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Where Do Nba Players Get Their Shoes

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Nba Signature Sneakers: From Most Expensive To Cheapest

Do NBA Players Get New Shoes Every Game ?

July 6, 2020-by HoopsHype staff

By HoopsHype staff | July 6, 2020

Ever since Walt Clyde Frazier became the first player to have his own signature shoe in the NBA, basketball has been littered with signature sneakers from the majority of the leagues most marketable stars.

From Larry Bird and Magic Johnson to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, some of the highest-quality basketball sneakers in shoewear history have come from top players signature lines.

Of course, that high-quality product also means usually, those shoes can get pretty expensive.

Below, we present a gallery of current NBA signature sneakers from the most expensive to the cheapest, including which players are rocking which shoes.

Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Basketball Sneakers

Here we will be giving more of an opinion, rather than facts. Are the sneakers worth the price that they are being sold at? Should you upgrade from your current sneakers, depending on what boots you own? What features stand out on these sneakers? If any. Does it do the job? Speed, control, stability etc. Depending on your needs/preferences. We can also mention its durability, if we have collected enough data on the specific sneakers.

What did we expect vs. what we got. Is it maybe overrated/underrated?


Donovan Mitchell Don Issue 2

The face of an extremely talented Jazz team, Donovan Mitchell is a pure scorer and insane athlete. Hes new to the league, but the 24 year old already has two All-Star games to his name, as well as an All-Rookie First Team and a Slam Dunk Contest trophy.

His signature D.O.N Issue 2 is a comfortable, stylish model complete with a synthetic sole, and mobile design. That, backed up by the springy outsole, creates a shoe thats perfect for players who value flexibility in their game. This is great for anyone who puts an emphasis on footwork.

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James Harden Harden Stepback

The 2018 MVP, James Harden is a lights out three shooter who has three scoring titles to his name. On top of that, hes been to the All Star game six times, been an All-NBA selection seven times, and earned Sixth Man of the Year in 2012.

His shoe, the Stepback, is a well-rounded option for players who tend to run hot. It comes with some of the best ventilation on the market. The lightweight design also makes it fun to wear. Its fully cushioned and manages a tight, secure fit without being too tight, stuffy, or uncomfortable.

Which Nba Players Have Signature Shoes With Jordan Brand

NBA shoes: Coolest kicks of the 2018
  • Russell Westbrook
  • Chris Paul

Jordans sneaker dominance didnt end when MJ hung up his kicks.

Jordan Brand is one of the biggest suppliers for shoes across the NBA. While its tough to live up to the legacy of No. 23, three All-Stars have their own signature kicks with the company.

Chris Paul signed with Jordan Brand back in 2006 and has since released a dozen signature shoes. Russell Westbrook is up to his fourth collaboration with Jordan, with the Why Not? Zer0.4 being his most recent.

Zion Williamson is the latest NBA player to get his own Jordan Brand line. The New Orleans Pelicans high-flyer joined Jordan in 2019 and launched his signature series with the Zion 1 this past April.

Jordans roster is loaded with other stars, some of whom could have their own signature shoes in short time. Luka Doncic, Jayson Tatum, Bradley Beal, Kemba Walker, Bam Adebayo, Blake Griffin and Rui Hachimura are among the companys stacked NBA contingent.

Jordan also announced a partnership in June with a group of WNBA players: Aerial Powers, Arella Guirantes, Chelsea Dungee, Satou Sabally, Crystal Dangerfield, Jordin Canada, Dearica Hamby, Tea Cooper and Kia Nurse.

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Are Some Shoes Better For Basketball Than Others

Not all basketball shoes are created equal, but does that mean some dont have to be wiped off the way others do? No, all basketball shoes have to be wiped off before a game. Three of the NBAs leading shoe brands are Nike, Puma, and Adidas. Most sports enthusiasts know that these shoes are all high-quality and well-made.

However, just because you buy a pair of shoes from a top name-brand does not mean they arent going to pick up dirt and debris. If the players were to only wear their basketball shoes on the court, the amount of dirt and dust is reduced, but there will still be some.

Although all basketball shoes track dust and dirt onto mats, some shoes are better than others and offer more traction. Brands like Nike and Adidas are popular because they are well-made and last for a long time. Most basketball shoes were designed to withstand major wear and tear and offer a lot of traction.

When choosing basketball shoes, you need to consider your personal preferences, the support the shoes will offer, and carefully consider the quality of the shoe. Every player has a different shoe size and different overall physical needs that need to be considered when choosing basketball shoes.

As for us mortals, we dont change them as often. In fact, some people even consider using basketball shoes for other activities. We talked about this in our posts Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for the Gym?, Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Tennis? & Can Basketball Shoes Be Used for Running?.

List Of Players With Signature Shoe Deals With Under Armour

Image Courtesy from Twitter

A signature shoe marks a whole new level of brand development and image for NBA players. Just like Nike & Puma, Under Armour has also signed players to collaborate on signature shoes. Although they have just started to mark their name in this particular field, they have got hold of the current games biggest stars.

