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What Are The Lightest Tennis Shoes

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Best Lightweight Tennis Shoes

Adidas Adizero Ace Women’s Tennis Shoe – Tennis Express Shoe Guide

Mens & Womens 2021 Guide

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By Jon Crim TennisCompanion

The lighter your tennis shoes, the faster you can move, so its no surprise that a tennis shoes weight has become one of the most highly sought after features when buying a new pair.

Luckily, technological advancements have made it possible for companies to make lighter shoes without sacrificing too much in other areas. Still, most players will find theres a tradeoff.

In this guide, were discussing the pros and cons of weight and sharing our picks for the best lightweight tennis shoes for men and women.


Skechers Tennis Shoes For Women Go Walk Joy

A total reader favorite, the Skechers memory foam tennis shoes are highly popular for their breathable upper and the soft cushioning that offers terrific support for the arch and heel. The Go Walks also have a breathable mesh upper so your feet will feel airy!

One happy traveler offers a review, I absolutely love these shoes! I had surgery a few years ago for plantar fasciitis, so Im very picky when it comes to sneakers. They are lightweight and feel like you are walking on pillows. I wore them the first time while on vacation last week in NOLA, where we walked over 20K steps every day, and I had no problems! Theyre true to size, and my feet never hurt once the whole week after wearing them.

Puma Tennis Shoes For Women Prowl

When it comes to top PUMA tennis shoes women styles, the Prowl is the most popular due to the cushioned footbed, flexible design, and breathable upper.

It comes in a variety of shades, and many reviews say its true to size. One delighted user comments on how they feel on her feet, This shoe is like walking on marshmallows. This is my go-to shoe for everything and is now a staple for me. I purchased the black and goldso pretty!

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Best Tennis Shoe For Wide Feet: New Balance Mc 1006 4e

New Balance makes some of the best tennis shoes for men with wide feet. Their MC 1006 4E model is designed with maximum comfort for wider feet.

Similar to other New Balance shoes, this shoe is made of high-quality materials in the sole, midsole, and upper. Their REVlite technology provides extra cushion and comfort under the foot. The outsole also wraps around the front of the toe and inside of the shoe to increase durability.

The upper is lightweight and made of mesh and synthetic materials that help with breathability. The cushioned tongue helps create even more comfort around the upper.

Pros and Cons

See more wide shoes at Tennis Warehouse

Durability Honorable Mention: Nike Vapor Cage 4

Lightweight athletic mesh casual women shoes 2018 women ...

Nike merged the best features of models Vapor and Cage to create the most supportive and stable tennis sneaker on the market, perfect for hard-court sliders. The model is durable and offers six-month outsole durability guarantee. Read in-depth review of womens Vapor Cage 4 and mens Vapor Cage 4.

Shop womens Vapor Cage 4 / mens Vapor Cage 4.

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Prince T22 & T225 Tennis Shoe

The Prince T22 tennis shoe is a great value for recreational and competitive tennis players.

This shoe offers excellent comfort, durability, and support for hard court players. They have a slightly wider fit than other shoes for tennis like Asics, allowing your foot room to breathe. These shoes offer great toe protection which helps with toe drag. The cushion under the foot is better than most shoes as well, making this a great shoe for players who need extra ankle or knee support.

They have a 6-month outsole guarantee as well. The area these shoes are lacking is their weight. They are slightly heavier than most other shoes, but that comes with better support and comfort.

Pros and Cons

What About The Best Tennis Shoes For Women

This article primarily focuses on men’s tennis shoes as those are the models I have tested. However, most of my picks have a women’s version, which are identical in performance, so the picks apply for the ladies too.

However, a couple of shoes perform well for the girls I haven’t included here, so a full guide is coming soon :).

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Best Lightweight Tennis Shoes For Men & Women

Lets take a look at our favorite picks for the best lightweight tennis shoes for men and women, starting with the reigning champion for the lightest.

Weve included a table of our favorite picks below for a quick comparison of each shoes weight based on a mens size 10.5 and a womens size 8.5.

On the mens side, each shoe had to equal or fall below 14 ounces to make our list. For womens shoes, we set the mark at 12 ounces.

11.5 oz

Breaking Tennis Shoes In

Lightweight Tennis Shoe Trend

Break-in refers to whether or not a shoe will cause some discomfort if a player wears their new shoes for an extended period and aggressive play right out of the box.

These days, most tennis shoes dont require a break-in period for comfort, but some players do find exercising caution with a new pair of shoes helpful to avoid any unintended consequences like a nagging blister.

To break in a new pair of tennis shoes, you can wear them casually off-court for a few days or a few shorter practices so that the shoes materials loosen up and become more forgiving.

If a shoe is causing discomfort after a few practices, it may be that the shoes design isnt well suited for your feet.

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Reebok Floatride Run Fast 2

Weight: 7.6 oz. , 6.2 oz.

