womens shoes are also made out of premium leather, which helps add that element of luxury to your overall look. Reinforced with rubber traction and adjustable lacing, the Womens Vegas Ivory White sneakers are offered at $129. You should also know that this shoe also comes in beige, black, or clover.

    If youre anything like me, you have shoes for every mood. Weve got the depression Birkenstocks, the books are due Thursday heels, and the demon-slaying combat boots. When it comes to happiness, Id imagine the Womens Athens Sunrise sneakers would fit just right in.

    Kizik Mens Shoes Review

    KIZIK Shoes Review: Gimmick Or The Greatest Shoe Invention ...

    Sorry, sneakerheads. Shoes are meant to be worn and not stored in a glass box container for future bragging. And by no means are we saying that you should only opt for a mediocre pair of runners. Fortunately, this footwear brand offers a great deal on fashion versus functionshown through designs such as Athens, Cairo, and Madrid.

    Cant decide on one? Dont worry this Kizik shoes review will help you out. Well take a look at some of the brands top-selling shoes in the mens section.

    Damn, Daniel. Back at it again with the white Vans? You do know that lace-ups take forever to put on. The Mens Madrid Eco-Knit sneaks are not only stylish but super convenient to wear. While it does come with ties, theres no need to do the ol bend and snap when it comes to fastening.

    Built with hands-free technology, these runners require only seconds to put on. They also feature a breathable mesh upper that stretches with movement, making them ideal for exercising.

    Other notable features include a cushioned sole to provide that Cloud 9 walking experience. Offered in 6 different colors, the Mens Madrid Eco-Knit sneakers cost $99.

    Regarding price, the Mens Cairo Deep Sea sneakers cost $99 in total. And psst, you can get them in over 4 different color variations.

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    Kizik Promotions & Discounts

    This Kizik review found out that they have a sale outlet in which customers can find select designs at a discounted price. They also offer a refer-a-friend program, where members can get $20 off their next order. Lastly, you can sign up for the brands loyalty program to get access to insider deals and perks.

    Kizik Review: What The Big Idea With Slip On Shoes

    I first came across Kizik in watching one of those crazy Youtube ads that start at the beginning of all your favorite YouTube videos. The commercial was long: like 3 minutes long. But it was entertaining and got my curious: are the Kizik shoes any good?

    To be 100% honest with you: many companies provide us with products to review. We dont say yes to everything but in this case: we bought the shoes on our own because we were genuinely curious.

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    Kizik Shoes Review: What Did We Think

    To be honest: we were super shocked the first time we put the KIZIK Shoes on. Not only were we free from tying laces, but the shoes were incredibly comfortable!

    These sneakers were super lightweight and felt amazing. Theres no way it felt like there was titanium inside the shoe.

    I attempted to slide my first foot in and WOOP! It went right in and fit perfectly. I thought, this might be a fluke, I need to try again. Nope, I attempted to slide my other foot in and WOOP, once again, it fits like a glove.

    What about taking them off? Just simply slide your foot out and hold the back of your shoe with your other foot. Its that simple. Just slide your foot in and slide your foot out. It was pretty stinking remarkable, actually!

    Wearing the shoes, you would have no idea that they were anything special. The shoes were just incredibly comfortable. They are only slightly heavier than Allbirds or Suavs Shoes , which is REALLY amazing.

    The Madrid Eco-Knit shoe that we tried was also super-breathable. We love that it helps with stinky feet!

    The rubber soles were super lightweight and felt like they would last a long time.

    The Shoes Start At $150 So They’re Not Cheap But Reasonably Priced For Something That Looks And Fits Great And Can Be Customized For Your Feet

    Kizik Shoes | Handsfree shoes

    The Kizik sneakers are among the best shoes I’ve worn. At $150, they’re not cheap, but the price is not unreasonable, for a shoe that demonstrates your individuality and practicality. The fact that you can move the tongue around to ensure a custom fit is a nice option if you have trouble finding footwear for a perfect Goldilocks fit.

    Personally, I think the Boston Sneakers look better in the Date color. But if I had the opportunity to choose the shoes all over again, I would get a pair of the New York sneakers in Castle because the shoes felt better to me, and I like the gray color. If you’re concerned about having footwear that matches your wardrobe, then black is your best bet since it can go with just about anything.

    Overall, I strongly recommend the Kizik sneakers if you want comfortable and convenient slip-ons that are appropriate for any occasion.

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    Comparison: Kizik Vs Allbirds

    Of course, Kizik isnt the only footwear company out there. In the race to become the best shoe brand, labels like Allbirds are also looking to dominate within the industry. With that in mind, how does our retailer compare to its competition?

    From product variety to cost, weve rounded up a few key points to help you answer that question.


    • Known for its hands-free technology in footwear since 2018
    • Catered to those pressed for time/ people with foot pain
    • Offers sneakers for men and women only
    • Price ranges from $89 to $119
    • Has an eco-knit collection where some shoes are made out of recycled plastic
    • Complimentary US shipping with free returns


    • Known for its comfortable and sustainable footwear since 2016
    • Intended for the ethical shopping crowd
    • Offers sneakers, high tops, boat shoes, sandals, and flats for men and women. They also sell clothing and accessories
    • Price ranges from $98 to $145
    • Completely transparent when it comes to sustainability
    • Free shipping on orders $50 or more with a 30-day return policy

    So, it all comes down to your budget and shopping beliefs. For instance, Kizik can be a great option for those looking for an affordable, hassle-free shoe. On the other hand, Allbirds can be seen as an excellent alternative for the ethical shopper crowd but at a higher rate. If you want to learn more, then check them out in our full Allbirds Shoes Review.

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