The only two players that have signature shoe deals with UA are Stephen Curry and Joel Embiid. Steph was with Nike before his current brand, whereas Joel left Adidas before joining UA.

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Every Signature Shoe In The Nba For The 2021

From LeBron to LaMelo, 22 players have sported their own signature shoes in 2021-22 and Boardroom has you covered with the full list.

Since His Airness set the blueprint four decades ago, the NBA and the footwear industry surrounding it have long been driven by signature sneakers.

The most impactful endorsers in the Association can move the needle season-to-season, driving hundreds of millions of dollars for companies in the individual signature business.

Theres also the potential for a hoped-for halo effect over additional categories within a given shoe companys umbrella, extending beyond a brands basketball category and into lifestyle, accessories, and more broadly, a companys overall global perception.

Get on our list for sports business, industry trends, interviews, and more.

This season, 22 players will grace the hardwood wearing their own current namesake model, from a total of ten brands. The nightly hardwood visibility of their pairs extends far further. Nearly 70% of the league wears a signature-branded sneaker in games, from that group of less than two dozen players.

Looking ahead, that list will expand even further this year, with players like Jayson Tatum, Jimmy Butler, and DAngelo Russell all confirmed to be added to the signature fold. Tatums much-anticipated debut Jordan model will come further down the road, possibly as soon as next season.

LeBron James // Nike LeBron 19
Kevin Durant // Nike KD 14
Chris Paul // Jordan CP3.13

Which Nba Players Have Signature Shoes With Anta

LeBron, Westbrook, Curry and every NBA player with a signature shoe line | NBA on ESPN
  • Klay Thompson
  • Rajon Rondo

Klay Thompson, Gordon Hayward and Rajon Rondo went overseas to get their signature shoe lines.

The two players have deals with Anta, a Chinese sports equipment company. Thompson signed with the company in 2014, while Hayward joined in 2018. Rondo was the first of the three to reach a deal with Anta, doing so in 2013.

Anta has expanded its reach across the U.S. Terence Mann, Alex Caruso and James Wiseman also have deals with the apparel store.

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Find Out How Often Nba Players Go Through Their Game Sneakers

NBA athletes enjoy quite a few luxuries that most people dont. On top of the fact that they actually get paid to play basketball they also have world class training facilities, get to travel the world, and, of course, access to a seemingly limitless supply of game shoes. But just because they can wear a new pair every game, doesnt mean they actually want to. As youll see below, theres a number of different factors involved. Check out what these NBA players had to say on the topic.

Player:Matt BarnesTeam: Los Angeles ClippersI probably go two games or three at the most. They start slipping. We kinda get spoiled. Growing up, you have to wear the same pair all season. Once you become a pro, theyre almost endless. Being around so long, you really kinda feel that you start loosing the grip after two or three games, and thats when I change.

Player:Norris ColeTeam: New Orleans PelicansMaybe two games. I like the tight fit of a new shoe. I go through about 50 pairs in a season.

Player:Justin HolidayTeam: Golden State WarriorsIt depends. Im the type of person that can play in a new shoe every day, but it just depends on if were on the road for a while and how many we might have in stock. But I guess I go a week for sure. The shoe loosens up and gets too much space in it. I like my shoes tighter. When theyre new, they feel a little tighter. And my black ones get really scuffed in the toe too, so I dont like how that looks.

Which Nba Players Have Signature Shoes With Puma

  • LaMelo Ball

The NBAs reigning Rookie of the Year has moved on from his familys company and into the Puma family.

After giving fans a preview in Summer League, the youngest Ball brother officially announced his first signature shoe, the MB.01, in October. The shoe will be available for purchase in December.

Other notable players with Puma deals are Deandre Ayton, R.J. Barrett, Demarcus Cousins, Kyle Kuzma, Kevin Porter Jr., Michael Porter Jr., Terry Rozier and Marcus Smart.

In the WNBA, Breanna Stewart, Skylar Diggins-Smith, Katie Lou Samuelson and Jackie Young have Puma endorsements. Stewarts deal was announced in May and will include her own signature shoe, making her just the 10th WNBA player to ever get one.

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How Sneaker Free Agency Works: The Three Types Of Shoe Deals

March 17, 2020-by Alex Kennedy

By Alex Kennedy | March 17, 2020

This is part one of a four-part series that gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at shoe deals and the sneaker free agency process, with insight from various NBA agents, sneaker executives and industry experts.

Todays NBA players are earning tremendous sums of money from their respective teams, but thats not their only revenue stream. Many players also get a substantial paycheck from their sneaker deal . In some cases, thats where players are earning their biggest paycheck.

There are some players who make more money from their sneaker deal than their NBA contract, one NBA agent said, pointing to examples like Derrick Rose and Kyle Kuzma .