  • Firm and lightweight Pebax midsole
  • Weighs more than the first generation

Our testers were quick on their feet and loved how the Floatride made them feel speedier. Weighing only 6.9 ounces for men and 5.6 ounces for women, the shoe has an innovative Pebax-based midsole foam, which is lighter than the standard EVA. Fortunately, the midsole and outsole remain unchanged on this update. However, more than half an ounce has been added to the shoe, due to a thicker upper. Like when an artist launches a sophomore album that detracts from her original sound, were not too thrilled with the uppers new design. But at its core, the Floatride retains what we loved and still manages to deliver impressive rebound.

  • Lighter than its predecessors
  • Exposed foam in the midsole makes it less durable

The Kinvara has returned to its roots with its 12th iteration. Besides being lighter and more flexible than the Kinvara 11, the 12 has more rebound and rides faster, too. Saucony did it by tweaking the Pwrrun foams mix of EVA and polymers to boost energy return. This makes the midsole more responsive, but also delivers a slightly firmer feel. To counter some of that firmness, a slim layer of softer TPU-based Pwrrun+ foam sits closest to your foot to keep the shoe comfy as a daily trainerlong runs included.

Nike Mens Court Lite Tennis Shoes

Nike is perhaps one of the most popular sportswear brands of our generation, and not without credit. The Court Lite tennis shoes are crafted to spark classical vibes while giving a well-rounded sneaker experience.

And most importantly, they bring magnified traction control and breathability at an affordable price.It is surely the best Nike tennis shoes in the market.

Design and Material

The Court Lite shoes stand out with a synthetic leather upper for durability. Patches of the leather are parted to expose a mesh patterned textile for improved airiness. The tongue is knit into a permeable netting with various air holes, also enhancing breathability.


Soling in the Court Lite shoes is crafted from high-quality rubber. While the outsole is made of GDR for traction control, the midsole the entirely constructed from Phylon, which is rare even among the best tennis shoes. Running along the entire sole is a multi-directional support pattern.

There is a bulky shank equipped to the shoes to improve balance. Furthermore, the toe compartment is protected with a skin of abrasion-resistant compound, whereas the leather structure of the Court Lite is reinforced by a strong adhesive that extends to the soling.


The Court Lite shoes provide a lasting sense of balance. Their GDR outsole sticks up against the ground, especially on rugged surfaces, and multiplies the stability felt by players.


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Adidas Performance Mens Adizero Ubersonic Tenniss Shoes

An immaculate blend of comfort and appeal, the Adizero Ubersonic shoes vow to resolve your shoe fitness problems and provide maximum support. They are designed to serve a to-the-curve fitness that places them among the best tennis shoes of today.

Design and Material

The Adizero Ubersonic shoes are handcrafted with a strong yet soft synthetic textile with a fashionable stripes pattern imprinted on the upper. They are available in delightful variants of black, silver, and rainbow colors.

The uppers fabric is layered with Dyneema yarn and intertwined with flexible textile threads. Both of these features stand to provide support and strength to the shoe. Inside the shoe is attached a rounded mesh sock that cloaks the feet. It is based upon a polyurethane midsole with a thick, shock-absorbent rear.

While the sole of Adizero Ubersonic is entirely synthetic, it is a sports engineering marvel to behold due to its light-weight nature and unsurpassed quality.

The shoe is shaped to provide optimal acceleration during sprinting. Its design was derived after years of foot research and is founded upon a health-conscious, comfort-centric geometrical model.


We found the Adizero Ubersonic shoes to be a ride of pure, soothing, performance. We assembled a diverse group of testers with drastically different foot types to test out the shoes claimed fitness promise. And the results were surprising!



Lightweight Honorable Mention: Adidas Ubersonic 4


If youre looking for fast, Adidas Ubersonic 4s have you covered. Lightstrike cushioning is uber-comfortable and responsive to keep you reacting quickly. We think this is what makes this update better than previous models. A bonus is that these shoes come with both hard court and clay outsoles.

Shop womens Adidas Ubersonic 4 / mens Adidas Ubersonic 4.

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Nike Air Zoom Vapor X

One of our all-time favorite shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Vapor X, is the heaviest of our lightweight selection but is an excellent package that provides one of the best blends performance. Plus, it comes in a hard and clay court model.

The outsole of the Vapor X is one of the unique areas where the shoe cuts down weight. Instead of using a consistent thickness throughout the entire length of the shoe, Nike has reduced unnecessary rubber in areas that have proven to be low wear.

At the midsole, the shoe combines an EVA midsole with a Zoom Air package at the heel of the shoe to absorb shock and shed weight while providing responsive comfort thats low to the ground.

At the top of the Vapor X, youll find an ultra-breathable mesh thats lightweight for maximum comfort. However, the shoe maintains its stability by incorporating a TPU frame at both sides of the shoe.

At the same time, the Dynamic Fit lacing system offers customization to help keep your foot secure during sharp movements.

