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How Much Do Volleyball Shoes Cost

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Why Buy Volleyball Shoes

How Much Does Volleyball Equipment Cost?

You may be wondering why you should even buy specific shoes for volleyball instead of just using your regular pair of sneakers. The reason is that the shoes are specifically designed for what the sport of volleyball requires of you.

If youre playing volleyball then your shoes need to have plenty of grip and cushioning, allow for quick movements, and be designed to handle the intensity that the sport puts your feet and shoes under.

It can be tempting to wear your volleyball shoes everywhere, particularly as they look quite stylish. However, you should remember to wear the shoes only for volleyball purposes. If you dont then you will find that they wear out more quickly, particularly the all-important sole area that provides traction.

What Makes Volleyball Equipment Unique

The nets, poles, and balls used to play volleyball are unique to the sport. Each piece of equipment is tailored to the rules of the sport, making it challenging yet feasible to score points. For example, nets and poles are designed such that the net stands just over seven feet tall. This forces players to make necessary adjustments to consistently hit the ball over the net, such as timing their jumps to strike the ball as it reaches its maximum height.

Features Of Volleyball Shoes

There are endless factors driving consumers to purchase one shoe over another, but in the end, only some make or break a purchase. Below find a detailed explanation of the four main categories and variables to consider: Construction, Soles, Uppers, and Cost.

Take a few minutes to review these so when you purchase your volleyball shoes, you dont end up with buyers remorse by the end of your first set.

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Which Volleyball Shoes Are Best

Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, having a solid pair of volleyball shoes is the key to improving your game. To ensure the game time performance, its important to choose a pair of volleyball shoes that are comfortable, supportive and gameday ready. With a wide variety of options on the market, finding your perfect pair of volleyball shoes can take some time, but there is no doubt that nearly any volleyball player can find a pair of shoes that works for them. If you are looking for a pair of volleyball shoes that are comfortable and can stand up to intense gameplay, check out Nike Womens React Hyperset Volleyball Shoes.

Mizuno Womens Wave Lightning Z3

31 best Volleyball Shoes images on Pinterest

Depending on the sales, these volleyball shoes can either run you to the top of the range or mid to low. Coming in more variety of colors than the previous two options, the Mizuno Womens Wave Lightning Z3 provides a look for everyone.


Utilizing Dynamotion Groove and Mizuno Intercool features, the Wave Lightnings combo allows the shoes to be flexible and cool, all at the same time. They feature a parallel wave plate to enhance lateral moves and weigh 8.8 oz, making them one of lighter options. The shoes also have the added feature of being able to accommodate an ankle brace.


The soles were redesigned to have a smoother kick-off, higher acceleration, and a softer landing. Using Dura Shield to help with acceleration, the approach shot has potential of coming on stronger. With Sensorpoints in the outsole, the landing and steps are targeted. Further, they use XG Rubber, which gives them a non-marking sole.


The uppers consist of synthetic material and feature Air Mesh. These allow your foot to remain puddle-free even in the most intense matches. Future, they boast an Anatomical Cup-in-sole to provide increased comfort.


Mizunos tend to run with a high price tag. However, if you can snag these on sale, theyre a steal for a quality, brand-trusted volleyball shoe.

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Other Volleyball Shoes We Reviewed

We looked at several other volleyball shoes. Even though they didnt make the cut for our 8 best volleyball shoes list, they still might be worth checking out, especially if youre brand-loyal.

The ASICS Gel Tactic features something that is often overlooked but can make a real difference for players.

What were talking about here is a toe guard that can provide protection for your toes when you are diving to the floor, and jumping and running around all over the court.

Besides the toe guard, the upper also features a padded tongue and heel collar for better comfort, a lightweight design, and Air Mesh for better breathability.

The midsole features the same Rearfoot Gel Cushioning System that is found on many of the other companys shoes that effectively works to disperse shock.

The outsole is made from NC rubber that again is found on many ASICS shoes and features more natural rubber than many others for better traction. The Trusttic System on the sole is also designed to reduce the weight of the sole to reduce foot fatigue.

Key Features:

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS | MENS

One of the best aspects of this shoe and main differences compared to some other shoes on the market is its Gel Cushioning System.

In this case, cushioning is found in both the Rearfoot and Forefoot to not only disperse shock but also allow for movement in multiple planes key for volleyball players.

Key Features

View Price & Reviews: WOMENS | MENS

How Much Do Volleyball Shoes Cost

Volleyball shoes cost between $100 and $150 for a new pair. The most popular brands are ASICS, Mizuno, and Adidas. Some companies give select models discounts when they go out of style, offering a good opportunity to buy at a lower price. More often than not, however, you’ll need to purchase shoes within this $100-$150 price range if you intend on getting a quality pair of volleyball shoes.

