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Wide Width Hiking Boots Womens

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Best For Ankle Support: Vasque Talus Trek Ultradry Hiking Boot

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus Waterproof Amped Wide Hiking Boot Review

Our digital executive editor, Deanne Kaczerski, has been taking to the trails in Vasque’s Talus Trek for the last few years, and we think the updated version of this style is another awesome contender for those with touchy ankles. The easy speed-lacing construction allows you to customize how tight you’d like them to hug your ankles. Kaczerski vouches that they can get a bit hot in the summer, but they overall keep her feet dry and steady, especially on super rocky terrain.

To buy:, $150

Will You Be Hiking In Or Near Water Or In Rainy Climates

One of the quickest ways to getand remainuncomfortable outdoors, no matter the temperature or season, is getting wet. Technology in waterproof hiking essentials has come a long way, and often comes standard, at least to a mid-level of resistance. But if you know youre going to be hiking in regions with frequent rainfall, or where youll be crossing or walking alongside creeks, rivers, or other bodies of water, do future you a favor and prioritize buying waterproof hiking shoes. And for the love of your feet and all they do for you, bring an extra pair or two of socks.

Best Womens Waterproof Hiking Shoes: Merrell Womens Altalight Waterproof Hiking Shoe


The waterproof nylon ripstop upper and Merrells M Select Dry Barrier impermeable membrane keep water out, and the bellows tongue keeps it from finding a sneaky pathway around. These waterproof hiking shoes are designed with a lightweight exoskeleton to provide support without heft, and an air cushion in the heel adds stability and shock absorption. Also essential for wet conditions? Traction, which these bring in the form of 5mm lugs and Merrells Quantum Grip rubber outsoles.

Timberland Womens White Ledge Mid Ankle Boot

Perfect for daily use!

Perfect choice for multiple uses!

Featuring is another model with durable material for a long time and a comfortable service.


The leather boot has awesome waterproof capabilities. The sole has a make of rubber that also prevents water from entering the shoe. You will therefore enjoy using your boot despite the weather conditions.

Ultimate protection

The boot model offers you excellent protection to your feet. The hikers enjoy shock-absorbing protection up to the ankle while on traction. You will therefore be very comfortable on both rugged and other terrains.


Enjoy using it in multiple areas. For all outdoor activities, the shoe offers you awesome security to your legs. You can use them as your casual shoes, work boots, rain boots, and many more.

Best quality

The material used is of high standards. It, therefore, boasts of the best quality.

When hiking in most places, the boot makes the best choice. You will comfortably use it for your day to day activities without worries.


  • Prolonged use may result in a fast deterioration
  • Seems slightly bulky

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If In Doubt Go Up In Size

If you have feet that are just a tad bit wider than “normal”, you might not have to worry about sizing.

But if you have truly wide feet, and have struggled with sizing before, order up a size or at least a half size.

And pay attention when you look at the boot, either on line or in the store.

  • You want the “wide” version if the brand makes regular width as well.

Best Budget Hiking Shoes: What You Get For Under $40

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Light Hiking Boots Wide Width

If youre a frequent hiker/walker and want your hiking gear to hold up to long treks over several seasons, and/or you have any musculoskeletal sensitivities or old injuries, hiking shoes are an item worth investing in. But if youre looking to try out a new hobby, tag along with friends for a weekend, or know youre heading into conditions likely to doom your shoes , you can still get a solid pair for a much lower price.

Best Budget Hiking Shoes for Women: Jabasic Womens Hiking Shoes


Thats Jabasic, not ya basic, and youre anything but for saving some paper on your shoes. These cheap hiking shoes do, however, cover the basics: breathable upper, anti-skid sole, cushioned midsole, and toe and heel protection. Reviews of this pair regard them as lightweight, but they arent waterproof. So, no, theyre not the tops, but they pull consistently positive reviews, are totally decent style-wise, and will only cost you two 20s.

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Best Wide Toe Box Hiking Shoes

Fast forward 5 years and I still believe in the importance of wide-toe box hiking shoes as well as wide toe box shoes for every occasion that is if you want to have comfortable feet.

If it were up to me, Id move to southwest Florida and never wear anything but flip-flops or sandals, but alas, its not up to me so I have to settle for only visiting Florida and depending on excellent wide toe box shoes to get me through the rest of the season.

Merrell Womens Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Ideal for rugged terrains!

Effective for use in long journeys!

When it comes to beauty, this model is the pacesetter.

Shock absorbing

The boot comes with a rubber sole that makes it ideal for rugged terrain hiking. It will absorb all the tractions and instabilities, leaving you protected from getting hurt.

Excellent performer

It also offers an awesome performance for hikers in all areas. The shoe has a leather make and a rubber toe cap that makes it very easy for you to move from one place to another.


One perfect thing it does is to dry out the moisture inside the shoe. For water that is outside, you will love how it resists. You will, therefore, be very comfortable as you move from one place to another.


