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Mens Dress Boots With Suit

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What To Look For In A Formal Dress Boot

How To Style Men’s Dress Boots/How To Wear Men’s Dress Boots

Lets now explore the various characteristics to look for in a classic lace-up boot that affect formality. You can use the checklist below as a reference when looking for formal dress boots according to your needs:

  • Full-Grain Leather: Whilst pebbled leather and suede are quite casual, full-grain leather is considered the most formal.
  • Black Leather: This is considered the most formal leather colour. Meanwhile, brown and lighter colours are quite casual.
  • Toe Cap: A feature borrowed from classic Oxford shoes, toe caps add a sense of formality to a shoes design.
  • Sole Thickness: Thicker soles are evocative of utilitarian boots and chunkier in design. Therefore, thinner soles are more refined and feel more formal.
  • Wingtips: More ornate than a toe cap, wing tips are less formal alternative as theyre reminiscent of brogues.
  • Broguing: Boots that feature broguing details such as perfing, pinking and toe medallions are less formal due to their rustic origins.
  • Non-Black Colours: Even black boots that feature other colours in the stitching or their soles suddenly become less formal as they become flashier.

Hopefully, the above information should help you to find the more formal boots that best suit your needs. If youre still unsure, you can also refer to our full guide to shoe formality.

How To Wear Boots

  • Choose the right style of boots to suit your desired look.
  • For a casual look, pair relaxed boots, such as work boots with jeans and a t-shirt.
  • To create a smart outfit, select sophisticated boots, such as Chelsea boots, and partner them with trousers, a button-up shirt, and a blazer.
  • Achieve a tough and rugged appearance with boots by choosing biker or combat boots and partnering them with dark jeans and a leather jacket.
  • Ensure you keep your boots clean to avoid appearing unkempt or messy.

Best Wingtip Dress Boot: Allen Edmonds Dalton

Were not done with American footwear just yet! While Alden serves for the boot nerd in us, Allen Edmonds is where a lot of us start and frankly, is a company worth staying with. Allen Edmonds is an American footwear company started in 1922 as a dress shoe company. Theyre very well-known for their dress shoe models like the Park Avenue or their rugged boots like the Higgins Mill. Their dress boots however, are somewhat of a hidden gem.

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Chukka Boots With A Suit

If youre looking for a more casual style of suiting, adding a pair of chukka boots is a perfect way to tone back a suits formality. These boots, often known as desert boots, traditionally come in a suede construction with either a rubber or thin leather sole.

For the purposes of pairing with a suit, look for a leather soled pair with a dark suede upper, either in black, dark brown or navy. Think about wearing with flannel trousers that are tailored with a thick cuff and, depending on the occasion, feel free to experiment with a t-shirt rather than a traditional button down. This looks casual and ensures your suit feels fresh and in line with this more laid-back footwear.

Why Wear Boots With A Suit


You have a closet full of dress shoes. Why wear dress boots with a suit?

If youre tired of your usual work attire, wearing a dress boot is a great way to switch things up and add a modern twist to your attire while still dressing appropriate for the occasion.

In cold climates, dress boots will keep your feet warm without sacrificing your style. Thick socks are often worn under dress boots, allowing additional warmth you wont get from typical dress shoes.

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General Tips To Combine Business Suits & Footwear

In general, business attire is a rather formal dress code as such, youll need formal shoes. That means your shoes or boots should be all leather with leather soles. You absolutely dont want to wear any trainers or sneakers with a business suit, nor modern kinds of oxford-sneaker combinations with thick rubber soles. Also, chunky, thick double- or triple-leather soles are not appropriate for all business suits, and neither are chunky rubber soles. It goes without saying that you should avoid any kind of contrasting materials, such as spectators either in leather fabric or maybe even cowhide.

In terms of the last, you want something that is classic and elongated, maybe with a rounded toe or a chisel toe but definitely no chunky square-looking toe boxes. In terms of colors and finishes, a classic box calf in black or other darker colors, such as oxblood or chocolate brown are your best bet. Avoid any crocodile or stingray leather, or something like elephant, because theyre too exotic. Maybe you can pull them off if youre the boss. If youre not, its not the best option.

If you live in a cold climate and you have a lot of snow in the winter, avoid wearing your really nice dress shoes directly to the officemaybe have them at the office, or cover them up with rubber protectors. Alternatively, a pair of lined winter boots that keep your feet toasty warm while heading to the office could work, after which youd switch into your nice dress shoes.

How To Wear Boots With Suit

Wearing your usual suit with boots is actually one of the simplest ways to elevate your style and take it a fashionable step forward. Whether you want to wear a suit and tie for a formal occasion or a suit, sans tie and with an open dress shirt for a more casual evening out, the black Chelsea boots with suit are an easiest option to wear.