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Best Volleyball Shoes Liberos Hitters Setters Budget

Some links in this article are affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases.

In this article, we cover the best volleyball shoes for men and women.

Volleyball is a sport that demands a lot from shoes and is the reason why any old pair you have lying around isnt going to cut it. The difference between a good and bad pair of volleyball shoes comes down to a lot more than you think.

We reviewed dozens of volleyball shoes until just the best options remained. We looked at comfort, durability, grip, fit, stability, style, and value from shoes by ASICS, Mizuno, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour for men and women. We also evaluated shoes best suited for different positions like liberos and hitters.

What Makes Volleyball Shoes Different

How To Buy Volleyball SHOES! KOKO Volley

Volleyball shoes may look like basketball or tennis shoes, but they are actually quite different. The most important difference is the sole, which is made of gum rubber. This kind of rubber is stickier and offers more traction for the quick cuts and starting and stopping movements volleyball players make.

Indoor games are played on smooth, wooden or Taraflex courts, which can quickly get dusty and become slippery. The gum material grips better than other types of rubber in shoes designed for use on concrete or trails. The intricate, flexible tread patterns of gum rubber also aid in traction, and the material is non-marking to protect gym floors.

Several other features are unique to volleyball shoes, and they address specific needs to provide a better wearer experience. Since players spend most of their time during matches on the balls of their feet jumping and landing, the majority of the cushioning and shock-absorption materials in the shoe are found in the midsole to protect this part of the foot.

The cushioning is important to protect your knees, ankles, ligaments, and lower back from all the pounding involved in the sport. It also provides comfort when youre on your feet for several hours of matches.

Most volleyball shoes have extra ankle support to keep feet stable during landings and all the lateral movements required by the sport. Some even come in hi-cut styles for additional protection.

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When Checking Out Volleyball Shoes I Keep On Seeing The Terms Upper Midsole And Sole What Do They Mean

When shopping online for shoes its becoming quite common to see them described under three headings upper, midsole, and sole.

Under these headings, you should look for the following features to be sure that they are right for volleyball.

  • Upper

The upper usually features mesh material which is necessary to ensure that your feet are given plenty of air circulation. Lightweight is another word that is commonly used, which is important because you dont want your feet to fatigue easily.

  • Midsole

Under the midsole section of a volleyball shoe, you will typically see a mention of the Gel Cushioning System used. Some shoes are designed to have more of an emphasis on cushioning on either the forefoot or rearfoot area, whereas others have equal cushioning all over.

For volleyball, its arguably more important to have better cushioning at the rear due to all the jumping you will be doing.

The flexibility of the shoe is another commonly stated aspect. Its important to wear shoes that feature a good amount of flexibility in the midsole. This is because you need to be able to quickly take off at all times in all directions due to the nature of volleyball.

  • Sole

The sole section should state what material the sole is made of and just how good the traction is. Volleyball shoes should be made of gum rubber due to the superior grip it offers compared to other materials.

What Is Important To Know When Choosing Volleyball Shoes

It is important to first know what type of volleyball shoes to purchase. Since there are many positions on the court, there are different types of volleyball shoes. Besides defensive and attacking shoes, most players will purchase an all around volleyball sneaker. It is also important to note the brands of the shoe and what technology that they implement. The cushioning of the shoe is often updated, with some brands investing in recycled materials.

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Where To Buy Volleyball Shoes Near Me

At Sportitude we have a large selection of shoes suitable for wearing while playing volleyball. As an online retailer, we can carry more shoes than many retail stores. You can shop from the comfort of your own home and we’ll ship them directly to your door. Express delivery times are 1-2 days for capital cities and 1-5 days for all other areas. Regular shipping is free for all orders over $100 and if you need the shoes quickly you can choose to purchase express. If you find that the shoes are not for you, perhaps the fit is not quite right, then you can contact us and we’ll honour our 30-day returns and exchanges policy.

When you look at our volleyball shoes, you’ll notice that we sell a huge variety of other shoes. In fact, you can find shoes to suit any sport or outdoor activity, we have trail running shoes, cross-training shoes. If you’re a runner, you can find men’s running shoes and women’s running shoes and in our sports clothing section, you’ll find everything you need to complete your workout ensemble.

What Is Special About Volleyball Shoes

Best Womens Volleyball Shoes [2020 Review]

Volleyball shoes actually look very similar to many other shoes, especially tennis shoes and netball shoes, where certain foot movements can be similar. Tennis shoes are designed to let you slide, but the grip on volleyball shoes and other types of indoor court shoes needs to be greater than standard sports shoes as they need to not slip during lateral movement and fast pivots. As with all other court-based sports, it is important that they do not leave marks on the floor. As a volleyball player spends a lot of their time on the ball of the feet, these shoes are designed with additional support in the midsole. The upper of shoes for volleyball are often made from a mesh material. This allows the shoes to breathe which will reduce sweat build up. As the shoes are lighter than many other equivalent shoes, you’ll suffer less from fatigue and be able to play for longer.