It has laces that help in adjusting it to fit your leg perfectly. When properly adjusted, the moisture levels go down, and you become very comfortable as you enjoy hiking. After good adjustment, most areas of the foot, including the ankle, get protected.


The material used to make the sole is rubber, while there is a section with leather at the upper part. You, therefore, have a guarantee of long-time service.

If you are looking for a model that you will use for long sessions, this model is ideal. You will use it for a longer time because of the material makeup.


  • May be affected by water when used for too long

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What Does Wide Toe Box Mean

Unless you are wearing an opened toe shoe, you shoe has a toe box.

Its the box at the top of the shoe where your toes go!

Its that simple.

Every shoe has a toe box, but not every shoe has a toe box that is designed to your foot.

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What Are Wide Width Shoes And Boots

Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet — My Top 3 Picks

Nobody does wide width womens shoes like us. Unlike most other retailers, every style of Torrid footwear is rated WW for Extra Wide Width. That means shoes and boots that are incredibly comfortable, all the way from size 6 to size 13.Why do we do this? Because we make all our wide width shoes and bootseverything from sandals to wedges to heels to sneakers to flats to boots and bootiesjust for you. That means going beyond stylish, beautiful shoes and boots youll love to look at. They need to be comfortable on your feet all day and all night, day after day. When you see that extra wide width designation, thats what you should expect. Just imagine your feet smiling.

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Oboz Womens Sawtooth Low B

If there would be just one word to describe Oboz boots, comfortable would be it, for sure. The Oboz Womens Sawtooth Low B-Dry Hiking Shoe makes no exception, but they indeed bring a lot more than comfort wear to the table.

  • The boots are comfortable right out of the box.
  • Many features provide arch and heel support.
  • The grip and traction are reliable.
  • The boots are breathable and waterproof.
  • Theyre heavier than expected.
  • The laces could be more durable.

The proprietary O Fit insole is made to conform to ones foot, for fantastic feel and comfort while hiking. The boots are ready to wear right out of the box, so the break-in period isnt necessary.

Durability and toughness arent skipped, as the boots are made with durable nubuck leather and abrasion-resistant textile. The leather is waterproof, so water doesnt get inside the footwear. Waterproofness is obtained through the B-Dry membrane, which blocks water from coming in and lets moisture escape for dry wear. Therefore, the boots are both waterproof and breathable.

No hiking boots are safe if traction and stability arent significant. These boots come with a Sawtooth outsole that is flexible, versatile, and supportive at the same time. The lugs are patterned and deep for grip and traction, and the molded map of the Sawtooth mountain is both functional and aesthetic.

Since theyre loaded with positive characteristics, the boots deliver great comfort for hikers with wide feet, on any given day.

Keen Womens Hiking Sandals

At KEEN, we know that sometimes the best adventures are spontaneousyou never know when the put-in is going to involve bushwhacking, or when a beach day will turn into a mountain expedition for the best view. Thats why our womens hiking sandals are built to handle everything from the beach to the mountains and back.

The Newport is the hiking sandal that started it all, with our signature protective toe, generous vents to drain water, and a supportive, burly sole for the hike in. Originally intended for boats, we found people wearing their Newport sandals everywhereso we developed options to address a wider range of adventures.

The Arroyo is our beefiest hiking sandal, with more upper coverage and a substantial outsole. The waterproof leather and stability-shank sole give you the perfect balance of durability and ventilation, perfect for canyoneering. The Newport Hydro sandal offers a quick-dry alternative to the original, and the Eco version features webbing made of recycled bottles and upcycled rice husk solesfor a shoe that feels good to wear for more than a few reasons.

Read Buying Guide +Collapse –

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Best Leather Hiking Boots: Keen Targhee Ii Mid Hiking Boot

A hiking boot I see women wearing rather often on the trail, the Targhee II Mid delivers in so many ways. Starting from the bottom, the multi-directional lug soles give these boots the traction of what Keen calls “four-wheel drive for your feet.” They have a flexible, but durable EVA midsole and footbed. The uppers are made of waterproof, wear-resistant nubuck leather. And the mid-cut silhouette gives your ankles a secure step even on difficult terrain. Do note that they’re known to run small Zappos recommends ordering up a half-size. According to one reviewer, they don’t even require breaking in: “Right out of the box, we went on a hike in Maine on a solid rock mountain that was pretty much a 45-degree climb. My legs had to rest here and there but my feet never complained, not one second, even descending. Next day, we went to Acadia and hiked some trails and over boulders, jumping, and climbing and still not a single complaint from my feet.”

To buy:, $140

Keen Womens Hiking Shoes & Sneakers


Hiking shoes are ideal for day hikes, light backpacking, and travel. With more mobility in the ankle, less weight, and a more neutral style, theyre a versatile option for exploring the mountains in comfort. Best of all, most KEEN womens hiking shoes are based on the same profiles as our womens hiking boots, so you can get the sole styles and weatherproofing.