HoopsHypes new four-part series delves into the sneaker business. First, well focus on the different types of shoe deals. There are three tiers: signature deals, cash deals and merch deals. Heres a breakdown of each type of deal:


These are for the leagues biggest stars, as there are only 17 players who currently have a signature shoe. These individuals either have their own sneaker or one in development . According to ESPN sneaker expert Nick DePaula, signature deals typically pay players a base salary between $5 million and $15 million per year plus bonuses from a wide variety of incentives.

LeBron James Nike shoes




Damian Lillards adidas shoes

How Much Do Players Get Paid To Wear Their Signature Shoes


Now that we understand how NBA athletes get their custom-made shoes, lets delve deeper into another question that people generally ask, which is, do the players make money from wearing their signature shoes?

If we talk about the giants of the game, the best of the best, the superstars like Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, etc., they generally wear their signature shoes, designed and manufactured by the brand that they are signed with. Those shoes are then sold using the athletes name. On top of all the free shoes and merchandise, this makes them millions of dollars a season. Labron is signed with Nike, and it is said that he will make north of a billion dollars when the deal ends.

However, not all the players enjoy these perks if we talk about the all-stars like Conley, towns, and Simmons, they dont necessarily get their own shoes, but they do get paid to represent specific brands and get all the shoes that they want. However, they dont make 10s of millions of dollars from these deals. At most, they will make somewhere around 200k to 700k a year on their contracts.

If you talk about the rest of the league, they dont get paid for representing a brand, but they do get shoe deals that take care of all the shoes that they could possibly need.

I think its worth mentioning that the highest shoe deal earner is Michael Jordan, who made more than three times what Lebron James makes with a figure of more than $100 million in a year.

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Breaking The New Shoes In

You might think that NBA would prefer worn-down sneakers because they can get away without buying too many pairs. But while this saves money in the short term, NBA spends far more money in the long run. NBA players will keep wearing new sneakers because its not worth their time and effort to go through a shoe-breaking-in process, especially since theyre already used to brand new shoes!

Lamelo Ball Clyde All Pro

Though hes only been in the NBA one season, LaMelo Ball has the makings of a star. Taken third overall by the Hornets, the 6 foot 6 inch point guard quickly rose to the challenges of the NBA. He earned Rookie of the Year in his first season and has a bright, bright future ahead.

That promise is reflected in the Clyde All Pros. Coming from Puma, this model is stylish, sleek, and incredibly lightweight. It stays out of the way and is easy to wear for extended periods of time due to its ventilation.

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What Nba Players Have Signature Shoes

Although Michael Jordan‘s shoe line is probably the most famous the NBA has ever and will ever likely see, there are plenty of current stars who have managed to earn themselves a signature deal with the top sports apparel brands in America. At the start of the 2020-21 NBA season, there were 16 players who had their very own signature shoe and throughout the first month of action, multiple stars have released new versions of their line.

The most recent of which was Damian Lillard‘s antagonistic new Adidas shoe which eludes to his 50-point performance to send the Oklahoma City Thunder home from the 2019 playoffs. This article will take a look at the active NBA stars who have their own shoe line.

Ruthless: has a new Adidas shoe dropping in OKC colors to celebrate his series-ending shot & 50 point game.

Nick DePaula

Whatever Happened To Nike’s Self Lacing Shoes

Why NBA players are hoarding Kobe Bryant’s Nike sneaker line | NBA Today

Now that everything from toasters to light bulbs can be wired to the internet, why not connect your shoes too? Nike has already done that when they released the Nike MAG, the first-ever self-lacing shoe in 2016. Before it was made into a real consumer-ready shoe, the Nike MAG was designed to be part of the futuristic world of the year 2015, as shown in the 1985 film “Back to the Future Part II.” According to Complex, the MAG part of the name is an acronym that stands for “magnetic anti-gravity,” referring to the original concept shoe’s ability to walk up walls.

Fast forward to the actual real-world year 2015, and Nike started releasing iterations of the shoe in collaboration with the Michael J. Fox Foundation. First in a series of auctions, then in a limited release of an edition of 89 in the year 2016. Soon afterward the shoe manufacturer followed up with the Hyper Adapt 1.0, which commanded a $720 price tag . Despite the high price, the shoe was a hit among sneaker fans.

Nike continued to make sneakers with their self-lacing technology or EARL for several years after the initial hype of the MAG. The last HyperAdapt brand sneaker to hit store shelves was the Huarache Edge Hyper, released by Nike in 2018. In the past few years, Nike has released the Nike Adapt BB in 2019, and their most recent version, the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 in 2020, and they’re now working with a new iteration of self-lacing tech called FitAdapt.

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Who Has The Most Signature Shoes With Under Armour

Player name
1 UA Embiid

It is clear Steph is the winner with 9 signature shoes, compared to Embiids 1. The GSW star signed with the American brand back in 2013, making it an almost a decade-old partnership. For the first four years of his NBA career, Steph was signed with Nike. Thats right, Nike had the two biggest players in the world at one point, Steph & LeBron James.

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