Now, there are a few things to consider when updating your suit ensemble by stepping out in boots. First is the occasion. What type of suit and corresponding fabric are you wearing, and where are you going or what event are you attending? If youre wearing a classic black, navy or grey wool two-piece suit for a professional occasion, a sleek pair of leather boots, like Chelsea boots with suit will work perfectly well.

Chelsea Boots Black Flora Leather& Grey Tweed Suit

Theres just something about the sleek and striking look of a tailored dark suit paired with a simple necktie worn against a crisp shirt and completed with black leather boots. Brad Pitt or Tom Ford are among gentlemen who have walked many a red carpet donning the elegantly modern ensemble. Its one that you can also easily wear yourself.

Brogue Black Leather Boots& Burgundy Red Suit

Brown Leather & Suede Boots& Royal Blue Suit

Leather Boots Blue Suede& Blue Wool Blends Suit
Grey Striped Double Breasted Suit& Burgundy Boots

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Rm Williams Boots With A Suit

Australians love their RMs. Worn with jeans, chinos or for the bold shorts, these iconic boots add a touch of class to even the most quotidian of ensembles. So, adding them to a suit isnt that much of a stretch. Look at wearing a pair of the classic Craftsman styles in either Chestnut or Black with your business suit, obviously reserving brown for navy or blue suits and black for your charcoals and greys.

Tailoring is key when it comes to wearing RMs with a suit, so focus on a shorter hem and a slim rather than skinny leg. Because boots sit higher on the foot that a standard pair of brogues or derbies, the hem also needs to sit high in order to stop multiple breaks. Leave them too long and it has the effect of looking like your pants are bunching. In a similar vein, too tight a fit in the trousers is to be avoided as it will create a break in the pleat at the top of the boots.

Who Should Buy Grensons Shoe No 1

How to Combine Shoes & Boots with Business Suits – Gentlemen’s Outfit Ideas
  • There is almost nothing in the market that captures the vintage dress boot aesthetic more than this. The Edwardian style is unique and very handsome.
  • Kidskin uppers make for a very comfortable experience its the same leather they use for high-end leather gloves!
  • This is the boot for you if you nerd out on the details. Theres so much to look at, you could spend an afternoon just looking at these boots like a work of art.

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Best For Travel: Kenneth Cole Jamey Leather Slip

When traveling, taking off and putting on your shoes can be a hassle, but Kenneth Coles Jamey Leather Slip-On Loafers make the process as pain-free as possible. Even more, the silver gel pod insoles and fabric lining offer comfort, while rubber soles ensure you wont slip.

Winning points for versatility, these shoes are particularly appealing to men who are taking short trips and need to pack lightly. Although the design is relatively simple, the loafers’ defined ruching, nearly hidden black stitching, side logo, and contrasting white soles give off a sporty casual look. A better alternative to a boat shoe, theyre dressy enough to wear at a meeting or presentation. Choose from sizes 7 to 13, with half sizes available.

What To Wear With Boots

  • Research the different styles of boots and choose the right type for your look.
  • Dark brown and black boots are the most versatile and work well with most mens styles.
  • Try to match your boots with your clothes for a chic aesthetic, but dont be afraid to buy bold colors and stand out.
  • For a casual look, pair chukkas or work boots like Timberlands with jeans and a t-shirt.
  • The best mens casual boots to wear with jeans are chukka, Chelsea, and combat boots.
  • To style a smart-casual outfit, pick trendy boots such as Chelsea boots and combine them with dark denim jeans or chino pants, a button-up shirt, and a blazer.
  • Wear suede ankle boots such as chukkas or dress boots for a refined, semi-formal outfit.
  • For a ruggedly handsome look, choose biker or combat boots with jeans, an edgy shirt, and a leather jacket.
  • Clean, condition and maintain your boots to help them last longer and always look good.

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Trask Raymond Chukka Boots

Trask offers the Raymond Chukka Boots, which are crafted in Italy with Italian calfskin.

The boots have a memory-foam cushioned footbed and Vibram Moreflex EVA outsole, making them comfortable to walk in.

Brown leather chukka boots look good with suits that are navy blue, green, and light grey.

If you want to wear a dark grey or charcoal suit, darker shades of brown are best.

Buy the Raymond Chukka from Trask .

Who Should Buy The Alden 3914 Cap Toe Plaza Boot

  • The style is absolutely versatile. Theres so many ways to combine this boot with jeans, chinos and with the right slacks, it looks killer.
  • In combination with their last, double leather soles and triple ribbed shank, these boots make for a really comfortable fit. All this is especially important if you stand all day youll need that support.
  • Alden has a ton of sizes and widths available they can range up to 6-13 in length and B-EEE in width. Chances are you can find the right size for the perfect fit. Plus, theres many forums out there that can help you decide on your size if needed!
  • If youre a big proponent of made in USA, these Aldens are

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Dark Charcoal Flannel Suit

Whether its single-breasted or double-breasted, the dark charcoal flannel suit is a staple for business wear. Paired with a red madder silk tie from Fort Belvedere, cuff links, and black oxfords, it is a very formal business outfit, particularly in the winter months, because the flannel texture is a bit more casual than a worsted. If you want to add a dash of color to an otherwise very conservative outfit, always consider your socks.