The top-rated Targhee Waterproof womens hiking shoe comes with our KEEN.DRY membrane to let you hike in puddle-proof comfort. It also has the same anatomically designed insole and grippier outsole youll find on the Targhee boot to offer you support and better footing in a more lightweight package.

The Voyageur hiking shoe has a similar upper style to what youll find in our Newport sandals, paired with a trail-tested outsole and anatomical support. Generous mesh panels give you great ventilation, for those toastier days when you want to keep your feet airy and cool.

Our Explore hiking sneakers come in a low-cut as well as a mid and are excellent for those peak-to-pub moments of life.

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Best For Trail Running: Salomon Speedcross 5 Trail Running Shoe

You can expect a truly delightful trail run with the Speedcross 5. Thanks to their new and improved rubber outsole, which now features deeper and wider lugs, the sneakers offer superior traction and stability in muddy and looser trail conditions. They’re incredibly breathable and have a supportive fit that provides ample cushioning as you run over rocks and branches. Combined with their signature flexible forefoot, the shoes allow you to confidently approach uphills and switchbacks without fear of slipping. According to reviewers, they work on any terrain dirt, mud, slush, snow, you name it.

To buy: or, $130

General Tips For Shopping For Wide Boots

Before you dig into particular brands, it’s important to realize that every outdoor brand becomes known for certain important features.

The brands of hiking footwear I’m sharing here have wide width options along with their other options, or are built with a wider toe box to begin with.

But beyond brand names, it is important to know exactly how to shop for wide width trailwear.

  • Drop down to my tips before you buy a pair.

And if this is your first pair of hiking boots, read my detailed tips for selecting the right pair here.

Now let’s take a tour of those brands!

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Analysis And Test Results

After extensive field testing and online research, we are confident in our evaluation of these hiking boot models. We’ve summarized all of our findings below to help you gauge which one is the right hiking boot for you. Our scoring method involves comparing each product relative to the others in this review.

Best Ventilated Hiking Boots: Keen Targhee Vent Mid Hiking Shoe

Best Hiking Boots For Women? | Columbia Newton Ridge Lightweight Waterproof Shoe Unboxing

Mesh panels bring breathability to Keen’s most beloved hikers, so you don’t end up feeling like you slogged through a swamp on a hot summer day hike. The rubber outsole is made to take on any terrain, and the mid-height offers added ankle support. And the footbed is supportive, but also removable in case you prefer to use your own insoles. One reviewer writes, “I try other brands and I still come back to Keen’s. The toe-box cannot be beat. These shoes perform on hikes like no others. Toes are protected, arch is supported, no pinching, no blisters.”

To buy:, $140

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How To Choose The Best Hiking Boots For Wide Feet

Leather remains one of the most durable materials when it comes to hiking boots. They offer durability and ensure comfort. If you are planning to hike across wet regions, you can choose waterproof materials like rubber, PU, or plastic. They refrain water or snow from entering the footbed and keep your feet dry and cozy.

Choosing the perfect size as per the anatomy of your feet is crucial. If the shoes are too tight, they are likely to cause blisters and friction, which will ruin your experience. Shoes that are too big in size may slip off and can cause injuries.

Uneven surfaces and rugged trails require a durable sole and deep lugs for optimal grip. So, choose shoes with a strong and hard sole.

Poor ventilation in the feet may cause sweat, odor, and discomfort. Therefore, your boots must also be breathable and have adequate ventilation.

  • Additional Features

Ensure that your hiking boots also have additional features like cushion lining in the collar and tongue to prevent any painful friction or chaffing. The boot opening also must be snug, so bugs or insects dont end up getting into your footwear.

Q: Why Should The Hiking Boots Match The Wide Feet

A: It may sound useless, but you shouldnt use hiking boots that are too narrow for your feet the same way you shouldnt use narrow shoes for your wide feet. Hiking is a strenuous activity for your feet that puts a lot of pressure, so the last thing you need is cramped toes while climbing. Your hiking boots should always provide the best comfort, no matter how wide your feet are.

Not only that, your toes get cramped in narrow boots, but the risk for bunions, blisters, or discomfort is high.

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What Makes Our Wide Width Shoes And Boots Unique

We make our extra wide width footwear specifically for you. Most wide shoes and boots simply add width to the footbed, but dont account for the volume of a larger foot. We make all of our footwearevery single one of our shoes, booties and bootswith an extra-wide base and more room overall to accommodate your whole foot. Our double layer of padding cushions your foot for all-day comfort. We include design details like elastic and moveable ankle straps for extra stretch and the perfect fit. We measure every shoe on a live model to make sure we get the fit just right for you. And our boots come in both Wide Calf and Extra Wide Calf options. Which all is to say that our extra wide width shoes are ultra comfortable and made to complete every outfit you own.

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