Players are known to move quickly from side to side, and there is not a lot of running involved, so the shoes need to be capable of supporting you through quick short bursts of movement. Many other shoes such as running shoes are designed for forward motion only and as such are not suitable for the lateral movements associated with playing volleyball.

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How Much Does A Volleyball

The total cost of volleyball depends on the main equipment of this game. Regulation size volleyball can be bought by spending around $30 to $100, but if you are looking for a standard one than you have to spend at least $50. The net system plays a very vital role in volleyball. There is a variety of nets available for both indoor and outdoor volleyball, and the price ranges from $40 to $300. Of course, volleyball game demands rough running and jumping, so you need to have better shoes in your feet and you can get them by spending around forty to one hundred fifty dollars.

What Is The Top Brand Of Volleyball Shoes

Generally, there are only 4 brands you should consider: ASICS, Mizuno, Adidas, and Nike. These offer the best comfort, support, cushioning, grip, and generally everything else you need in a volleyball shoe.

This is the reason why all the recommendations on this page are from those brands. For further protection, its a good idea to purchase one of the best volleyball ankle braces we covered.

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Benefits Of Playing Volleyball

Team sports are some of the most fun activities we can do these days. One of the most exciting team sports played around the world is Volleyball. Said to be the sixth most popular sport in the world, Volleyball is loved by many and has even been a part of the Olympic games since 1964. Here in the Philippines, we may not see Volleyball being played as popular as football, futsal, badminton, or even basketball, but the sport still has a huge following. Simply ask how many people watch the Olympics Volleyball matches the number will surprise you. That said, there are many benefits to playing Volleyball. Apart from the obvious, lets look at three benefits below.

Are Volleyball Shoes Good For Other Sports

Why ball hockey goalie shoes cost this much?

Volleyball shoes share a few common characteristics with the shoes designed for other sports, so in theory, they can be used. Basketball comes closest.

Not only given the surface it is played on, but, like volleyball, basketball requires quick movements, puts your feet under pressure, and good grip, and cushioning is a must. The same can apply to sports like badminton, netball, and squash too.

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Tennis can be described similarly with the exception that it is generally played outdoors on a harder surface, so it wouldnt be a good idea to wear your volleyball shoes for playing tennis.

So while you can wear your volleyball shoes for other sports, youll be shortening their lifespan every time you do.

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Volleyball Equipment Buying Guide

It’s a bit tough task to buy the right volleyball equipments if you don’t know what things to consider before buying. That’s the reason I’m going to provide you a brief idea about the facts that you need to know before buying volleyball, volleyball net, and volleyball shoes. Best volleyball net system reviewscan help you in choosing the right volleyball net, and Asics volleyball shoes for men and womenis a good brand for volleyball shoes.

  • Ball measurement: Its better to buy a ball that meets the official regulation of volleyball.
  • Ball bladder: Proper bladder will provide consistent bounce to the volleyball.
  • Ball outer shell: For better grip and cushioning you the ball need to have a good quality outer shell.
  • Net size: Just like volleyball, always try to buy a regulation size net.
  • Net weight: Look for a lightweight net that is easy to carry.
  • Ease of use: Try to spend less time in assembling and dissembling the net system.
  • The flexibility of shoes: Flexible shoes allow your feet to move comfortably.
  • Toe protection: Your shoes must have the ability to protect your toes and the whole feet from injuries.
  • Cushioning: Because of excess jumping and running a better cushioning is always needed.
  • Breathability: During long games you will not feel wearing a pair of shoes having a better breathability option.

Mizuno Womens Wave Tornado X

The Mizuno Womens Wave Tornado X is a low-cut shoe excellent for middle blockers and is constructed to be used for both practices and games. The shoe has quite a range of prices with sales landing them at either the high or low end. Make sure to shop around to score a deal before purchasing.


The Wave Tornado X provides more support to the lower foot than expected. Using dynamiting-fit technology, the shoe not only addresses the impact of jumping, but also the stress caused by just wearing shoes. The technology allows a whole-foot approach to the stresses during a game.Infinite Wave Plates, as well as Dynamotion Fit, focus on support mixed with flexibility. Noting the dynamic motions of a volleyball player, the shoe strives to meet the demands head-on.


The soles are constructed of XG Rubber and are non-marking. This rubber allows for easy grip and traction. Finally, the AP+ midsole foam provides necessary comfort when landing jumps.


The uppers of the shoes are constructed of Air Mesh, allowing for increased air flow and cooler feet. Like the previous Mizuno shoes, these volleyball shoes use Anatomical Cup-in-sole to provide additional comfort and support.


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