The Best New Tennis Shoes Of 2020

Gael Monfils showing off the Asics Gel Reolution 8 while on court in the Netherlands in February. …

Whether time on your nearest tennis court is available or on hold for a bit longer, shoe companies have introduced new footwear options to keep you moving once you hit the courts. The technology mixed into the new 2020 offerings all have aims unique to each brand, whether additional cushioning, stability, durability, support or speed. And, of course, every brand wants to put their own spin on style.

We explored the latest offerings from the world of 2020 tennis shoes, taking a look at what the shoes say theyll do and how they perform on the court. The following is a list of the best of what 2020 so far has to offer.

Asics Gel Resolution 8

The Asics Gel Resolution 8 puts cushioning at the top of the list.


The Design: Gael Monfils had plenty of input in the Asics effort to recreate the Gel Resolution line. The upgrades starts at the top with a new upper designed for 360-degree movement instead of simply side-to-side. The pattern sipes away PU for flexibility that can still provide protection, but without stiffness or bulk. The new design includes an underfoot TPU piece to act as a brace and improve braking for quicker recovery. The extended heel counter helps security and a fresh lacing system improves fit.

The Wilson Kaos 3 offers a significant improvement for the company’s footwear line.


K-Swiss Hypercourt Supreme

Kevork DjansezianNew BalanceFila

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Taos Fashion Tennis Shoe

One of the top reader picks for womens fashion tennis shoes is Taos! The charcoal wash sneakers are one of the most popular colors, but its not just their look thats beloved but their functionality too! They look like Converse sneakers but are way more supportive and comfortable! The removable footbed provides arch support so you can walk on them for long periods of time.

We recommend them if youre looking for a wider-sized shoe with a cute look and are going to be walking long distances. Many of Taos fans have used them on their European jaunts where they do a lot of walking and love the fact that their feet are still usable after 20,000 steps!

Wash Using Dish Soap Vinegar And Baking Soda

Top Lightweight Shoes | Tennis Express

You will need:

  • Warm water
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Step 1: Fill your bucket with warm water and dissolve half a cup of baking soda into it.

    Step 2: Add 4 cups of white distilled vinegar and stir until combined.

    Step 3: Add a few squirts of dish soap to the mixture.

    Step 4: Soak your shoes in the solution for an hour. Make sure to submerge them fully. After an hour has passed, gently swish them around until they are visibly clean.

    Step 5: Remove the shoes from the bucket and inspect them closely. If any dirt remains, continue the process until all of it is gone.

    Step 6: Use a soft bristle brush or sponge to scrub off any scuffs or marks that remain on your shoes after cleaning. Then rinse under cold running water and let the boots dry.

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    Asics Solution Speed Ff 2

    What we love: Speed + the FlyteFoam cushioning make the Solution Speed FF 2s the top choice for players looking for game day shoes. This latest version of the Solution Speed has an updated upper for a flexible, supportive feel, while an new outsole design is meant to center your weight for an even faster feel when taking off.

    Under Armour Tennis Shoes Slingride 2

    Talk about some great options for walking this Under Armour tennis shoes womens style is built to take the impact of walking and look cute!

    The knit upper feels airy, while there is total comfort, from the memory foam footbed to additional heel support, and theres even a special plate built into the sole, so you have a better stride right from the toe.

    These could very well be utterly perfect! This very pleased user shares their glowing review, These are the comfiest pair of tennis shoes Ive ever put on right out of the box! I bought my first pair in the black when I was visiting my daughter. I have since purchased the light blue pair and two pairs in gray! They feel like youre wearing nothing but support.

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    Features To Look For In Tennis Shoes:

    Materials: Sports shoes need to be durable enough for the friction and scraping they endure on the court. They have to be made of materials that are strong enough to stay intact from the constant high tension play. These shoes are usually shock-absorbent and also provide adequate support for the ankles during playtime.

    Comfort: In as much as the shoes have to be made from top quality, durable and sturdy materials, they should also be comfortable enough to accommodate the feet. Regardless of the terrain being played on, the shoes should be comfortable and light on the feet to get you through every game, hurt-free. They should also be made of materials that encourage ventilation and extra-breathability so the feet stay adequately hydrated through the game.

    Durability: Good tennis shoes should be made to last the long haul, due to the terrains and the high-energy sport. It is both expensive and unnecessary to keep changing tennis shoes regularly as they should be sturdy enough to keep form overtime.

    Cushioning: Tennis is undoubtedly a high-performance game its hard to get through such a routine with uncomfortable shoes. That is why the shoes have to be adequately padded for enhanced cushioning. The padding should cover the insoles and the sides and the tongue, providing comforting support on every turn.

    Best Stability: Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion


    Not many stability shoes feature an internal bootie, but Yonex’s update to the Power Cushion Eclipsion does, along with a superb level of underfoot cushioning. It makes for an unparalleled combination. The redesigned fit now allows for more extension in the forefoot, while keeping the midfoot and heel better protected. The shoe starts firm, but flexes adequately over time and “plays lighter than its static weight” due to the overall comfort, according to one tester.

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