If you wanted to take that same suit and make it a bit more casual, keep the white shirt and the white pocket square but add a two-tone white and brown knit tie, as well as brown chocolate-colored suede Chelsea boots that are not as high. Just like flannel, suede is a more casual texture, and because of that, those two work really well together. So if you have a flannel suit in a dark gray or a medium gray, always consider pairing it with either lighter medium or darker brown suede shoes or boots. It will always look the part.

How To Wear Lace

For a comfortable fit and smart appearance, you cant go past a pair of traditional lace-up boots. Whether worn in black or brown, leather, or suede, these stylish boots look great with a range of outfits. Thanks to their slim, ankle-hugging appearance, lace-up boots look fantastic with sophisticated styles. Try partnering some with slim-leg trousers, an Oxford shirt, and a sweater for a dapper outfit.

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Different Types Of Boots You Can Wear With A Suit

It should be no surprise that not all mens boots are the same.

There are many styles, each conveying a different tone and creating a different effect with your suit.

Some boot styles will keep your suit feeling dressy and classy.

Others will tone your suit down a few levels of formality, but still pretty formal. And some will turn your suit into a bold punk statement.

Pick your boot style depending on the fashion you want to emulate and the feeling you hope to convey.

For example, even the nicest snow boots in the world arent going to bring an air of professionalism to your best business suit, but dress boots can.

Leather Or Thinner Rubber Outsole

Can You Wear Chelsea Boots With A Suit?

Like most dress shoes, dress boots will usually have a single/double leather outsole or a rubber substitute like Dainite. The point is to really have a sleek look no chonky Vibram lug soles or similarly outdoorsy looking soles. As youll see, slim rubber outsoles are usually more popular because dress boots are seen as a tougher-but-just-as-elegant alternative to dress shoes.

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How To Wear Brown Boots

Brown boots are incredibly versatile and can be paired with all kinds of outfits and styles. Guys should combine dark brown with darker shade pieces like charcoal chinos or dark blue denim jeans. Light brown boots feature nicer with navy blue, olive green, or grey trousers.

While counter-intuitive, a popular new trend has been black pants with brown shoes and this can be worn casually or more formally. Whether you want to dress up or down, youll want to add a few pairs of brown boots in different styles to your wardrobe for maximum styling options.

How To Wear Combat Boots

Feeling tough? Why not add a pair of combat boots to your outfit? These classic boots, which appear similar to those worn by soldiers, instantly add a rugged touch to any ensemble. Perfect for casual outfits and weekend outings, combat boots look best when teamed with other edgy designs. To nail the look, stick to a dark color palette and opt for heavy-duty fabrics, such as denim and leather.

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What Are The Most Comfortable Dress Boots

Each of our picks for the best dress boots hits the right notes when it comes to toeing the line between comfort, form, and function. After all, a pair of mens casual dress boots arent worth their weight if they slow you down and hurt your feet. Were of the opinion that a pair of dress boots like the Clarks Tilden Boots are perhaps the most comfortable dress boots out there.

They blend a crisp black colorway ideal for wearing with either a black or navy suit with the construction, durability, and lightweight feel youd expect from Clarks. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference, so you might prefer the soft suede and unique design of the Minnetonka Two-Button Hardsole Boots, which are undoubtedly the softest boots on this list. And to close things out the right way, theres no denying that even the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots, with their beautiful leather construction, can become a seriously comfortable pair of dress boots the more you wear em.

Editors’ Recommendations

Monk Strap & Jodhpur Boots


Ankle strap dress boots are sort of like the boot version of monk strap shoes. They can be either monk straps or jodhpur boots.

So instead of side elastics or laces, the ankle on this boot has straps.

The only difference between monks and jodhpur is that monks quarters are sewn on top of the vamp. Contrastingly, the jodhpurs vamp is sewn on top of the quarters.

The top of the shoe is smooth it may or may not have a toe cap.

These are an excellent choice for pairing with a suit since theyre on the dressier side of footwear.

You can wear this stylish and modern boot for semi-formal events.

They wouldnt quite look appropriate with a pair of casual trousers, so reserve strap dress boots for your more formal needs.

If youre looking to spice up your navy suit, ankle strap dress boots are a surefire way to modernize that look. Dark brown leather would look more natural with the navy.

They would also make a grey suit seem less stuffy.

Brown suits can be tricky to style, so they feel crisp, but a pair of light brown ankle strap dress boots are one way to pull it off.

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